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Please full-view @___@ the thumbnail looks ridiculous .


OMG ! 3 grammatical errors! @__@
the real stuff that I wanted to write was 'you'd think you're now independent and reliable' and 'you're just a lonely soul' .
rofl ~lets all think positive @_@ and make a reason for the wrong typo ~ since the kid in the wall is not independent and still a small small boy , he types wrongly ~ XD

main description , read plz.

the image is a boy , drawn by rythem . I changed the mouth and nose becos I'm a baddy .... hope u don't mind rythem ...

okay ...bg of the city-like scene is not made by me(downloaded it from here http://psychobob.xepher.net/screentonez/ ) but I added some tones and changed the colours ..

ummm . there weren't many layers ...

well , critiques r welcomed but rythem says don't critique her drawing. lol

one more thing , I like to write stupid things for my wall . :) it doen'st make any sense but I just like how it sounds ~ :P

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  1. enchantressinthedark Feb 18, 2006

    LOL Nice concept on the spelling error! XD The boy looks lonely and desolate...and the quote really fits him! ^^ Nice background too! Very unique!

  2. Kiako Feb 18, 2006

    the background looks interesting it suits the chara. the scene is good too.

  3. rythem Feb 18, 2006

    woah . bikurishita . @_@ u used my drawing without my permission . T__T lmao , just kidding .

    neways .. what can I say eh ? I can see my name everywhere in ur description . I'm pleased XD LOL
    very nice rotation of my drawing to suit the perspective of the buildings. urban patterns r handy ne ? XD not to mention on how u change the nose n mouth . :/
    I suggested green , but u put blue instead . but it doesnt look bad .. there is dark pink there <33
    ooooohh and I love the fonts .. n the errors ... we're only humans . (listening to K-Only Human) it really matches the wall , n looks nicely balanced ~

    u should make it bigger though ...
    nicely done nee-chan ~ :) *throws away ur teddy*

  4. Zefie Feb 18, 2006

    waaaih, collab wallie between rythem-chan and ven-san :3
    this looks really interesting one ! you used that rythem's uber cute boy drawing :D me like it very much *saw the drawing on deviantart* urban view with screen tone pattern looks really cool ! light blue and pink are quite unique colour choice but i think those two colours fit very well together :)
    that was so cute when you told about wrong typing XD i think the text is okay but those two lines writed with pink could be more in the center.
    you did wonderful work again and this really is little different style than your other wallies ^_^ thank you for sharing this !

  5. KorganoS Feb 18, 2006

    I did read the description, but I dunno what to write @_@
    lol you both funny girls... but I do admire your drawing skillz.. l33tness.
    Btw, I almost mistook the boy in the drawing for a girl <_< duh
    Nice work, very proffessional drawing. Composition can be much better, tho... :)

  6. fawna-chan Feb 18, 2006

    I read the description! I swear I did! >.<
    I love the drawing that rythem drew and I love what you added, the city background scene. The positioning of the boy is a bit weird but I think it's okay. Love the blue too.

  7. kai81220 Feb 19, 2006

    d>__<b nice!

    creative idea with the pixel. feels very modern

    good work (to both of you XD)

  8. Amru-chan Feb 19, 2006

    Weeeee, very very cute wallpaper XD. Fav from me XD

  9. AlexXan Feb 19, 2006

    How i can see u are trying by your last wallies new style :) Lol
    Cool i realy like new fresh ideas. *tap.tap on head* :D
    Keep it up!

  10. FlowerDog Feb 19, 2006

    Don't worry about the typo Ventures-sama. XD Though I like your reason for there being typos in the message of the wallpaper (very clever). XD

    This is actually an amazing wallpaper. :) Rythem-sama's male character looks so adorable and you have an excellent taste in combinding tones, bg and colors all together. I thought that the character suit the theme and feel of the entire wallpaper well. I see that you also added some tones to the character and (to me) they are in the right places. The texts even look good too.

    The quality is also excellent. This is a very creative wallpaper. :) I really love the style too. :) You did a wonderful job Ventures-sama. Please keep it up! :D

  11. Yina Feb 20, 2006

    hihi.. *sets as desktop* =D
    the concept is really great and original.. XD
    yeah rythem is the greatest artist ever.. ;__;
    nyaa.. +fav =D

  12. frozenwilderness Mar 21, 2006

    ahhh he's so cuuute! and the drawing stle looks really professional! plus your wallie looks really nice.. I only wish it was my desktop size T_T

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