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Hello everybody
I'm back with a new doujin that I finished last week.
I drew this for my great friend, Ladyai, because she loves angels.
Anyway, about the drawing. It took me about 4-5 hours to draw. Reason being was because of the wings. It was a tedious process drawing the wings.
And so I slacked off with the wings quite a bit, but I did get the job done.
The shading took me a while, especially on the wings.
I'm satisfied with the results, and I hope it goes the same with you all. ^^

Please leave comments, tips, and critiques for improvement.

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  1. lunaregina Feb 25, 2006

    She is the girl I used on my wallpaper, The World Beyond:

    She is from a game called White Clarity. The drawing is good, though her arm gets a bit thin below the elbow. Her eyes also need a bit of work. They don't seem to have any life to them. The hair is good though.

  2. hepro2000 Feb 25, 2006

    wow that's an awesome drawing! the wings look so realistic! keep up the great work!

  3. Nickisherenow Feb 25, 2006

    awww, it looked better in the smaller thumbnail...thought it was something from full moon wo sagashite...but gd try anyway

  4. xianghua Feb 25, 2006

    Very pretty Alfonse-kun!
    Details show lots in this drawing!
    The hair and wings are very pretty!
    Great work! Keep it up!


  5. julian1 Feb 26, 2006

    pretty good, al. but i think the arm's a bit thin again. but the shading's still good. very good job on the wings too.

    if you can control the thickness of the lines, i think the picture will have a much more 3D effect. for now, your picture looks a bit too 2D.

  6. A-10hybrid Mute Member Feb 26, 2006

    Your best one yet, Al. I know it would be much better in color, but hey, its all good.

  7. uchiha-vegeta Feb 26, 2006

    dude , u rock!

  8. ladyai Feb 26, 2006

    Wow It's so beautiful Yamichi. I love it. You drew the wings great. And I love the ribbon. Your the greatest Yamichi. Thanks soo much. I'm definataly adding it to my faves. Domo Arigato.

    Ja ne Yamichi ^_^

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 26, 2006

    Aw, very cute! Love the wings and the dress is awesome! Nicely done!

  10. LeeClow Feb 28, 2006

    Hey look... a drawing. xD
    Looks good man. Although, i have to agree with lunaregina, the eyes do look a little dead.
    But other than that i love it, looks great mang.
    Well, i'll sees you later.

  11. zuuti Banned Member Feb 28, 2006

    all i got to say is WOW man good work i see u love art a lot man that's a good thing man very nice dud keep it up mab

  12. Hanazaki Mar 03, 2006

    You're getting better alfonse-kun. More work on the eyes though. Thnks for sharing this. Ganbatte!

  13. UchihaTaijiya Mar 03, 2006

    My critiques are pretty much what others have said.
    It's still a good doujinshi Al-kun! ^^ The wings are really lovely. Her eyes do need work, I'm just not feeling the life or expression in them...her head may be a bit too large for her body, but everything is still drawn well. ^^ Her clothes look good and so does her hair, except one strand, it doesn't seem to flow right, but its nothing big. <3 Great work overall, I think she's pretty. She'd look nice colored in blue, but that's just what pops into my head when I see her. :)
    ::waves:: Later!

  14. Midori-chan Mar 04, 2006

    whoa! alfonse-kun! the drawing is so nice! XD
    the body proportions are great and the wings came out really good! it looks nice^^
    he arms are a litle thin, other than that it's a great piece of artwork^^
    great job alfonse-kun! ;)

  15. Alfward Mar 16, 2006

    Once again, +1 to your drawing skill ^_^

  16. punixer Restricted Member Apr 04, 2006

    great one!

    i have been looking your draws and you have improved a lot!

    dont stop it :)

  17. miraku-spike Aug 10, 2006

    Waha! Great drawing! I realy love it. But, try to add some shadings to it. But other than that it realy is a knock out. ^_^'

  18. Toya999 Oct 13, 2006

    great drawing, to ma fav's list....hehehehe...i visited your page, 'cause i liked your avatar...hehheheee :)

  19. sliferxxx Dec 11, 2007

    ill give you 9/10 cuz of the arm and eye. love the wing

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