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Natsuki Takaya, Fruits Basket, Kyo Sohma Wallpaper
Natsuki Takaya Mangaka Fruits Basket Series Kyo Sohma Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yep! this is my new wallie :) my simple wallie from Kyon-Kyon XP my lovely and hottest cat XP

I found this lovely Kyo scan on MT and all background effects were done by me. Hum.. I dont know what say more.... I just wanted a strong and hot background for show the Kyo personallity and your sadness and lonely life. Just it :)

Comments, critics and favs are always welcome and ... Ah!I hope have free time for reply all them -_-

kitty kisses for all :nya:


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  1. pitbull Feb 18, 2006

    that beautiful wallpaper.i love that wallpaper!adding to my fav!NICE WORK.(*_*)

  2. ApocalypticARK Feb 18, 2006

    The leaves could use some softening up on the saturation and contrast, and also a bit more blending with the texture of the grass, the render could blend a bit more also, but overall the wallie looks pretty nice.

  3. Kiako Feb 18, 2006

    nice wallpaper, i like the strong colors, the wall has a very good atmosphere. but the path is too wide at the end.

  4. Rhonda21 Feb 18, 2006

    oh yes I love him and his hotness. hehe anyways, this looks really nice. I like it.

  5. fawna-chan Feb 18, 2006

    Another Furuba wallie! :D
    Kyo's one of my favorite Charas.
    I love what you did for the background and I like the warms colors you used. Really good work. :)

  6. AngelKate Feb 18, 2006

    Oh, how cool! I love the trees. The path seems like its a little too wide but that's probably just me lol. Another nice job! Keep it up. :)

  7. acid-awakening Feb 18, 2006

    Thats a really red wall
    Anywayz... i think the background fit's in nicely with the scan
    Seems like you have successfuly light up his world Lolz
    Thanx for Sharing

  8. moonlight-shawdow Feb 18, 2006

    oh this so preety idril-sama>.<i love the orange colors.umm very beutiful.

    sorry i haven't been on MT for like 2 weeks so i won't be able to comment on ur works to often cause im usin libraries computer oh i'm so sorry.*sobs*

    demo take good care of ur self and bye bye

  9. ShiXon Feb 18, 2006

    kewlness! you like making furuba wallies eh? n____n the grass looks funny x3 the path seems a bit plain maybe you can add more texture and stuff =D loving the autumn scene! ^__^

  10. Dream24 Feb 19, 2006

    Love the colours that you have used in the background. It matches perfectly with the Kyo scan. The background is very autumny and dreamy. Beautifully put together. Great work! Keep up the great work!

  11. lthnadml Feb 19, 2006

    Very beatiful . . . the background is lovely with all those red and yellow colors looks like an autumn ;) . . . thank you for sharing it. XD XD XD

  12. Emma Feb 19, 2006

    Ah no way! Kitty Kisses! *kitty kisses and paw hugs back* LOL
    He is a hottie! And man your wall does reflect him well. Really like the colors and the blending modes too. The stark contrasts of the shades of colors really make the him stand out and the emotions you want to portray. If you ask me, you have done a great job making it look dare I say...sexy? LOL

  13. marcoskatsuragi Feb 19, 2006

    Ele é um personagem muito interessante! Gostei das cores quentes.., realmente lembram ele.. esquentado e pavio curto! perfeito! ^^

  14. ventures Feb 19, 2006

    wow , so orange . the orange-ness may need to be toned down a bit especially the leaves in the tree behind the chara ...too orange ~~ the grass may need more work on them . they're too long and there is no depth . the path too needs to be a lil less wide when it gets furtherand bigger when it gets nearer right now it seems as if the chara isn't walking on the pathway :P
    good choice of font though . very nice to look at .
    the concept is good and overall u did a pretty good job

  15. aishiteraburu Feb 19, 2006

    wow idril-san
    orange background not bad
    really goes with the scan
    the tree and the grass just look perfect

  16. magda Feb 19, 2006

    Hi Idril! How are you?
    Another cute boy, jajaja...;) but the river Is not a little strange?.
    Ok, not mind I like it. Kisses.

  17. nekogirl333 Feb 19, 2006

    this scan of kyo is really nice. he aint my fave character but i must say, this bg really suits him!

  18. ROSEANA Feb 20, 2006

    it's wonderful.......I like this bg.....
    thank you^o^

  19. Merodia Feb 20, 2006

    waaaaaaa............. beautiful kyo's wallie :D
    adding fav, nice background ;D

  20. rafaellaGP Feb 20, 2006

    wwwaahhhhh more! lol
    i looooveee this wall!
    this your better of Furuba! i think!^^
    the background is beautiful! i like the colors!
    and of course! Kyon is better! :D
    i love this scan! Kyon is sooo...... sexy! hahahahahaha^^v
    kisses dear friend! i hope see more! ;D

  21. WWLAOS Feb 20, 2006

    The trees in the background look terrific...I have nothing but compliments on those trees. The grass looks good, too, and the path was done nicely. The sun looks nice, but the sky could really use a different color. The wallpaper is way too "hot" color-wise. Too many reds and oranges and yellows. A nice blue sky...and a much-darker tan for the path...would have been the perfect way to diversify the colors in the wallpaper. The scan looks good, though, and is positioned pretty well...though maybe 2 centimeters further left would have been better. Still, this is a very nice-looking wallpaper. I'm glad I got the chance to see it.

  22. sukie Feb 21, 2006

    KYU! i lvoe you idril-sama! you rule! any kyu lover is a buddy of mine! =D LOL great colours in the bg too! =D super wall!

  23. Sakurahino Feb 22, 2006

    Nice background, Idril.
    Your work is as beautiful as always.
    I'm glad that when I come back in here, I can see such a wonderful wall like this. XD
    Red red red red.......... lovely red (or may be orange? :P )
    The only problem is that it's soooo small, can't make it into wall, only as a collection item *cry*, too wasted.
    Please, make it bigger, pretty pleasr *cry*
    Any way, add to Fav 1st :D

  24. Sakura0chan Feb 23, 2006

    The orange background fits Kyo very well. ^^ I love the blurry part of the grass. :)
    I think the leaves of the trees need more work.
    I really like this one! Thanks for sharing it. ^^

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