.hack//SIGN Wallpaper: Will I Ever See You Again

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Bee Train, .hack//SIGN, Subaru, Tsukasa Wallpaper
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Mangaka Bee Train Studio .hack//SIGN Series Subaru Character Tsukasa Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

If you were wondering...

A wall made for the Divine Award's Group First Competition...

The title was.. romance. So with that word stuck in my head, I began my search for couple
scans, and avoided GS/GSD scans, coz first off.... they're so widely used. Seriously. And so
I began to wonder around other categories which I know... and so hack//SIGN was my decision.

The scan wasn't so catchy, but it gives off a very touching emotion when I looked at it. I
once read the synopsis of Tsukasa being unable to log off from The World... and that's where
my info stopped. I'm not sure how the rest of the synopsis goes, but by looking at this scan
, it should mean that Tsukasa has finally been able to log off from The World, and after
spending so many times together with Subaru, he asked her... "Will I see you again?"

Will I be ever to see you again after I log myself off from here?

Yes. THAT is what I'm trying to show... if you can't get the picture, well.. maybe my
presentation level is still low... sorry about that. But if there's anyone who was able to
figure this out, thank you! ^^ I really appreciate your time to solve the puzzle. Reallly!

Some things that I've used...

For some times of quitting walling and concentrating on my doujinshi... this has to be my
first wall this year which wasn't vectored! ^^ And that's a good thing, whee~ the scan was
from MT. Extracted and cleaned to the way I want it... and the background... was all done
without any stocks. The hexagons were done by hand.. drawn with pentool... and rest are
normal stuffs like brushes and text manipulations. Very easy... but I still like the result.

There are lots of smokes and wind around Tsukasa indicating that he's going to log off...
disappearing from The World while Subaru is watching him going just like that...

Tsk... I feel like crying... ugh... *grabs tissue*

Currently listening to: Incubus - Aqueous Transmission

Will I Ever See You Again? -- Best viewed in lower brightness.
15% should be fine. Higher than that and you'll get blind.

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  1. eternally-asuka Mar 02, 2006

    owww very nice wallie! cool effects XD pity they are both girls x_x

  2. HitomiEyes Mar 02, 2006

    owww really nice...like how you made the girl in an above veiw and the guy in a lower veiw..and the clouds give it a nice touch..but in my opinion i think you should have blended the letter in to make it look like its fading or something like that...but thats just my opinion

  3. Akaiken Mar 03, 2006

    First of all, Tsukasa's a girl in the real world on //.hack so it's a pity. But they sure are good lovebirds on The World, hehehe!

    Anyways, I like the bg Sofia. You really like blue, eh? I think the scans should be smaller cuz I think the view of both are not that good.

    You know, I think there should be red there.

  4. rene3088 Mar 03, 2006

    It really nicely done emp-san. but why don't u use pink colour?/ it'll be more romantic

  5. pegassuss Mar 03, 2006

    Lovely wall. Love the composition and the idea for the wall, And I really like the blue colors you chose, I think it fits really well. I also like the fog around, it creates a nice feeling around them ^^ Also, good job with the effects. You did a very good job, keep it up! ^^

  6. enchantressinthedark Mar 03, 2006

    Nyuuu...I was wondering when are you gonna submit this wall since I can't find it in your gallery ^^ Well, what can I say...awesome.... I love the digital like effect you used...very nice ^^ And the abstract effects you put at the boy's trousers there...Looks kinda weird to meh o_0

    And really, the wall ish too bright XD Its blinding meh...Hmmm...it wasnt that bright when I first saw it XD

  7. semanga Mar 04, 2006

    very nice work
    the bg is perfect very nice the colors
    keep it up u are a good waller

  8. Regenbogen Mar 13, 2006

    Oh very unusual... a wallpaper, not a doujinshi made by Ephie... As usual I am a bit late but I am pretty confident that this is about to change cause my most horrible exam is over and I am going through all the notifications and yeah there are not many left. Well it's a bit weird cause the number of notifications is wrong... actually there are less than the number says... but yeah that has nothing to do with your wallpaper.
    I do like the idea... even though I don't know hack//SIGN, I just heard of it... but after reading your description it made sense to me... the numbers and the smokes around the characters. :) I also like the background...with the hexagons... that looks pretty interesting. About the message, yes it is clear after reading what you wrote but I think there's something missing to make it a little bit more romantic, dramatic also in the wallpaper... but I don't know right now what could be done... *lol*

    So I do like this wallpaper. I think you wrote on your userpage that people hated your wallpapers? O_o I don't think so, Ephie! But I can understand that you rather want to concentrate on your own work, I feel the same about this. However I like your way of approaching wallpapers, since I like messages inside walls... or let's call it stories. :) So I think you should be a little more positive about your wallpapers!

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