Samurai Spirits Wallpaper: In The Sky

SNK, Samurai Spirits, Rimururu Wallpaper
SNK Studio Samurai Spirits Game Rimururu Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I forgot the category.
***let me know if the title is incorrect***

Oh well ppl, this wall is the same like others, I know, don't remember me that, please, pretty annoying >.<

Anyways, this is the last wall, then you can be happy for not look more walls from me :)

Forgive my bad english and I leave you with this crap XD

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  1. thecatmistress Feb 26, 2006

    Very well done MagicianFairy ^^ i like the bubbly effect and the greens and blues are very pretty =3 +fav

  2. pomelocmy Feb 26, 2006

    nice job. :)

  3. Pilika Feb 26, 2006

    Nice work. Veryyyy pretty.

  4. Kiako Feb 26, 2006

    nice wallpaper,
    the effects and the background scene are very nice

  5. niomea Feb 26, 2006

    Seeing the artwork only make me feel like floating in the sky. MagicianFairy senpai does the magic again ^_^

    The picture extraction is clear and the color is sharp and clear. Well proportioned.
    In short, it is as perfect as the maker.

  6. dngo86 Feb 26, 2006

    The color of Rimururu's clothes goes very nicely with the background. Nice job.

  7. tian82 Feb 26, 2006

    Nice wallpaper. I love the bubbles around and the could and light. Nice and great work ! Thank for sharing it with us !

  8. xianghua Feb 26, 2006

    Blue and pure! Very beautiful magician-san!
    I love the efects!
    Great work!


  9. chibichibikaukau Feb 26, 2006

    so pretty! i love the background!

  10. sukie Feb 26, 2006

    so nice! i love the pale colour for the bg and the scan is very very nice too! =D great wall! i lvoe it!

  11. Rikimaru-jp Feb 27, 2006

    So peaceful :) as usual your wallies are very peaceful and light that's what I like in your style but I still think that you should try to change the colors of your next wallies ;)
    *adds it to his favorites*

  12. ShiroTheGreat Feb 28, 2006

    Great job as always. I love the extraction. Beautiful as always.

  13. Emma Feb 28, 2006

    OMG I can't believe how much you are improving! Your planets are taking better form and looking more spherical. You are getting more acquainted with the grass brush. You are learning about lighting effects, ripples and water. I am SO impressed with how much you have learned and practice with photoshop. Okay, now the next thing I suggest: Shadowing. Time to add some life to the objects in your wall. Try to think of where the light is coming from and how the objects would cast a shadow. To do a simple shadow, you can do a airbrush of 5 opacity and in a layer, brush on a shadow. For big objects shadows, simply hold down the control button and click on the right button of the mouse on the layer that has the object you want to do the shadow with. You will see the object is highlight now in the wall. In another layer above it, fill in with paint bucket and drop opacity and blur a bit. Now the trigger part! Flip that layer and play around with Edit>Transform>Distort to get the shadow in the position you want. Try it out. It is frustrating, but you are on your way ^_^

  14. WindAlchemist Feb 28, 2006

    this is a beautiful wallpaper, i really like it ^_^
    one thing though is the bad extraction on her hair on the left >.< maybe if you could just make that a little less jagged it would look nicer. but other then that i really like this wall you did a good job ^_^

  15. iarly Feb 28, 2006

    Bueno, ya que quedamos en que preferias espagnol, pues no mas ingles. No entiendo poque dices que ese es tu ultimo wallpaper cuando es notable que cada vez te salen mejor. Este es de veras el que mas me ha gustado, se ve a las claras la mejoria. En fin, muy bueno.

  16. Lenne Mar 02, 2006

    It's not bad...extremely light colors,maybe to light.Anyway,keep it up! ;)

  17. Sayonara Mar 03, 2006

    sooooooo pretty! Love the backgrounds you made they are always sooo damn awesome! Good job dear friend you won a fav from me ^________________^

  18. bobobob Mar 03, 2006

    wow so light colored, i think it looks awsome. im addin to my favs

  19. chikage-kekinha Mar 04, 2006

    sooooo cute!
    Really pretty!
    I really like this girl and the background!

  20. lthnadml Mar 06, 2006

    What do i see . . . more blue XP . . . but really, it is very lovely wall . . . the girl is sooo cute and she is like sitting inside the sky . . . i like all that bubles, looks pretty good . . . and your job has improove very much. this wall looks very nice and clean . . . thank you for sharing it with us. XD XD XD

  21. animefairy Mar 07, 2006

    Aww...very cute and pretty! The colors are so angelic and bright! Great scan of the girl and everything blends well together! ^_^

  22. el3dil Apr 06, 2006

    Why the last one? Common .... anyway you have done nice work..................................

  23. angelseraph Apr 07, 2006

    Definately a fav from me! I love this wall, so much, the scan is adorable and the colors are so vibrant! xD Great job on it!

  24. CACHOYLAGRAN7 Aug 02, 2006

    Very,very good work.

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