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Hi :) hummm this time my wallie isnt a Furuba wallie, but a Tukiji Nao wallie ^_^' I luv Tukiji Nao works and scan I used here is my fav >_<

hum... I guess the hardiest part was the clous! nyaa I used sooo much filters and filters on them that I dont remember more XD yep... the clouds were very, very hard ... -_-

well.. I dont know what say more.... well hope all you likes my new wallie, fvas, critcs and comments are always welcome... blah, blha, blah...

I promisse my next wallie will be a Fruits Basket wallie XD



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  1. chibichibikaukau Feb 25, 2006

    its looks so great! the bakcground looks nice, the image is cute and the colors are very nice!
    i love it!

  2. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Feb 25, 2006

    I love the colours! Great! ^^

  3. Rhonda21 Feb 25, 2006

    Very nice job with those clouds! Lovely. I really love Tukiji Nao's works too! I think I would go crazy extracting that scan though. hehe. Its very pretty. Well great work with this!

  4. pitbull Feb 25, 2006

    that wallpaper looks beautiful.i love the colors!i am going to add it to my fav!keep up the excellent work!(*_*)

  5. AngelKate Feb 25, 2006

    Oooh, really pretty! The clouds do look awesome. :) The water looks lovely too and I love the overall color in this. :) Nice job! ^_^

  6. Semuta Feb 25, 2006

    Good, great, perfect ^^ I'd love backround, but... Blend not so good ( At least, awesome piece of art!

  7. kakachy Feb 25, 2006

    nice detail background well done wallpaper.

  8. Ayasal Feb 25, 2006

    its beautiful! and the scan is lovely! good job! I really like the sky!
    keep up the good works! +fav

  9. Eimin Feb 25, 2006

    I love the scan you used, I want an umbrella like that *-* The ripples are nicely done, you've really got a lot of skill ^-^

  10. acid-awakening Feb 25, 2006

    Good light effects
    And colour too..... that scan seems to fit in very nicely with your background
    nice work
    Thanx for Sharing

  11. nolove Feb 26, 2006

    nyaaa, tukiji nao XD, how how wonderful, idril-san XD. the sky contain ur hardwork >__<, it's really soooo awesome. how great >__<, you're sooo amazing i love tukiji nao too but cant wall >_<, sooo grreat work
    +fav for sure :)

  12. Phill Feb 26, 2006

    great wall ^0^ I love the way make the sky , it's beautiful ^0^ tukiji nao's works are the hardest to extract XD you extracted so well , she look perfect ^^ the only thing is if I were you I would blur those mountain a little bit to creat more fantasy
    nice job , + fav

  13. soujiokita Feb 26, 2006

    Well, it looks pretty good, but there are some things that need some work. the scan doesn't blend in very well, and the clouds look kinda weird. Also, I don't really like how you made the sun. But good job anyway. :)

  14. Emma Feb 26, 2006

    Interesting backdrop! The extraction of this scan is really hard, but you pulled it off. The clouds in the sky look so powerful and have some tidbits of purple in it making them match and come off majestic. The sky and water is magical. And the columns with flowers are such a perfect touch. She is in water, right? If so then I personally don't like the rings of the ripples in the water to go the scan which the back rings do. I understand the front ones should be on the scan to show she is in the water, but the back rings don't look right. Also if there is a bright light, the objects would be casting shadows which will add more to the wall. Or maybe a reflection of the objects if that is water. I think that is what is throwing me off not knowing if that is water because of the weirdness of the ripples and lack of shadow/reflections. Overall, very magical wall indeed. Really like the power of it and particularly the sky and mountains really add beauty to it ^_^

  15. phamthuha Feb 26, 2006

    Not bad sweetie ^_^ Hum... i just think i don't like this wallie as much as your others wall ^_^ The water is not detailed enough, the moutain is too sharp, the cloud is a bit messy and too little, and the ruin with flower is a bit pixel ^_^
    You can do better, i believe so but for now, you can still satisfy yourself that this work comes out really pretty ^_^ The girl is so lovely and i just fall in love with the extraction ^_^
    Fav from me, sweetie >__<!

  16. Dream24 Feb 26, 2006

    A very lovely shade of purple. It feels very mystical and a bit of dark beauty. The colour and shapes of the clouds are very expressive. The scan is very well blended with the entire wallpaper. Great job on the extractions, must have been very complicated, especially with that rose umbrella. The only thing that I don't like is that the water surface is slightly too bright. Maybe reducing the brightness would help make the wallpaper more suitable to its title. Excellent work on this wallpaper! Can't wait to see the next wallpaper by you!

  17. Kiako Feb 26, 2006

    you did a good job on the wallpaper, all the effects are very good, especially the water effects and the light, the colors are also very nice, the atmosphere is good and so is the scene. it must of been hard to extract the image.
    keep up the good work.

  18. Ilumina Feb 26, 2006

    a beautifull wallpaper *¬* i like very much the colours and the scan is sooo pretty n_n
    your extractions are great! your work is very hard, i like that n.n
    no more comments and add in my fav now! XD

  19. ROSEANA Feb 26, 2006


  20. Merodia Feb 26, 2006

    keep ur promises, Idril XD

    nice wallie

  21. rafaellaGP Feb 26, 2006

    wow! O.O
    this background is amazing! O.O
    aaahh esse vou cpometar em port! ta?!^^
    nossa Bel! adorei msm esse wall!
    o ceu, as montanhas, a agua, as flores.... nossa! ta lindo!
    aa vc me ensina a fazer esse efeito de agua?!
    hahahaha XD
    esse scan ta lindo! eu adorei as flores! ^^
    taum perfeitas!
    mas uq eu mais gostei nesse wall foi esse ceu meio nublado, com um pouco de luz saindo! realmente ta lindo! U.U vc adaptou perfeitamente esse scan com o background!
    claro ne? eh a Idril!
    enfim! fav obvio! ^^v
    bjs querida! sorry for comment in portuguese! but.... you know! my english is soo bad! ^^" *hugs*

  22. sukie Feb 26, 2006

    the extraction is abit poor...but the bg is so pretty it makes up for the extraction. Also the water ripples you tried to do didn't turn out looking like water ripples...as in the girl doesn't look like she's inside the water ripple...you no what i mean?! beautiful wall but it would have been better if you faded things together more.

  23. lthnadml Feb 27, 2006

    Lovely wall . . . the girl is soooo pretty and the colors are my favorites, i just love purple ^_^' . . . the clouds are beautifully done . . . i think its an excellent work.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it. XD XD XD

  24. Sakura-K Feb 27, 2006

    I think you always choose hard pictures but nice ones to extract. The extraction isn't really good, but I don't think I'll do a better job at it.
    Apart from that it's really nice. but the water is just a little bit...different from the rest ^^
    um...you have great ideas like semanga.

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