Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe Wallpaper: Have You Forgotten...?

Noizi Ito, Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe, Sui (Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe) Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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My very first wallie is finally born! XD hurray! Thanks a lot for Shadowrazor-Byakuya and Ayasal and also the people who reply to the forum thread that i posted earlier :). Without u guys help, this wallie will never be able to be done OX.
Im first time doing this so i was wondering do i need to put the origin of the stock image i used anot? I actually use two stock photo for the bg and a scan for the char. 'Have you forgotten....about my bentou?'. ^_^' That is the joke i come out with when i type the text.
Making a wallie is really fun :D. I will continue to make wallie so please do give comments/critise/advise to help me out :). Of cos i will continue with my doujinshi, im a doujin artist to begin with :D.

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Browse Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. chisana Feb 25, 2006

    Wow, this is your first wallie? It looks really nice, you're not just a great doujin artist, but a great waller too! :D
    Well, I think you have to put the source of the stock photo, but it's enough to link back the site.
    The only thing that needs to be worked on a bit is the extraction. It's good nevertheless, but on the left side her hair is a bit um.. jaggy? But that's only a small part, and maybe it's just the scans fault ^_^'
    Overall, I think you made a very nice wallpaper, I love the colors, it gives the whole scene a nice, calm atmosphere. :) And the effects are nice additions too ^^
    Oh yes, I really like the font too, imo, it really fits the wallie =)
    Great job!

  2. minkz Feb 25, 2006

    you seem very talented person, u can make such soft and calm feeling and I can't believe it. you are professional waller. hope I can see more submission from u.

  3. Osirisa Feb 25, 2006

    Wow.... so great for the first wall ^__^ The Bg is good...... colors, effects for the sky, grass..... everything's fine ^__^ just the extraction.... yeah.... u should work more to extract the scan better ^__^
    Anyways.... great job :D

  4. Kiako Feb 25, 2006

    it looks very good for your first wallpaper, it has a very good atmosphere but you should work a bit more on the extraction.

  5. nolove Feb 25, 2006

    how great, sooo amazing >__<, it seem like you're sooo talent. your first wall? the sky is still a lil simple but it's really awesome >_<. you rock, keep it up

  6. bouncingpig Feb 25, 2006

    It looks great, what makes it even more great is it's your first wallpaper. It's better than what i can do, i can barely even use photoshop :(

  7. ttwen Feb 25, 2006

    are you sure it's your first wallpaper? O_O;
    it looks very VERY nice..
    great job!

  8. EternalBlue Feb 25, 2006

    Pretty good ^^, as said before though, the extraction could use a bit of work. The pen or polygon laso tool work really well for extracting, so try those out ^^. The BG is well done, great job on the grass and clouds. One thing that I don't like is the second-half-transparent set of font. I think it would look better without it. Anyways, that's my two cents, keep up the great work ^^

  9. DavePC Feb 25, 2006

    Terrific achievement for your first wallpaper. I noticed
    that the egde of her hair on the left side is a bit jagged,
    other than that I have no complain. Hope to see more
    of your works in the future.

  10. fawna-chan Feb 25, 2006

    Wow...your first wallpaper is very nice! :D I like the background you did and the scan isn't that bad. :) The perspective is nice too. :) Keep it up!

  11. ware4me Feb 26, 2006

    Any chance to see this without text legend? :)
    Looks really nice.

  12. someweirdguy Feb 26, 2006

    This is a great wallpaper for it to be your first. :)

    I like the background, it's gives a calm and warm feeling.

  13. Zoamel Feb 26, 2006

    The background is simply wonderful but the scan is lacking quality. Try to improve it a bit :)
    Overall it's a very nice work.

  14. quantixar Feb 26, 2006

    Simply wonderful first wallie. Now now, I wont spoil you anymore with praises. :)

  15. ynk Feb 26, 2006

    wow really good wallie ^^ My first was mutch worse and this doesn't look as a first one :) good job Liberia^^

  16. Devildude Feb 26, 2006

    this needs a lot of clean up, the scan is poor in quality, and well the background does match, but only 50 percent, you could have done a room wallpaper instead.

  17. FlowerDog Feb 28, 2006

    Congratulation on your first wallpaper Liberia. :D I think Chisana-sama's comment really has nail with what you can improve. I too see that the exaction could use some work and I see that you used the brush tool to redo some lines on the ribbon and some parts of the hair which looks too thick. It was a good idea but maybe make the brush line a little thinner. ;)

    I have to agree the scan quality isn't as great as the background. Though I thought the stock images really matches the scan well. :) The text also matches. :D You have really good taste and work the light effects really well too. :) Honesty I thought you did a good job with your first try. :) I would love to see you continue creating more wallpapers (doujinshies too) and improving on overcoming some difficult situations like recreating a scan for better quality. Keep it up Liberia. :)

  18. ShadowrazoR-Byakuga Mar 04, 2006

    heh heh... sorry it took me so long to comment on this.

    nah... i didn't really help much. never tried making wallies with stock BGs before, so didn't really have much contribution to this.

    that said, i think this is a wonderful piece of work, not just because it's a first attempt. even rating with normal scales this will still get some scary high marks. especially so from me, cause i'd seen how the original BG and that grass look, so i know what modifications you've made to it. :D

  19. jaguar88 Mar 12, 2006

    Wow.... Very nice background and the girl..... although the background doesn't fit the theme... i reckon its fine :P
    Should have her sitting in a library (school) or something then it'll be Perfect >.<
    But its still a very good wallpaper :)

  20. Zero8888 Mute Member Mar 22, 2006


  21. shadowVII Jun 16, 2006

    i really like this and i usually only like wallies with dark colors. its great, ecspecially for a first time. good job

  22. Pladao38 Jul 09, 2006

    Really nice even though it's your first work piece ;),but too bad I see this one quite late.
    The scan is cute also.
    Thanks a lot for sharing. Favv+ >_<

  23. Melisandre Oct 06, 2006

    What a cute wallie! I love it, very good!

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