Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Silhouettes Of War

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

To tell the truth I wasn't working with this one untill yesterday afternoon @_@ That scryed scan kept me busy like 5-6 days with re-cging. Then I realize someone posted a complete image of that one on minitokyo...I was like 'wtf!' xD *sigh* that one can wait a little longer I guess; I am pissed to that scan =D

Anyways I realize this scan of gundam yesterday. Scan is low quality to be honest. But I am pretty sure people can make great vectors out of the full sized image. I just extracted shinn and used some other scans to build a destroyed gundam. Well I tried to keep it simple as much I can while emphasizing on the sky. The feeling of the wall ll come through it since the rest is 'silhouettes'.
The right part is basically a stock. I am sure it kinda shows XD About the left part...well...just my imagination let's say -_-
I wonder if I ll be able to see a sky like this *_* ohh and also thank you Gid for the tips about title =)

So; it took a formidable amount of time especially the sky.

Hope you like it all

edit: It's not that sharp anymore


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  1. knightstar3 Feb 27, 2006

    wow...that's soo beautiful! ^^
    i love the sky and the colors are awesome.
    silhouettes are cool and i really like how you had a destroyed Gundam in the bg. adds nice touch. :)

  2. AngelKate Feb 27, 2006

    Waaah! >_< Your wallies are always so cool! *jealous* The sky is amazing! O_O I love the lighting. The shadows look awesome too. Another great work by you. :)

  3. eclair-chan Feb 27, 2006

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaai! XD that is so freaking amazing! I love it!the blues are so well done
    the sky...omg amazing! very well done! +favs!

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2006

    Nice! Love the idea for silhouettes and the sky is so cool >_< Great job!

  5. ayaki Feb 27, 2006

    O__o love the silhouette idea.
    The lighting looks great.
    haha i'm sure u'll see a sky like this!~
    great wall fuku!~ ^_^

  6. phamthuha Feb 27, 2006

    Incredible OoO How did you make such a wonderful sky like that, Fukuu-san ? I love it.... i know you will never fall my expectation ^_^ Love love it so sure you got my fav, oh i still love it >_<!

  7. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2006


    lol, I like contrasted walls like this :3

  8. kk-chan Feb 27, 2006

    Fuku-san~ this is way cool! You really come up with interesting wallpaper theme ... silhouette, wow! Love it. ^-^
    At first by looking at just the small thumbnail, I thought it was some kind of iPod wallpaper but it's not! That's great~ the sky and the reflected shadow are awesome. This is a totally change of style. Keep up the great work! +fav ^-^

  9. Asahi Feb 27, 2006

    imo the text can be a bitter higher . ^^
    very great! :D

  10. Sandra Feb 27, 2006

    Dude , this one rox :)

  11. ShiXon Feb 27, 2006

    omg i'm in love with skies fuku-kun x3~~~ the blue shade is waayyy pretty and the silhouette fits perfectly and i like the way you positioned the text since i'm horrible at adding texts to walls ;P

  12. Milkiyo Feb 27, 2006

    hmm...I see a shadow...it's kira! XD izzit? XP
    I like the style and textures used here but it's better without the text..sort of spoils the view :P
    the concept is greatly done here too..all the clouds enclosing into the bright sky..nice touche :)

  13. royaldarkness Feb 27, 2006

    very nice wall :) although i'm not a fan of shinn, still this is one great wall :D

  14. zaira Feb 27, 2006

    wow! soo cool! i really love it! *hug fuku-sama*
    nice recg it + the clouds is soo cool! XD me love the blue shading up to a high color to low color! :D
    the scan is totally cool too!1 love the pose of kira (?) there! + his gundam! great job on this wall fuku-sama! great job! +fav! XD

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2006

    I wish it was a "fisheye" perspective ;)

    But nonetheless the skys the limit and thru war noething is there but death and destruction and a bit of sadness. Lovely wally of sillohuette-ness! ^__^

  16. rica-san Feb 27, 2006

    Woow! Very powerfull wall XD! The wall is awsome, great, cool, powerfull, lovely, beautiful, wonderful, & very well done! I hate Shinn but he looks cool in this wall =D A bit jagged but still nice. & the vectoring is very nice^^ Oh yeah, his Gundam is also so cool! The bg is very beautiful.. especially the clouds.. Nice light! & the font matches really well with the wall! Awsome job! I'll definately add this to my favs! Keep up the awsome work, Fuku!

  17. shoebird Feb 27, 2006

    This is awesome... I have a thing for shadows and beautiful skies... must say that your wall fulfills both expectations... love it... Great JOb!

  18. shinmishima Feb 27, 2006

    hey! this is a great piece of art of yours man thnx...

  19. laurent Feb 27, 2006

    WOW, this is massive ! The effect you've created is so darn cool and looks so real. I love the sky ... I can't keep my eyes of it. This wall got my attention right from when I saw the thumbnail. I think you did an awesome job. *claps hands for you* This is really one of my fav Shinn walls ! (and to think I'm a Kira fan ^_^' ... shows just what a wonderfull job you did !) Ja-na ^^


  20. Amru-chan Feb 27, 2006

    Very wonderful work XD. Fav from me

  21. anji Feb 27, 2006

    You are very productive with wallpaper. And you always do a great job :)
    Yeah the sky is really nice.
    Actually what I like the most is the section with the title and the birds that fly under it and the cloud. I think it has a great contrast and nice tint.
    About the shadow, I think I would have try to add just a little line of more bright on Shin. Just to give more 3D sensation. I don't know if I'm really clear.
    But anyway, you did a nice job!
    Keep it up Fuu, it's great to see your work.

  22. Yina Feb 27, 2006

    ;__; another great work, fuku-sensei!
    well, the whole wallpaper is really pretty, i love the sky and the black shadows.. >__<
    it's the fact that you used stock clouds which bothers me.. and those birds..
    wahh.. did't you hear about the disease coming from the birds? xDD;; just kidding.. >__<
    mhmm, and i would have used another colour for the subtitel.. but nevertheless great work.. >__<

    (haha.. sounds kinda familiar, ne? xDD well then check AP.. XP)

  23. Lunamary401Rose Feb 27, 2006

    kyaaaaaaaaa ! is bestutiful !
    the silhouette in the late afternoon is seen very beautiful *¬*

  24. shoyu007 Feb 28, 2006

    wow this is a really cool looking wallpaper ... especially enjoy the silhouette.

    THX for sharing!

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