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....i just thought i should put this up before going to sleep.. (i had a long tedious day.. <_<) ...anyway this doujin was suggested by Sandra, reference ... learning from the prev doujin, i started copying far back.. so the proportions are just right... :) also, i left some details cos, i'm not really that much into ecchi..^_^' however, i hope you like it.. ^_^'


was too sleepy - thanks again to Sandra for the pic! ^_^' have a nice day everyone! XD

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  1. julian1 Feb 22, 2006

    wow. sexy. like it. add to fav.

  2. Sandra Feb 22, 2006




    WoooooooooooooW !

  3. bigeejit Feb 22, 2006

    AMAZING! PERFECT! this drawing definitely made my day!

    what kind of pencil did u use by the way, it looks awesome.

  4. Tinbad Feb 22, 2006

    ... Uh.... Wow... o_0
    I like anime maids... ^_^'

  5. Kiako Feb 22, 2006

    the chara is very pretty, the shading is well done with the dark and the bright clotes, and her pose is good too.

  6. g-money Feb 22, 2006

    Very nice attention to the details of the clothing - all the folds and creases are done well with a balance of white highlight and outright shadow. Demo, I think the shading on her face needs to be a more solid tone based on ref... manga shading tend to use 1 color tones for shading, but I like to use natural shading. Also, the head seems to be verticalized and needs to widen a little in comparision to the reference. (I made that word up "verticalized"; I have artistic license, hehe.) I believe her arm also needs to be shorter, but it's negligible. You know, this is the first time I compared your pic to the ref, but for all its minor faults it's still a pretty darn good drawing.

  7. jasaiyajin Mute Member Feb 23, 2006

    your sketch marks remind me of someone.. oh ya - me... the contrast in shades... that's why

  8. maho-ho Feb 23, 2006

    Another good work, I consider that the proportions of the girl are seen very well. Well, I hope to continue seeing new works! :D

  9. EternalBlue Feb 23, 2006

    XD Great sketch ^^ I think I might have a reference for you, if I can find it and you can find the time to sketch it ^_^

  10. BlkLotus Feb 23, 2006

    ok you are so cool . i love your drawings big time! the detail that you put into it is just ... well ... WOW

  11. FlowerDog Feb 23, 2006

    You are such an impressive artist Chisaikame-sama. It's okay that you leave out some details but it doesn't ruin the quality of your work at all. Comparing your verison from the original, yours actually look a bit different (which is very interesting :) ). You made her look more suprise and her eyes look more alive. Yours is a bit more slimmer. I think you are creating a style. :D I actually really like it. :) You're shading is done perfectly. I love this work and I really like to see your next work. Keep up your hard work Chisaikame-sama. :)

  12. SilentNymph Feb 23, 2006

    I saw all your last 3 submission and I found myself like O_O. They are all wonderful but as much as I like them I only wanted to favour one and I do belive that no matter how much I liked the dinamics in "Cat Fight" this one is "the winner" for it's wonderful shadeing, for the beautiful composition, for the dazzeling exppresion on the girls face and for an overall BEAUTIFUL doujin.
    Congrats again and I do belive that one of the best things I did on MT is to get you on my watch list.
    I find myself as always awaiting eagerly your next submission.

  13. RainWater Feb 23, 2006

    Ooh.. this is nice. :)

    I find her head to be "off." Maybe that it's a bit too far back from the shoulders. But I do like the shading here. :) I haven't seen the original yet, but I'm contented with seeing just this. :)

  14. Yureika Feb 23, 2006

    kyaahh ! so envy of you !
    anyway wowxers awesome doujinshi !
    great shading compositioning... its just soo perfect ! aaaahhh !
    and i see that u changed it a bit from the scan !
    ace work keep it up !

  15. azure209 Feb 23, 2006

    tros bien fait, si je saurait dessiner comme ├ža moi *_*

  16. card8813 Feb 24, 2006

    Great work.Nice detail on the facial expression and the pose.Thanks for sharing your talent

  17. Milkiyo Feb 24, 2006

    her face seems to be lacking of sumthing... :P is it the nose? gah! where's the nose? O.O jk...
    I do like how u drew the clothing though..good for ya..no ecchi :P
    her hair is a bit too solid but thumbs up overall :)

  18. LeeAnn Feb 24, 2006


  19. Kasuga14 Feb 25, 2006

    More great work from Chisaikame! The shadings are beautiful along with the outline. I also agree with Flowerdog, You made her more surprised, with the mouth, and i think the detail wasnt really needed.
    The face looks alittle long but its not really an issue. I cant wait for more of your works, theyre all coming really nicely! Minitokyo's really loving your dojunshis!

  20. neko-chan Feb 28, 2006

    So lovely!You are so talented!
    Very beautiful drawing thanks for sharing it ^-^

  21. Hassadar Banned Member Mar 08, 2006

    Oh yes! Picture of the months! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  22. tuxedotservo Mar 31, 2006

    I remember either the original scan or a wall of this. It's one of my favorite non-doujinshi type images.

    You did a great job capturing the essence of the girl, I think.
    Frilly details - shading - everything is there. Great work.

  23. shadowVII Jul 26, 2006

    very nice as always

    merged: 07-27-2006 ~ 03:24am
    u did great on her clothes, i can never make good fabric.
    the ruffles r awesome

  24. PrairieDogGuy2006 Jul 26, 2006

    She is so sexy, so seductive ! It's almost if she was alive just waiting for her man, whom ever he is ! He ! He ! Very nice illustration you have there ! Thanxs 4 the share !

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