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Full-view if you're going to comment, please ^^ Actually, just full-view 'cause the thumbnail looks like crap OX

Well, I've been watching One Piece a lot recently, and I really wanted to make a wall, so here it is! I know it's a bit simple, but bear with me, k?

Luffy is vectored from this screenshot.

Ok, so. Anyone who's watched One Piece knows the story behind Luffy's hat and the promise he made to Shanks. I don't know what it is about Luffy's hat, but it makes me smile whenever I see him with it. Luffy's my hero.

1600 X 1200 size available here.

The font sucks, I know. I honestly don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions would help.

Layers: 21
Time: 3 hours

Textures from DA!.

Comments welcome!

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  1. cyd84 Mar 02, 2006

    Wow...great choice of an original shot to vector...cleanly done
    Nice subtle use of texture on Luffy
    Good color for the background...the texture is a little strong though
    By font...did you mean your signature at the bottom?
    It might add an interesting touch to see title text in the upper left corner of the wall over the textured background...perhaps a crisp black font that complements the outlines
    Definitely love the composition of this wall overall

  2. el3dil Mar 02, 2006

    man one piece is a great anime. i havent finished yet but its one one of the best i have ever seen:) . i hope make this picture better..

  3. AkashaNosferatu Mar 02, 2006

    Nice job ^^ I love the choice of the screencap and the light texturing. It has a sentimental feel to it.

  4. Machika Mar 03, 2006

    I've only watched a few episodes so I can't remember the story very well.
    The vector is really nice, when it comes to vectors, you're the best Chloe-chan!
    I like the title too ;)
    Fav from me!

  5. nekogirl333 Mar 03, 2006

    great vectoring again chloe chan! wow u like one piece too! yays

  6. flyindance Mar 03, 2006

    b4 I c ur saying abt tis wallie, I immediately recognise it's one piece.
    it's so obvious, isn't it?
    too bad can't c his face.
    very creative, I must say XD

  7. Milkiyo Mar 03, 2006

    dun really know about it but it sounds interesting enough :) an agenda behind a 'simple' hat :P ur hero? u might wanna show his face as well...fans dun cover the hero's face :P they flaunt all of it haha...

  8. Limefreak Mar 03, 2006

    truly amazing vector work :D
    this picture looks like he's sad :(
    oh well it's awesome though :D
    definitely a fav from lime :D

  9. Susan-chan Mar 03, 2006

    one piece wallly! wuii:D i really liked that series:) nice pose :) thx for sharing the wally!

  10. enchantressinthedark Mar 03, 2006

    Hmm...I don't get the whole thingy about the hat...the hat's his treasure? Well, somethings are more important than gold...this wall represents that meaning ^^ Very simple and wonderful wall! ^^

  11. Ephemeral-Garden Mar 03, 2006

    I love the angle! A human body without head, lolz! But this wall greatly emphasises and explains Luffy's hat nicely. ^^ I'm not sure about One Piece, coz I was reading the chinese one, and they don't even get into my head, so... hehhhe I'm just plain blur. But I love it, to say something is more important and it has to be his straw hat... ^^

  12. uchiha-vegeta Mar 03, 2006

    amazing , simply amazing , keep it up *thumbs up*

  13. bluSake Retired Moderator Mar 03, 2006

    What would One Piece be without that Straw Hat? :)
    A pretty refreshing angle here. Nice.

  14. elessar007 Mar 03, 2006

    Great vector work. Unlike some others, I like the fact that you can't see Luffy's face. I think if you shrank him down in order to fit his head you wouldn't be able to emphasize the hat as strongly as you have. Sometimes I think that too many wallpapers are just snapshots of a character slapped onto a background. This wallpaper is a refreshing reminder that there still are people on Minitokyo that know what the word "composition" means. Good job.

    Thanks for sharing with other fans of One Piece.

  15. Alfonse Mar 03, 2006

    Hey hey, your first one piece wall.
    I've gotta say, the vectoring is done nicely. The wall itself is somewhat simple, but it's all good. ;)
    You used a nice screenshot. Although, I think there could've been more potential. .::shrugs::. That's just me. heh ^_^' so don't listen to my ramblings.
    Overall, you did a great job Chloe.
    Keep up the great work. And keep these walls comin. ^^

  16. BlackRoses Mar 04, 2006

    I love One Piece! It's so funny :P
    Anyway, i think you did a great job with this... And, like some of the others, I like the fact that you can't see his head. It makes it special.

  17. ayaki Mar 04, 2006

    looks good~ ^_^
    The strawhat does signify One Piece.
    The subtle texture u've added is a nice touch also.
    I've also watched One piece...but only up to like episode 20 i think...mainly becoz the pace was a bit slow.
    great wall tho, chloe. :)

  18. paintmearainbow Mar 20, 2006

    This wallie is simple yet meaningful. The title really fits in nicely as the strawhat does mean a lot to Luffy. Excellent job!
    Hope to see more of your works :D

  19. ceasarr Jun 10, 2006

    wow, one of the best OP wall ive ever seen... the wall with the most meaning of them all... your vectors are always soo cool, cloe-chan, i would be glad if u made a tutorial about how to create them T.T

    anyway, hope to see more from u soon :D

  20. BlackChain Jul 13, 2006

    Such a simple wallpaper, and yet...one of the most meaningful. His hat really does have a lot of meaning to it, and I love how protective he is of it. :3

    And I agree, it's better without his face being able to be seen. Great job.

  21. Suiseiseki22101995 Mar 23, 2009

    I love one piece and luffy especially, his determination, this straw hat has given him the reputation that has now *-* you had a very good idea :D the font is well you don't have why to get bitter because of it xD it happens to me with the background i never know what to do with it x)
    whatever i love your vectors Chloe :)
    bye nee~ :3

  22. idahidaya Sep 11, 2009

    I really love this wallpaper. It's full of what luffy is all about, how he never gives up and always pushes on. Nice one!

  23. opalish Oct 29, 2009

    Oh, nice. Very simple, but more effective because of it. Thanks for making!

  24. gustavo-sama Dec 01, 2009

    exelente gracias por compartir

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