Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Sweet Summer Days

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura Kinomoto, Syaoran Li Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Sakura Kinomoto Character Syaoran Li Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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I know you are all thinking "Kate! Another submission?! You submit too much!"

Hahaha I am sorry about that. I have just been in a creative mood lately and in between my schoolwork and classes I have been making wallies. ^_^

Anyway...I used a another different grass brush than what I normally use. I think it turned out quite well. I added the little wheat thingys in there too to break up the grass a bit, so it doesn't look so plain. I tried adding butterflies but they just didn't fit so I left the grass as it was.

I did a lot to the scan. There were flower petals all over it and I had to get rid of them. That took me a while. I hope it is not too noticable where they were.

I really like the sky in this one. I tried to make it look like the light was coming from behind Sakura and Syaoran, and I added rays of light in too. There are my signature sparkles and I also tried new planet/moons/whatever you want to call them. In total I think this has about 23 layers. Not a lot, but eh, most of my walls usually have this amount. And I know this kind of looks like my wall Field Of Dreams, and I'm sorry about that. -_-

Finally this is dedicated to Nolove-chan, because you make really awesome wallies, and you always support my wallies. :) So I hope you like this little gift. :)

Comments and faves are of course appreciated.

Ja ne~

And don't forget to full view! XD Why do my thumbnails always come out so crappy....

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  1. aqiaqua Feb 19, 2006

    oh wow *_*, very beautiful! I love the grass, the sky, everythings so perfect! another great job from you AngelKate-san. Definently a fave and i'm so glad your on my watchlist ^^.

  2. ShiXon Feb 19, 2006

    so shweeett~~ the sky is what i like most because of the super beautiful colors! good job kate-chan <33 i really really adore the sky altho you could've put more shading on a the grass =D

  3. Spystreak Retired Moderator Feb 19, 2006

    It's just so relaxing looking at that wall. makes me seriously wish it were summer right now. Anyways I like the effects you used. Subtle yet you can still tell them apart. Nice job really nice job

  4. phamthuha Feb 19, 2006

    So sweet, Kate-chan >_<! I love love the grass, so beautiful ^_^ The idea and content is so gorgerous ^_^
    So sure a fav and feature to CW, sweetie ^__^

  5. WindAlchemist Feb 19, 2006

    wow this one is beautiful AngelKate! i absolutely love every bit of it!
    the sky is very beautiful i love the colors and the birds and the positioning of the moons look very good too. the subtle rays of light really give an extra something and make it look even nicer.
    the quality of the scan is beautiful, i love it! i looked and i cant see at all if there was anything on the scan ^_^
    the grass looks very good too, i love the little spots of color, that makes it look much nicer then just plain grass
    this is a great wallpaper, i love this one!
    keep up the good work!

  6. ventures Feb 19, 2006

    hmmmm... the grass is in a nice pleasant colour . :) good job on that . but they r still a bit too long . the grass , furthest looks too long and curly when they should be small since they r farther away .

    the sky is blue ~ which is good but it still has too many elements in it ,crowding it all up . the planets look weird cos their transparent and there r two @_@ ~ and there is a roundish spot-like thing near the bigger planet (its moon ? ) that looks even more peculiar ... sorry , I'm not good at describing things accurately :(

    the lights coming from behind them is a good idea . though that means u need to touch up the shading on the scan (make it more lighter in some parts and darker in other parts ) or the scan will turn up looking pasted , which is a pity .

    the quality of the scan is very good but the extraction on sakura's hair is a lil rough .

    well , overall , a good sceneric . a lil cliched but still good .

  7. nolove Feb 19, 2006

    wow how lovely Kate-san XD, nice color you put here and so so wonderful sk >.<. so so great ^__^. surely fav from me :)

  8. GoNik Feb 19, 2006

    "Kate! Another submission?! You submit too much!" :P

    Ano nee... it's so warm and bright that it makes me happy with only looking at it ^^ You've done great job with this wall.

    certain fav from me, sweetie :*

  9. Limefreak Feb 19, 2006

    awww :D it's awesome nice job with the grass and everything. It's very bright,warm, and happy XD Definitely a fav from lime

  10. Amru-chan Feb 19, 2006

    Very very lovely wallpaper XD. Fav from me XD

  11. Sumomo- Feb 19, 2006

    Very sweet wallpaper Angelkate.
    Looks like you've gotten a hold of the same grass brushes I have ;)
    They are a nice change from the default grass brush.
    I really like the scan, it fits nicely and I'm glad you didn't put in the butterflies. Too much butterflies in wallpapers these days ;)

    Anyway, good job on the wallpaper and faving it.

  12. Idril Feb 19, 2006

    wow! Katie-chan your wallie is just amazing! I luv the scan! it is soo kawaii and romantic and fits so well with your grassy and shinny background! I luv summer wallies! great job! :)

  13. aishiteraburu Feb 19, 2006

    beautiful kate-chan
    just beautiful
    sakura and syoaran looks wonderful in the background
    fave from me

  14. Rhonda21 Feb 19, 2006

    Aw cute. The background is very lovely! Nice grass and sky! I really like it! Great Work!

  15. Emma Feb 19, 2006

    This is absolutely stunning! I LOVE it! The new grass brush is awesome! And I really like the little flowers dotted along the grass. I also love the color combination on the font and with the sky. So peaceful! Like the light beams too. When I saw this in the Colorful Wallies contest and all, I just fell in love. As I said at the contest this wall has such a cute cartoonish feel and cheerful backdrop with summery colors. And a cute couple ^^ *in love....hugs wall* Definite on my desktop *favs*

  16. ladygoofy Feb 19, 2006

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh soooo PRETTY!
    i love the background! and mostly everything XD
    yo keep it up ^_^

  17. fawna-chan Feb 20, 2006

    Oh, this is so wonderful, Kate! :D
    I love the new grass brush you used. It looks very nice. ^^
    The sky is super good too, in my opinion. I especially like the seagulls and the moons. Although I wonder...what would happen if you put on a sun instead...Anyway, great work and keep it up with the awesome wallies! >_<

  18. hishou Feb 20, 2006

    You did a wonderful job on this~
    I had to favourite it! ^^
    I think your use of the birds was a nice addition to establishin the theme of it being summer! The little flowers in the grass are so cute, too~

    Thanks for sharing, and, again, great job!

  19. WWLAOS Feb 20, 2006

    The scan looks great, and the text is very pretty. I love the color of your grass and the flowers in it...the grass is just terrific. The sky looks beautiful as it ranges from blue to green to yellow and back again. The birds are a nice touch, as are the thick light beams...those look neat. What I don't like is the shadow moons. They just feel out-of-place. Otherwise, a gorgeous wallpaper. Thanks for posting your work for us to enjoy.

  20. lunacrystal Feb 20, 2006

    The scan is awesome! I love everyting about it!

  21. kaoru67 Feb 21, 2006

    It s very beautiful, great job!

  22. sukie Feb 21, 2006

    so nice! the pretty sky! and the nice grass field! you are on fire dear! =D great scan pick too! =D i love it!

  23. Leena Feb 22, 2006

    Great work AngelKate-san ^^ The sky is beautiful. The colour is awesome, very soft and bright. The grass is amazing, wat brush is it? The birds and sparkles give of a nice scenery. But I think some parts of Sakura's Hair is a bit like cut out but i guess thats just me. Overall, I love it. Awesome job again.

  24. shiruchan Feb 22, 2006

    Ohhh beautiful!I have to add this to my favorites !*__*

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