Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Crossing Paths [For Ephemeral Garden]

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Athrun Zala, Kira Yamato Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Athrun Zala Character Kira Yamato Character

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Crossing Paths [For Ephemeral-Garden]
New wallpaper! And a lil' change of style ^^ You'll notice that the way I place my signature isn't the same anymore :) First off, this beautiful vector of Athrun and Kira ish made by
Prasetu, who kindly gave me permission to use it for my wall ^^ A big thank you! *bows*

Next, I would like to dedicate this wall to mah dear fwend - Ephemeral Garden (Epphie-chan XD) Since the day we knew each other, her critiques for all my walls have helped me a lot ^^ And I can't believe that I haven't even dedicate a wall to her for doing such a professional job in critiques! ^_^' *slaps self* So here's to you, Epphie-chan! ^^ I hope that you will like it and hopefully, you won't find anything bad to say about the wall XD Just kidding..

Oh yeah, you have bear with me, Milk ^^ I am an absolute Gundam Seed/Destiny fan XD Really wubb the show especially Athrun, Yzak and Caggy XD

Details...well, nothing out of the ordinary. Just another colourful background XD I first intended to put sakura trees just like the scene in the ending theme - Akatsuki no Kuruma, but I'm such a suckie at it :sweat:

Okay then...I think I'm out of words XD Till next time! ^^

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  1. Milkiyo Feb 24, 2006

    nwm...I trusted ur style enough to dwn and bear with it with my last quota..now I'm flat broke LOL!
    is it just me or do their heads look flatten a little like pancakes? :P joking! they're sexy lar...dun start cursing LMAO! XD XD
    *favs* :P
    oh...first to comment haha... XP XP

  2. Kairi-Hearts Feb 24, 2006

    yay another wallie^^
    I love the vector^^ And the bg is beautiful. What sweet,warm colors. I totally love it
    another fav ^___^

  3. laurent Feb 24, 2006

    Wow, very nice wall ! It's been long since I saw such a good Asuran x Kira Wall like this one. The bg is so darn beautiful and the different warm colours fit Asuran and Kira so well. This one is really great. Another great wall by the great enchantress ! *clicking fav button like crazy*


  4. phamthuha Feb 24, 2006

    You shows out your wonderful vector skill that make me jealous, sweetie OoO So beaitufl digital effect and feeling ^_^ Love everything in this wallie *kisses*
    So sure a fav and feature to CW ^_^ Thank you so much for your working hard, sweetie >__<!

  5. XSuzakuSeiryuuX Feb 24, 2006

    Waoh! Nice! Combination!

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2006

    Love the colors and how smooth they are! The vector is awesome (excellent job, Prasetu!) and the title is really fitting. Go Kira-Athrun XD

  7. Devildude Feb 24, 2006

    i see circles, a tech design with fantastic effects of planets and stuff, wonderful wallpaper overall, could have used better text, the blending of the wallpaper itself all over is very appealing.

  8. Emma Feb 24, 2006

    I like the way you patterned the colors. You have purple to the extreme left and orange on the extreme right and then in the middle where they cross paths is the gray area :) Kind of like a saying over here where you say it is the "gray area" between two important subjects. So I sense great symbolism of the colors in this wall. Very well portrayed. I also like how on the left there are planets representing space and on the right the clock representing time. Two important aspects of the universe--space and time. And again, they are crossing paths. Wow-this wall has a lot of meaning and symbolism! Well done for that and its art!

  9. eternally-asuka Feb 24, 2006

    another fantastic work Enchan! * i can call you like this ne? o.o?* the colour fit perfectly i love it! new background O.o cool! the vector is amazing too! just love it!

  10. xianghua Feb 24, 2006

    Wow! It's not bad at all! Very nice background!
    The scan is cool too^^
    But the effects are number one in this wall! Wow i see soo many!
    Very nice work Enchantress-chan!
    Keep it up! *favs*


  11. agneslee Feb 25, 2006

    It's a cool wallpapr even it has a simple design.I like it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. EienKazuki Feb 25, 2006

    Hey! Wow, nice wallpaper! Can't believe it!^^ I don't know what to say XP..... It's great! The background and the scan = perfect! 10 out of 10! A very good blend with the orange, grey and purple background. It really blends in well together^^ Congrats! Hope to see more of your creations soon! *Can't wait* Ja ne^^


  13. nolove Feb 25, 2006

    huggies for Athrun XD, dont know why my love with Athrun just simply growing day by day ohmygod >_<. it's really awesome enchantress-chan, i love the Bg with all that effects XD, everything goes wonderfully. how nice the wall is >___<.
    +fav for sure for ur amazing work

  14. rica-san Feb 25, 2006

    Very beautiful indeed XD! The wall is awsome, great, lovely, enjoyfull, beautiful, & well done^^ Kira & Athrun looks very cool, & I love the concept^^ The vectoring is very nice, great job, Prasetu^^ The bg is definately the best! Awsome, lovely, beautiful, & wonderfl! Also very nice digital effects! & I love the colors! Awsome job! I'll definately add this to my favs! Keep up the awsme work, Enchan-san! XD

  15. Rikimaru-jp Feb 25, 2006

    Great combination ;) the effects you used in your background are really awesome!
    and the scan is fitting so well within the BG!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  16. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 25, 2006

    Lols. Actually I don't really need any dedication... xp, makes me feel awkward...

    Anyway... I do feel like skipping critiques... but eh... my eyes can't skip details! *blinds own eyes*

    The techy lines for the corners are fine. but the round one in the middle seems a little weird... maybe you can use abstract background instead.. coz using scenic background for stuffs liek this... actually is my first time. >.<

    By the way, thanks for the dedication. ^^ Much appreciated, really!

  17. Zoamel Feb 25, 2006

    Wonderful :D
    The vector is simply breathtaking and especially the side of Kira is fantastic. I like this warm orange and the watch in the background a lot. But the space on Athruns side isn't bad, too :D

  18. CagalliYulaAttha91 Feb 26, 2006

    Finally u posted it ! WEE ~! *jumps on Amanda and give her a big huggie* Keep up ur good workie ! ^^ +favvies

  19. gaarakun Feb 26, 2006

    it's very nice i like color on bg...

  20. Wiggle7hv Banned Member Feb 26, 2006

    Thanks to sharing with us.

  21. Larxie Feb 26, 2006

    Very nice wall. The colours match pretty well (which fits the scan, too). Both Kira and Athrun look awesome in that wall. Great job! add to favs ^^

  22. Clarryn Mar 04, 2006

    The duo~! Lolz nice job on the bg~!

  23. toonmaker Mar 04, 2006

    Very nice idea! The duo oposing their backs and a difference - switch color! Its very cute!
    You create very nice wallpapers ! Keep up the good work!

  24. walkure245 Mar 06, 2006

    Cool~ I love the bg. It fits Athrun and Kira well. Sorry I can't say much since it's nice already. ^_^ Good stuff~

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