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Hi there everybody ^_^ This is such a long time i haven't made new wall (3 weeks right?)
So now, i just make one ^_^ I am really happy with this one >_< though i didn't finish it on time.... but sure it is my heart and my excited feeling in the latest event HAPPY VALENTINE DAY >__<!

So for the very first reason of this wallie ^_^ I want to say that I dedicate this wall with all my heart to my dearest friend: Phill-chan. She is really sweet, and don't say it is strange that i give her 2 gifts at the same time ^_^ I really do appreciated that she encourages and helps me that much ^_^ Not only that, she is always be by my side and help me out when i got any prob >_< AH! You all can see her present to me: http://download.minitokyo.net:8001/thumbs/218154.jpg
Hope you like it, sweetie (to phill *kisses*)

Ah yes, not only that ^_^ With this wallie, i want send my dearest thanks to all the new moderators of Colorfull Wallies : Kate-chan, Emma-san, Love-chan ^_^. Thank all of you for helping me out that much and i hope all of us can move on together more from this Valentine >_<!

Not only that, also i wan to send my thank to a very GREAT, POPULAR and AWEASOME waller that i really admire (just after Chi-chan and Semanga-san) Akira-san He really did help me with tons of things and that is why i can finish this wall that much *phew...*

Back to the wall:

Yup, this wallie takes me a really long time ^_^ At first, i think i can finish it by Valentine, but theni i can't *shed tears* It is really hard to say but the bg really did make me think so much. At first, i want to make this girl in galaxy.... then i realize my skill isn't good enough for a dark wall (that is the fact....) so i think i will leave the idea to my next wallie in the future ^_^ So i come up with a water scene, as you can see above >_< I really love this wall, the girl is really cute (yes yes XD) and the color i choose here: blue is my favorite color too ^_^

So now, about the wall, i will add:
Time to work: long long.... how can i count?
Layers: 127+ (ha ha, i am proud with that number, can't believe i can make it that far >_<)
Things i add in this wallie:
- Water: yup, that is the first time i add chrome in water, i think it looks much realer ^_^ (100% handmade)
- Stone: is it too dark? I make the stone myself, no extract here ^_^ (100% handmade)
- Sky: that is the first time i try to make my cloud more fluffy ^_^ Isn't it nice? I love it >_<!
- Planet: oh, that is not nice.... i know that....
- Star and starburst: Yup yup, i love them ^_^ I think that is my style after all....
- A wing: It is brush ^_^ But it is my OWN brush. I make the wing and define brush it myself ^_^
- A cutie heart: red color ^_^ I think it fit the theme....
- Text: Gift of love.... i think a lot and that title fit the wall most >_<
- Scan: Very cute right ^_^ You all can see the original scan here:


Okay, so for the last reason ^_^, this wallie is for the contest in my dearest group:

Join us CW today:

If you want to join the contest, just let me know or visit the group page ^_^

Thank everbody so now ENOJOY! As always, comment, critisim and fav are all welcome ^_^

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Akira-san
Wall: Angel of Death
Reason: COOL! It brings me to a never forgotten atmosphere ^_^

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  1. AngelKate Feb 18, 2006

    Yaaaay a new wallie from thuha-chan, and first to comment hehe! ^_^ Its so gorgeous! I love the way you make your effects, they always look so lovely! I think the planet looks fine sweetie. :) The only suggestion I have is to maybe blur the edges of your rocks a bit, they look a little sharp against the background. Do you understand what I mean? You did a good job making them though, they look very real. :) Another great job by you sweetie! A fave for sure. :)

    And you are very welcome for helping you out with the group! It's my pleasure! Thank you for acknowledging me. >_<

  2. Milkiyo Feb 18, 2006

    nice and happy walls as usual :P
    u know..from this view, it looks like she just transformed into a human from a swan XP
    the rocks are a lil too dark with the shadows but they are overall ok..cos it's in the distant view right? XD
    +fav *-* *glomps the bubbles* XD

  3. minkz Feb 18, 2006

    owww,it's magical* add to fav*

  4. Phill Feb 18, 2006

    love it love it love it XD super cute scan and lovely scan creat a calm asmosphere .. absolutly love it ^^ + fav for sure .. it was really fun uploading the same time with you ^^ thank you really much Hà ^^
    Happy Valentine ^0^ ( a little bit late though )

  5. nolove Feb 18, 2006

    so finally you finish it Ha-chan ^__^, urg im sori i have the terible sick so cant comment much >___< but you're wonderful Ha-chan, the very very lovely scene ^^. the sky is awesome lovely cloud you put in. the chrome effect is really nice urg the stone is 100% handmade? you amazing Ha-chan >.< uhm but the font seem a lil bit hard to read >_<, just a lil bit that and all is awesome ^^.
    surely +fav

