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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The smoke fills my heart
New and old die out their woes
stupid as the mortals we have become,
The putrid, digusting and vile stench
infectious, contagious, a mosquito...
The light of judgement is soothing and
as the music falls on deaf ears
we are desensitized by modern society
Hallowed is death right now.

*Listening to Nirvana ~ Smells like teen spirit
The Cardigans ~ My favorite game
The Crandberries ~ Zombie
Metric ~ Poster of a girl
The Yardbirds ~ Down at the boondocks
Johnny Cash ~ I walk the line
Oasis ~ All around the world*

New wall i guess, and this time its for one of my favorite psychological homicidal dark animes close to Lain called Boogiepop Phantom. I got the scan from the flood scans made by Candychan i think and wanted to capture the moody colors from what i remember from the series, I recged parts of the bottom half that was missing and needed to work on perspectival type walls for a change. So this is merely explicit experimentation to movement of clouds, smoke and color scheme so dont get hissy when you dont like it because if you watch it, well the colors actually fit! For the first try it was simply plain, but adding a subway train puts into perspective that Sautome's clothes dont belong to the 15 century but more on the urban side of Tokyo she is living in, needed some more lamps to reflect light on her and around her then added the highlight of the wall which is the big spotlight in the series where everyone stopped and looked saying "the Boogiepop phantom has returned" hence the people in the side windows looking up at the spectacle.

*Thanks to Yina for pointing out that the "moon thing" didnt work out cos she didnt like it and agreed with me that the wall needed something to fill up the space. Thanks again!*

I hope you like it as much as i do ^__^
More resolutions coming soon to Imanimetions so hold your horses! Oh yeah its been updated OH YEAH so go there fools! XD


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(...) intent:
Ive reached a point in my life where the depression and feeling of detachement is starting to unfold and from this my life has become more intense but for some reason ive become more in control of it because 85% I know its there and have to deal with it. But in reality things like my Chilliwack Art SHOW was a huge sucess! im getting more in tune with social life and that girl i was telling you about came to my show even though i thought she would not for the longest time, does she like me or am i just full of infatuated butterflies in my stomach? oh well i guess time will tell.

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Browse Boogiepop Phantom Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Amru-chan Feb 21, 2006

    So wonderful wallpaper XD. It's so cool XD. You are awesome XD. Fav from me :D

  2. k1ru Feb 21, 2006

    gorgeous wallpaper as usual~
    the bg *clouds* are really lovely!
    but the chara doesnt seems really fit the bg... >.<
    this wallie doesnt seems like your usual wallie, OA-san... >.<
    but it was still wonderful! i love the bg much! XD

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 21, 2006

    lol, I'm glad someone finally understood my "candie wants boogiepop walls" message XD

    well the thumb looks great put I keep getting pwn3d when I dl so I'll try later and comment ~_~

  4. CagalliLover84 Feb 21, 2006

    Nice wall.. I like the effects and the blending of the image... keep up the good work!

  5. AC2N Feb 21, 2006

    Dark and beautifullllllll....
    As usual...
    waiting for more ;)

  6. Yina Feb 21, 2006

    okay.. i really wanna download the wallie.. but the pwn3d-thing always stops me.. >>

    wee.. this version is much much better =D
    the bg looks great now..( i wish i could see more details.. but MT doesn't let me.. >>)

  7. sukie Feb 21, 2006

    the lighting looks so sureal! =D great job! the grungy clouds looks nice too! =D

  8. Emma Feb 22, 2006

    Interesting texture with the wall and interesting backdrop. It definitely fits the atmosphere of fog and dreariness. And indeed very interesting way you did the clouds. The writing on the sign and even the sign itself seems a bit too sharp in contrast to the bit blurry backdrop particularly the very fence it is on. But overall, a very unique style wall ^_^

  9. mooling89 Feb 22, 2006

    ooh... great job with the wall! nice choice of colors and nice texture in the background. I really think you captured the mood with the fog and the red lights. everything is nicely done in the wall, including the text.

  10. DayBreak Feb 23, 2006

    Oh damn oracle.
    Your wallpaper trully pwned me when i full viewed it.
    Love the texture.
    Love the scan.

  11. euna Retired Moderator Feb 24, 2006

    ooh. new wallie ^^
    it looks awesome OA. simply luv the textures and the way the colours flow well from one to the other.
    perspect is great too. i'm not sure about that big spotlight though. it looks a bit weird to me. oh well, still an awesome wall <3

  12. upheaval325 Feb 24, 2006

    nice scan..love the darkness and lighting effects..nice background, great job!^^

  13. chibicow Feb 25, 2006

    Eefa! XD
    Awesome job! I remember seeing bits and pieces of the series and this captures it brilliantly! the perspective is done nicely and just the overall texure of the wall makes it sync.

  14. flyindreams Feb 25, 2006

    :3 The perspective + composition is cool. It's a little strange to me how she sort of melts into the thingy that she's standing on. The colors are... interesting, I think I prefer your usual (brighter) color scheme, but still a nicely done wall nonetheless xD

  15. studio Feb 27, 2006

    Love the fence OA. Great light too <33

  16. Lordzaku3 Mute Member Apr 14, 2006

    fantastic art!

  17. animefairy Apr 29, 2006

    Nice job, OracleAngel! It's a bit fuzzy, but I love the effort you put into this! The colors are pretty and the designs are amazing! Keep it up! *supports you to the end*

  18. ghettomusick May 01, 2006

    A beautiful wallpaper. Great wallpaper.

  19. abelini4 Mute Member Oct 13, 2009

    Excelent Wallpaper ^_^...

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