Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper: Cry Little Sister

Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper
Keiichi Sumi Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello everyone! *waves and embraces*
Please ~read~ description:

A last fire will rise behind those eyes
Black house will rock, blind boys don't lie
Immortal fear, that voice so clear
Through broken walls, that scream I hear

Cry, little sister - Thou shall not fall
Come to your brother - Thou shall not die
Unchain me, sister - Thou shall not fear
Love is with your brother - Thou shall not kill


This is my ~First~ attempt at doing a dark wall.
My ~First~ attempt at doing some abstractness.
And also my ~First~ attempt at doing some grunge.
The wall still has a scenic style to it, but I incorporated various other styles and so it is a Mutt Wall :D

About the Wall:

Hard Part
---Pretty much the backdrop which I got from a Trinity Blood Scan (Here at MT--here is a link to see it: http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/4753/scan9lw.jpg). Fell in love with the backdrop of the scan. So I had to work with the part of it that I could use and yet make it fit the size of the wall. I had to redraw and stamp out and fix a lot of the backdrop to achieve those effects. I believe it came out well convincing.

Fun Part
---Since the Trinity Blood Scan offered some cool paint daubs here and there, I decided to make it more. It just looked cool! And so I had fun adding spurts of paint and started to do some grunge effects too. And of course some blood :) The Chains were brushes that I made. Finally, a grainy texture was applied to entire wall.

I like to Thank a lot people here at MT for helping and inspiring me:
---Thank you Idril for your awesome dark walls
---Thank you Akira-san for helping me with the artist of the scan who we just both adore ^_^
---Thank you Oracleangel for your advice and teaching me to go that extra distance
---Thank you Fukushuusha for the style of the grainy texture which I always fell in love with with your walls
---And finally Thank you to all of my friends and others here at MT for your gracious support and encouragement :)

Please Enjoy and I, as always, appreciate your comments, opinions, and suggestions. I need to improve on doing these new styles *waves*

.:EDIT:. I couldn't stand the hair extraction and so I did fix up the extraction there.
.:NOTE:. The poem above is ~not~ my work. It is from a song and lyrics by Gerad McMann (Lost Boys Soundtrack) Great movie!
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Morphee
Wall: Wake Up
Reason: A dark wall too with creepy elements and dreary sky.

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Browse Keiichi Sumi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. julian1 Feb 24, 2006

    nice wallie, emma. you're really great at wallie making, i think you're the best i've seen in MT.

    the poem somehow sends shivers down my spine, i dunno why...

    merged: 02-25-2006 ~ 01:41am
    oh yeah, i've got a new one uploaded. care to take a look?

  2. melissa-clyne Feb 24, 2006

    wow coool! I love it ^^ I see you put a lot of effort XD keep up the good work and keep laughing

  3. dalidadod Feb 24, 2006

    wow my fava color...ooh sorry heeeeey i like this one,and i do love the charchter here! u did a gr8 job as usuall gurl ^_^' add to fava...byee *waves*

  4. catyeye Feb 24, 2006

    WOW! It looks just amazing! Fabolous! Love the contrast! The blue colors give this a sad atmosphere, of melancholy... sniff, it made me sad...But I love it!
    It has an old painting effect which make it so cool! It's obvious that you put lots of effort to this drawing, and it got an excellent result!
    Just too great friend *hugs her*
    Here, a sunflower for you! *hands the sunflower with a smile*
    Soredewa nochi hodo tomodachi *waves* (see ya later friend)

  5. Semuta Feb 24, 2006

    Oh, I'd love blue ^^ And grunge style. This one especially for my eyes xD You good as always, Emma-san!

  6. Rhonda21 Feb 24, 2006

    Wow Emma. Your first at doing so many different things and you did it so good. I really like dark walls so its nice to see this. Nice with the texture! The background looks really great! You really amaze me at how good you are and how fast you learn things. Well really love it! Wonderful Job!

  7. Fran Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2006

    I love the dark atmosphere of this wallie ^^
    A completely new style coming from you Emma-san, the scan it's just amazing
    I love the texture you used it gives an old look to your wallie
    Keep up the great job + Fav

  8. dianas Feb 24, 2006

    i like the idea.. >.< nice wall as always..Emma :)
    here is a fav from me for your work

  9. fawna-chan Feb 24, 2006

    Wow....this is a really good good attempt for your first dark wallpaper. :) It's good and creepy. The blue color is good, not too dark but shows the sadnees. Keep it up! :D

  10. iarly Feb 24, 2006

    Wow... scary! Now I bet this one was a tough one, ne? Yeah, missa likes this! Great job, as usual. When you told me you were up to something new, I could never imagine it was something this good! You're still the master in blending. And you never let me down XD *adds to faves* There! *hugs*

  11. Michaela Feb 24, 2006

    wow, I love it you did a GREAT job for it being your first for so many things! I'ts a really awsome picture and the idea behind it is also awsome. I love your taste in scanns and you do such a good job turning them into walls and your so creative about it aswell. Keep up the good work! I can't WAIT to see more!

  12. 0virus Feb 24, 2006

    fantastic wall! ^-^

  13. AngelKate Feb 24, 2006

    You stole my idea! I am supposed to be the one trying dark wallies. XD

    Nah I'm just kiddin'. :) The background is awesome. It looks like you added some noise to it. Interesting effect. :) Her hair looks a little jagged in some spots but overall it looks all right. :) I think I've seen the scan used before. She looks sad. :( Haha. Overall though, a really nice job! ^_^ You keep getting better every time. :)

  14. Dorimar Feb 24, 2006

    Precious wallpaper Emma! Congratulations, I like much!

  15. Bla-demer Feb 24, 2006

    Beautiful wall Emma! Really beautiful piece of art.
    Thanks from sharing and keep up the good work.

  16. bluSake Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2006

    You've integrated the chara into the bg beautifully. The mist and paint splatter gives it some nice texture and detail.

  17. NJKay Feb 24, 2006

    I think that is just so beautiful.

  18. ShiXon Feb 24, 2006

    aaa soo gorgeous and dark. it has this certain mood that i can't really describe.. brilliant :3

  19. darkangel013 Feb 24, 2006

    Wow!Emma for your first attempt at making a dark wallpaper is really beautiful.Keep up the good work and hope to see more. + favs


  20. zaira Feb 25, 2006

    oh hi there emma-sama! love the grunge style bg!
    the colors is so cool as ever! + the scan of the girl is nice! woo bloody bloody! :D great job on those chains + the looky m...... dunno how to describe it ehehe ^_^' i love it!sooo +fav! XD

  21. rubenz Feb 25, 2006

    emma san love t he girl and the bg ^^ as usual from u great wallie +fave for sure

  22. aznprianime Feb 25, 2006

    veeeeeerrry cuuute, i just love this wally! it is just tooooo adorable, fantastic job emma
    i shall put this in my +fav
    thanx ^-^

  23. hsh31 Feb 25, 2006

    Nice poem, Emma.
    And your first dark wallpaper is so great, I like the background athmosphere, it's really fits with the sad little sister character.
    nice one. ^__^

  24. Farewell Feb 25, 2006

    Amazing job, and i like the description\, You won a fav from me, your walls are really deep and interesting. Nice job. Hope to see more.

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