Shingo Wallpaper: Echa Wojny (Fate/Stay Night)

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Shingo Mangaka Missing Link Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character Doujinshi Source

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Artist Comment

New Wallie From Sandra :D


First some short informations about it :

Scan : Thanks 4 Devildude

Time : 3 days X__x
Layers : OMG i cant remember !
Effects : Cutout,Dry brush,Grain,Smart blur,Brush Strokes...This are the mainly effects i used
Idea : Inspirated By Love ^__~ and work by Fuu because its about battle too.
Dedication : As Always 4 my Sweetie =* and friend from MT ^__^
TITLE : Its in polish and it means Echoes Of The War

The Story :
Actually it hasnt got any story , just a short one....i dunno if i can call it STORY :P
The girl (great character from Fate Stay Night as you know :P) is hugging a sword (which is her loveliest weapon), in the background you can see nowadays weapons : machine guns.Its like juxtaposition ( what a weird Word :P) of two worlds, two different time sections.Even if peaople are using different kinds of weapons the war is allways the same , full of victims , blood and pain. Just my stupid vision :P

Creating The wallpaper :
Omg it was so hard ! First cleaning the scan , thinking about bg , makin it , adding textures , coloring it to be perfect , removing the mistakes.... Ow my it was really hard !
But im proud of myself and i think that i made a good job on this one :D


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: fukushuusha
Wall: Silhouettes Of War
Reason: Its just...soo....Great :)

UPDATE : A lot of ppl say that the txt is too small.I wanted it to be small , because I wanted the wall to be the mainly thing , the girl the bg , txt is just a adjunct.


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  1. ROSEANA Mar 02, 2006

    it's very beatiful. i like this color..
    thank you^o^

  2. Morphee Mar 02, 2006

    amazing wallpaper! the colours are beautiful and it has a very warm feeling to it :)
    great work!

  3. etude Mar 02, 2006

    A very wonderful wallpaper with Saber as the focus. I'm thinking part of the background or all of it is another picture you used to contrast her blue colour scheme. It's pretty effective I must say as not only using that pose with her hugging her blade and the orange colour it creates a very nice warm mood, but at the same time a very subtle tone of sadness and loneliness. I can't really comment on what effects you used as I can't seem to find many, though that's probably because I'm awake at 3 in the morning. My only slight problem is that you have an image of a man holding a rifle and though it's nothing big, It feels slightly off at why she's in that time frame. Then again the visual aspect of seeing her place in the middle of some war zone just accentuates her character quite well if you know her back story. Very well done on this wallpaper, you've succeeded [in my oppinion anyway] in drawing out Saber's personality and character with just effective use of colours and shading.

  4. Sira Mar 02, 2006

    like these super Sandra brilliant so sweet and beautiful image that it hurts when seeing it asi that demonstrates to its love abranzando itself this pasise of battle that I want to forget its pains

  5. phamthuha Mar 02, 2006

    Hum.... I think i like this one ^_^ But sure i think you can do better to make the wall more attractive with all the effect ^_^ Just a bit dark and too many ruin feel but sure you did make a nice work ^_^
    Fav from me Sandra-san!

  6. Lenne Mar 02, 2006

    Excellent background,awsome lighting :D

  7. Xueli Mar 02, 2006

    bg is very dark, I love the colors. very nice wall overall

  8. knightstar3 Mar 03, 2006

    >_< ooh, very nice.
    the juxtaposition thing seems kinda funny although interesting. :P
    i really like the birds and fighting, blood in the background. but wut i love most is the texture. XD great scan too. wanted to wall myself, but didn't get to it.
    great job! ;)

  9. Devildude Mar 03, 2006

    LOL, everyone wanted to make a wall out of this!
    hahaha, great wall there, love the darkened skies feel, very deep and very cool, love the positioning as well, nice texturing and very much your style. cool wall!

    only thing is the soldiers...they didn't fit in too well, you should have look for knights instead. just love that canvas like feel. XD

  10. Floatyman Mar 03, 2006

    The background and tying it into the picture works great and makes this wall look awesome!

