Usa Hinayuki Wallpaper: A Wish for Hope

Usa Hinayuki Wallpaper
Usa Hinayuki Mangaka

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hii! It's me again :)

Actually, this is just an experimental wallie, this is my first attempt at making water and planet ^^ I just love those professionally made planets, they look so awesome, so I thought I could try to make my own planet. Well, I know it's a bit.. umm, not good, ^_^' but it's only my first time. As for the water... yes, that thing IS water, even if it doesn't look like water ^_^' I tried to make the reflection of the planet and the shooting star, but I know, I just failed ^_^' sooner or later I'll be able to make normal water TTwTT

I got the scan from Mya's wallie, it was so cute and I couldn't find the scan anywhere ^_^'
I removed the flowers too T_T and sorry for the "not-the-best-quality-scan" I really tried to make it look alright.

That's all ^^ even though it's just an experimental wallie, I hope you'll like it :)
Comments and critics are welcome as always, I'll try to reply too...

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  1. Machika Feb 18, 2006

    Woww....The background is soooo beautiful :) I love the light FX, the scan looks nice too. Very impressive, fav from me :)

  2. Kiako Feb 18, 2006

    wow the wallpaper looks very good, the chara is cute nad all the effects are so nice to look at
    keep it up

  3. dianas Feb 18, 2006

    oh i`m in love with the skys that you make..#hugs# my sweet friend chisana
    everything is good in this wall..the nature looks so lovely
    + fav from me for yur work.. :D

  4. Ilumina Feb 18, 2006

    wow OoO the background is great! like real! ^-^ woww
    the efects are so beautifull and the charactor is ver sweet *^-^*
    i like very much the water and the moon, but the feathers arenĀ“t bad, i love them! other great job, thanks for sharing! ^o^ kisses!

  5. strawberrt Feb 18, 2006

    your first attempt came out pretty good ^^ The background looks nice, and the scan is pretty as well. and i really like the feathers! I'm gonna try to make those kind one day, but fornow i'm gonna admire other people's feathers XD

  6. mayuka Feb 18, 2006

    This wallpaper is incredibly gorgeous! The background is soothing and the picture just flows...I really love it and I think I'll set it as my current wallpaper. Really, I think it's gorgeous and quite amazing for you're first try at water and such.

  7. AngelKate Feb 18, 2006

    The water looks fine! I still can't make water very well. XD The planet looks good too! I like the way you played the light on the girl. The lighting throught the whole wall is lovely. Great job! :)

  8. melymay Feb 18, 2006

    Nice wallie! :D :D :D everything looks great :) the water looks like water to me, and i can clearly see the reflections of the moon and the star ^__^ great job with the moon too :) looks pretty real, except for the texture. keep it up!

  9. MagicianFairy Feb 18, 2006

    ohhh wow, this is amazing XD

  10. Bla-demer Feb 18, 2006

    Really lovely wall chisana.
    Very beautiful indeed. I will fav defenetly.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good
    work and I know you will.

  11. ejwcobra Feb 18, 2006

    its a little small, but it makes up for that with its beauty. very nice work!

  12. rafaellaGP Feb 18, 2006

    wow! this wall is sooo beautiful! O.O
    the background is amazing!
    i like the trees and the sky! ^^
    and the scan is really cute!
    more fav for you! ^^v
    great work :D

  13. ShiXon Feb 18, 2006

    wheee a dark wallie! n___n the girl is very cute although it looks kind of umm.. blurry o.o i don't know, and i think it'll look a whole lot prettier if you removed the text ;] but good job overall chisa-chan!

  14. marcoskatsuragi Feb 19, 2006

    So pretty... i like the back images :D

  15. phamthuha Feb 19, 2006

    WOW! That is really Chisana-san's style OoO Really beautiful effect ^_^ I love it *kisses*
    So sure a fav *dance*. Keep it up sweetie!

  16. TenX Feb 19, 2006

    whoa!.. ^^
    amazin work!...
    that big tree.. ohhh!.. u must hav had a lot of work to make that look that way... its really well put in the wall!..
    the planet is so beautifull...!.. i like it vrey much!.. i couldnt do that! never!...
    the coloring is great too!
    well i really think that the water is very convincent..
    bout the reflection matter... i dont know if u stoped doin that cause u think that it wont work but.. i think.. that to complete it.. its just throw one little ondulate effect
    to make the planet "walk with the water" but i think u already know that xDD
    i think thats the only thing that u need to do to complete the reflection thing!...
    the sky and star are great!... the clouds too..
    the text and fonts (colors too) are very well in the picture!...
    +fav 4 the great job.. and 4 the great img.. i luv night!.. thats amazin!

  17. quantixar Feb 19, 2006

    This is just too cute wallie to be true. :D Great job chisana, once again. :)

  18. Zoamel Feb 19, 2006

    So beautiful :D
    I like the background a lot and the play of light ans shadow is perfect. The feathers are shining so sweet.

  19. sylvacoer Feb 19, 2006

    I love the cloud brush you use... (is envious) pretty good for your first try at water and planets! (don't even want to remember what mine looked like.... *shudders*)

  20. sakura-fumo Feb 19, 2006

    i miss your drawings your good at wallies but better at drawing -.- there so amazing -.-

  21. julian1 Feb 19, 2006

    wow, i just love the bg... gives you a feeling of wonder...

  22. SweetSerenity Feb 19, 2006

    Soo beautiful, love it...

  23. nobana Feb 19, 2006

    Hey..awesome wallp. chi-chan!I love these shining effects!The water and sky are correct as well!What can i say..it's absolutely perfect!=)

  24. FlowerDog Feb 19, 2006

    Wow, what a super job! :D I am very impressed with your wallpaper even if it's just an experiment.

    The girl character fits very well with your entire background and the effects works beautifullly with her. I love the way the whole wallpaper is put together. I think I would never find this style dull. It's amazing to look at and makes a wonderful wallpaper. :) I agree with what you said about the plants looking awesome. They just look outstanding in this wallpaper.

    Very well done job Chisian-sama. :) I enjoy your wallpapers as much as your illustations. :) Keep it up! :D

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