Bubblegum Crisis Wallpaper: -=[INTERSTELLAR.SPACEWAY]=-

Anime International Company, Bubblegum Crisis Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

...Ok!... @_@ After...oh I don't know, a month? I finally have a new wall. This wall is freakin' 150+ layers, I don't feel like counting, but there's a lot of detail in there. I guess it's Priss (never saw BGC) in her... suit thingy... and I'm pretty sure it's BGC: Tokyo 2024 or whatever. But yeah...

Anyway... enjoy. xD

PS- funny coversation between me and Kev about the signature...lol.

Chishiojin (9:26:29 PM): OH SHIT!
Chishiojin (9:26:29 PM): wait.l
KevinLeeNS (9:26:34 PM): uhuh
Chishiojin (9:26:36 PM): I need to put R!A on the wall. X_x
KevinLeeNS (9:26:43 PM): great
KevinLeeNS (9:26:46 PM): now u remembered, lol
Chishiojin (9:26:47 PM): I always forget to do that. xD
Chishiojin (9:26:56 PM): Lol, luckily I still have PS opened.
KevinLeeNS (9:27:02 PM): u always hide it or do something stupid with it >_<
Chishiojin (9:27:06 PM): I know, lol.
KevinLeeNS (9:27:08 PM): next time, add rave b4 u wall, lol
Chishiojin (9:27:18 PM): Ok... adding and saving, sec. uU

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  1. Seraphic Jun 26, 2004

    so stylin!! excellent stuff

  2. sammo Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2004

    ::gives a jin the same lecture on AO:: xD

  3. Osiris Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2004

    lolololol kev suxorz huh >__>

    ho ho lookie at the effects XD

  4. keenan83 Jun 26, 2004

    the effects are nuts in this wall. its a fav for me

  5. Cloudnine Jun 26, 2004


  6. Guts Jun 26, 2004

    This wall is friggen sweet.

  7. Noctum Jun 26, 2004

    @_@ This wallpaper might make it on my desktop.
    Godly work on the bg as always.
    On the other hand, this wallpaper seems to follow the new trend of a more outstanding character picture, even though it is partly transparent (which gives you extra points, since I see partly transparency WAY too few!).

  8. Angelette Jun 26, 2004

    Ooo.. Nice bg... Craziness, crazineeessssssss

  9. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2004

    oh crap!! this looks cool jin....i'm loving how the char flows with the BG.....a tad too blue tho XD excellent as always...

  10. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2004


    It's pretty! I love the blue, it looks awesome. Great to see another wall from you. ^_^

  11. trunksgirl77 Jun 28, 2004

    is this the wall you were telling me about that you were making <_< yea i would have never guessed... lol no matter how many questions i ask.

  12. shirahana Jun 30, 2004

    you're right.... there's a whole lot of detail..... @__@; *stares at wallpaper + tries to count all the effects......*




    *ages later*

    =________=; anywho...... reeeeeally awesome like the rest of your walls! ^_^ You just keep improving! Don't let that talent die out XD (which means make wallpapers at every chance you get!!) Can't wait to see more of your work!

  13. blessfy Jul 02, 2004

    beautiful picture I like it ^^thanks^Q^for your share!!

  14. bluerobins Sep 10, 2004

    really nice

  15. bluerobins Sep 10, 2004

    really nice

  16. Illusion85 Feb 06, 2005

    wow!! the clarity of that wall is amazing! The background is absolutely awesome. A big pat on tha back. :)

  17. firelycan Jun 15, 2005

    Thats awesome you did really good with the bubble gum crisis chick and the background is cool too
    nice wallie

  18. firelycan Jul 11, 2005

    This wallpaper is just absolutely magnifiscent.The countless effects on the bg the wonderful scan of priss.Its just awesome.
    Great job!!! XD

  19. dotkuro Jul 06, 2010

    Thanks for the upload. Appreciated.

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