  11. darkmasterkelevendros Mar 03, 2006

    Realy Good Wallpaper Of Saber

  12. Piotrek Mar 03, 2006

    Well, I`ll be damned! That`s a cool wall Sandra :)
    Love the effects and overall look, however combining World War II battlefield with medieval one... Pretty strange but maybe there`s some hidden meaning in this... Or maybe there isn`t :P `Kay, just kidding. Very good wall, congrats! ^__^
    PS:I wonder if you watched "The Thin Red Line" this tuesday and got a small bit of inspiration from it? I`m just guessing, probably not :)

  13. MarlinWahoo Mar 03, 2006

    The Echa Wojny watermark is in a really annoying place. When I display this one on my desktop, I'm probably going to use photoshop and edit that out. Other than that, this wallpaper is spectacular. A real gem that I haven't seen the likes of in a long time.

  14. semanga Mar 03, 2006

    girl this looks awesome i love love love it
    u are not change u are still one of the best wallers here in mt

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Mar 04, 2006

    Its funny when you put birds since you dont see wildlife through the heart of war, only whenthey only cease fire during a stand off but anyway i like the way you explained showing that her essence is the spirit of war and that violence is in the world already. anyway you could work more on the text placement but its a good show of the emotion of lost in the world of war.... nice job as always! :)

  16. nolove Mar 04, 2006

    wew nice done sandra-san >_<. the BG looks really really awesome >.< it's just wonderfully adorable. looks like an old paiting of a passed war, a sad memory in heart >__< oh you're so talent. but as if you made the text bigger >__<, the wall is not too full so the text is so small >_<. but yah that's not the big point ur wall is awesome, it sure deserves favs >_<

  17. brynjar Mar 04, 2006

    Awesome. Just awesome. But I have a hard time accepting that gun-guy. :P

  18. Yina Mar 04, 2006

    uhh.. the clouds look like mountains.. o___o
    nyaa.. but nevertheless nice work on the composition and the execution =D
    i really like the colours and the effects ^___^

  19. SharinganKnight Mar 04, 2006

    I don't know how I missed this, but its a great piece even though most of the background is just a filtered sky stock. My only complaints are that the title is barely visible and the 2 soldiers don't really fit in, two swords men would more appropiate in my opinion. =3

  20. fukushuusha Mar 04, 2006

    Yesss....I knew someone good will wall that scan.
    It looks really great. Especially the balance of darkness is the perdect tone for me. Although I think those soldiers behind are unnecessary; this wall is still gorgeous.
    *looks up again* O_O and thank you for the plug Sandra

  21. ShrinkNerv4Eva Mar 05, 2006

    This is beautiful. You have the cross on a hill in the back, which is always a bleak and lonely image. Then you have the WWI soldiers killing each other. The only problem though is the texture. It does enhance the antiquity feel of the images, but it's a little distracting. Do you really want an antiquity feel? Regardless, I love it.

  22. TakamuraReiji Mar 13, 2006

    Gosh, it makes me laugh to see there's some things that everybody here mentioned the same thing. :D
    Yeah, agree...the text look small. Whereas the soldiers probably shouldn't be there.
    But thinking again Saber is there, the bg looks good on her and it fits well.
    Perhaps you shouldn't add text since you said you just want to focus on what's on the wall or the wall itself.
    Overall, a great work you did. :)

  23. white-zero Mar 13, 2006

    Graaargh! Can't believe I missed this! >___<

    You ought to teach me how to make those awesome textures. I can't seem to get it right. >__>

    But heck, every artist have their own secret they wish to hide. So, it's okay.

  24. eonir Mar 19, 2006

    Polski tytul rzuca sie w oczy :D
    Piekny wallpaper :)

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