  6. WindAlchemist Feb 18, 2006

    another nice wallie indeed ^_^
    the water looks nice, and the sky and clouds look very awesome too! the position of the scan is nice also, i really like the halo and wings, though maybe the wings could be just a little less see through, but they are okay like that too!
    the wings and birds and bubbles and everything looks real nice the only thing i dont like is the jagged-ness of the rocks in the background. the rocks themselves look good, but the edges look bad >.< maybe you could just blur the very edges a little bit so they will look a little smoother.
    sorry for being such a bother, but this really is a great wallie and i will favorite it!

  7. redangel6112 Feb 18, 2006

    wow! nice wallie. I love your water part....^-^.... and the sky. It looks awesome.

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 18, 2006

    Nicely done!
    Love the colors and the scan is sooo cute! Excellent job!

  9. ventures Feb 18, 2006

    very cheerful looking wallpaper, phamthuha . but I wish u were a lil careful with the extraction, especially on her hair part . the sky looks nice , though a lil too crowded for my liking . there r too many elements in the sky , and it makes u a lil dizzy just looking at them all . the planet , is transparent , thats why it looks weird. the sky is in a lovely blue but u haven't blended the chara to fit the bg so she looks kind of pasted .

    the rocks , sumhow ... I like them very much .the outlines r very clear and dark ...but u can't really find any reason not to like them :)
    the water looks really real . and I like how u made the shadows under the water .

    very cheerful overall ~

  10. Machika Feb 18, 2006

    OMG! The effects are so beautiful! I love the wings and the clouds >_< As expected from you thuha-chan! :)
    Fav from me!

  11. kuchikidesert Feb 18, 2006

    cool & beautiful..

  12. Amru-chan Feb 18, 2006

    Yeah, so wonderful wallie XD. Fav from me ^^

  13. Devildude Feb 18, 2006

    wow...just the effects alone are overwhelming, as usual, great detailed wallpaper from you, too bright again for my taste, but it is greatly complete, the completion of the wall, the overall feeling is just wonderful.
    A fav from me.

  14. ejwcobra Feb 18, 2006

    wow, another amazing wallpaper from phamthuha-chan! the colors are beautiful and that halo is a nice touch. great work, i'll be looking forward to more of your work in the future

  15. fawna-chan Feb 18, 2006

    Nice! I love the effects you added on this wallie. The bright colors really cheer me up! :) I like the background, although it's a bit blinding to look at but still rather nice. Good work! :)

  16. TakamuraReiji Feb 18, 2006

    First,...cool effects. Sky looks nice.
    Don't think you should add moon and/or the galaxy-like stars/stardust. Cus then it'll be weird, when you have full/big view of the scenery/bg and the scan. And I can see half beautiful scenery, half galaxy-like scenery. o_0
    Yes...the stones' little dark. And it's jagged out, the outlines.
    The wings make it abit solid.
    Love the water effect and the way you did the heart. Yup, scan's pretty cute. :)
    Good work and keep it up. :)

  17. ShiXon Feb 18, 2006

    aaa new mods! btw lovely and gorgeous wall as USUAL >P it looks sooo dreamy and pretty~~ >w< wuv it!

  18. aishiteraburu Feb 18, 2006

    woah thuha-chan
    your new wall is fabulous
    i really love the sky it looks really wonderful
    another fave

  19. k1ru Feb 18, 2006

    thuta-chan! lovely love themed wall~
    all the effect and elements are great!

  20. strawberrt Feb 18, 2006

    Very pretty! ^^ The details, background, and everything is soo beautiful! Awesome job, its as gorgeous as all your previous works ;)

  21. may Feb 18, 2006

    Awww.. this is such a beautiful wall.. you did a wonderful job with all the colors and effects ^_^ .. it's really detailed.. I can tell you put a lot of work into this piece..~~ Keep it up!

  22. enchantressinthedark Feb 18, 2006

    *glomps* Speechless...But it ish indeed very beautiful! Another masterpiece from Ha-chan! ^^

  23. dianas Feb 18, 2006

    oh i just love the bg that you have made for her..
    is peaceful and magical at the same time..i have to learn more how to do
    a refelection on watter..because in your wall is looking great
    #smiles# a fav from me cutie for your work

  24. quantixar Feb 18, 2006

    I would be crazy if I dont like this wallie. Amazing wallpaper if you ask me! I can feel the positive energy flowing from it. :D

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