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Hello !
It's a long time that I subit scan ! I'm sorry, I don't have a time, I have year end exam x_x ! I haven't to draw this picture (Katrya have to lean her lesson) but your comments make me to want draw >=0000000~~~~~! !
Think you very much for your comments, make me so happy :)
Think you MoonlightEternity for your comment in my guestbook. I'm sorry, I couldn't answer you beacause....I speack french, I'm bad english :sweat:, very bad :x.
So Shaolan and Sakura, as ever, I can't deaw other couple :D. in classroom. the most hard drawing, it Syaoran bottom >.< but I'm very satisfied of result :D.
And I dont still master the colouring :sweat: . I don't like the decor but as I don't have time, I can't do better, sorry.

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 22, 2006

    Wow! This is awesome!
    The colors are wonderful and the characters are very very well done! Excellent job!

  2. may Feb 22, 2006

    Awwww cuuute ^__^- .. Syaoran's positioning looks a little funny.. I'm not quite sure what it is.. perhaps.. he looks too hunched? .. Good job though .. :D .. ^^ Very nice work~

  3. azzumail Feb 22, 2006

    so sexy XD ok maybe i'm a little deviant but i think that this picture is sexy and clean too :D i like it so so much *love*

  4. TenX Feb 22, 2006

    ^^ its really beautiful...
    i like ur colourin style... for me its really good
    if u allow me to say.. i think that shaoran hand is too thin and a little long...(juz a little!)
    well.. i didnt understand.. u havent to draw this one but the most dificult part to draw was shoran bottom?... did u drew it or not? xDDDDD...
    anyway.. the composition is very very good.. and their look in their eyes are amazin...
    hmm.. if u dont understand what i said, please tell me... then i figure someway to tell u in french.. ^^... a least i try to hahahah ^^...
    take care and good bye ^^

  5. CuteSherry Feb 22, 2006

    The very moment I saw the thumbnail in the Tsubasa Chronicle gallery, without even opening this page nor seeing who was the one who draw it, I immediately though :"It's here! It's here!...Katrya's latest piece of art of Sakura and Shaoran!"
    I SSSOOOOO waited for it!
    IT's soo GREAT! like always! and I understand why making Syaoran's bottom was the hardest part ^_~
    By the way, it's not true you color badly, I find it very well done actually :)


    Des que j'ai vu la miniature de cette image dans la gallery de TRC, sans meme avoir a ouvrir la page ni voir l'auteur, j'ai immediatement penser : "Il est la, il est la!...Le tout dernier chef d'oeuvre de Katrya mettant en scene Sakura et Syaoran !"
    J'ai vraiment l'impression de l'avoir attendu eternellement, mais sans regret!
    C�¡est simplement magnifique et je comprend pourquoi dessiner le ...mmhhh...de Syaoran a ete le plus complique a dessiner ^_~ Mais belle reussite ^_______________^
    C'est un +fav bien sur!
    Au fait, je pense que tu colories beaucoup mieux que tu n'as l'air de le croire :)

  6. AngelKate Feb 22, 2006

    Your drawings are always so detailed and beautiful! This one is no exception! Wonderful job!

  7. Machika Feb 23, 2006

    OMG! This is amazing, katrya-san! I always love your drawings. This doujinshi is so good >_<
    Fav from me!

  8. EmeraldDragon Feb 23, 2006

    eeee! *hugs pic* so cute! you drew this? it's so good! *favs*

  9. julian1 Feb 23, 2006

    overall everything loks great, but i think you should do more on the bg. it's a classroom, and i think if there are no characters in school uniform in the picture, i doubt anyone will know that. because the main focus are the characters, i guess its a good one.

  10. Mizunotsubasa Feb 23, 2006

    I really like the art.

  11. tenseiga Feb 23, 2006

    Good, I love this even one and it is always of the best thing to see them together. And that people don't have complex toward to the romantic thing. Very good scan

  12. FlowerDog Feb 23, 2006

    Aww! Pretty lovely dovely. XD You illustrated Sakura and Shaolan very good. They almost look exactly the way CLAMP illustrates them. I love the idea and the scenery of the classroom. :D Your coloring style is very neat and nicely combined with the shading. Everything looks very nice to me. Hope you do well with your exam. Keep up the great work. :)

  13. aqiaqua Feb 23, 2006

    Oh wow! very good job! You drew it? amazing! And the colouring is great to, i suck at it! very cute picture, i quite like all the pictures in your gallery ^^. Please submit more soon!

  14. arbel13 Feb 23, 2006

    Very very awesome. A very good scan. Thanks for sharing this one coz I love Tsubasa and other works from CLAMP.

  15. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Feb 23, 2006

    Katrya strikes again! :D
    I really missed your drawings! U are sooo talented! ^^

    I love this one! *beams* They look so perfect together! *_*
    Fav from me! Your drawing is really Awesome!

    I hope to see more drawings from u Katrya! ^^
    Nice to see u back! :) Minitokyo totally misses your lovely drawings! ^______^

  16. ka-rab Feb 23, 2006

    wow so cool

    i hope to see syaoran kiss sakura drawings from u

  17. Sakurasun Feb 23, 2006

    so nice! *___* *fav*
    your art is wonderful!

  18. Ookamichan Feb 23, 2006

    i just gona say...SUGOI SUGOI!
    i love it, is awesome, i love this couple (is my favorite couple xD)
    you did a great work
    thanks for sharing ^^

  19. MoonlightEternity Feb 23, 2006

    *is so in love with this* OMG OMG OMG IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL KATRYA! it ... it... it... *speechless* XD I would add this to my favourites 100 times over if I could... sadly I can only do that once XD it's AMAZING! So romantic! I love the shading, you did so amazing on that! The curtain's nice too, great transparency, and everything is so proportioned! All the colours match, and the feeling of the doujin is so wonderful XD or maybe that's just me going absolutely crazy and sweet moments between Syaoran and Sakura XD hahahaha.

    You're soo talented and hahaha no problem for the comment in your guestbook, I speak a bit of French (because I live in Canada, so it is required) =) I'm glad you're back to drawing! ^-^ hope u did well on your exams! :D *thumbs up*

    *googles some more at your drawing* ahhhh XD wow..... Hope to see more soon! :)

  20. CosmoStar Feb 24, 2006

    I can only saythis image is stunning and Syaoran is looking completly handsome and charming. You did a great job on him, he is perfect. The way he's standing is almost real!
    You deserve lots of praise and congrats! I'll add my favs, this is great!

  21. kawaiisakura05 Feb 25, 2006

    wah! i always love your images. beautiful. i love them and keep it up!

  22. pomelocmy Feb 25, 2006

    u drew this?!?!?! this is soooo pretty and wonderful. :)

  23. Hasaki-Keissi Feb 26, 2006

    Well, put in short, you did good. I believe that this is a very good piece of art and truely is an example of how good your drawing is.

    I really don't think there is anything original for me to say.

    Keep it up, I like what I see.

  24. azmeir Feb 28, 2006

    Really cute... Nice fanart

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