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1024x768 Wallpaper

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T~T i feel lost,MT is so big and different now!

...hi...remember me? Reb-Kun,Rebel,The Grunge Soldier,etc,etc...well,im back ! after a lot of problems in personal life,with my PC and RO [xD xandman was right...RO is like a drug].

Time to get back to the "market" with my new wall from Eureka 7. The original art is from Yuji Kobayashi [i love his art with Eureka 7 and NGE characters],i dont have a lot of resources now in my old and lovely PS7 just weird brushes and random textures that a friend send to me.

I try to make something simple cause i dont have the same skills as some months ago or the resources as i say before.

Hope you like it,as before thanx in advance for the comments,suggestions and also for the favs [if i get any ;x;].

[ Rebel.Soul.Kaze ]

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  1. flyindreams Feb 18, 2006

    Rebel... is alive xD

    I like the simplicity :) The soft colors definitely make for a very soothing desktop (I love this shade of green >___<), and the textures add a nice touch without being overwhelming.

    A lovely wall to come back with xD

  2. DayBreak Feb 18, 2006

    Meh; your resolution sucks ASS!
    Who made you use 1024 x 768?!
    Anyways; yes the wallpaper is simple as you explained.
    Nice textures and scan.
    NOW; get on msn.

  3. ayaki Feb 18, 2006

    same with Flyindreams, i love the greeeeen @_@
    very refreshing. love it.

    RO? Ragnorak online? *___* guessing LoL

  4. TakamuraReiji Feb 18, 2006

    Simple and nice.
    Just love the effect on the scan.
    Also...green... o_0 Nah, I like green. =P
    Good work. And...don't get addicted to RO. If you can't, then nevermind...You'll be like brother who's now addicted to it, private server though... =P

  5. acido Feb 18, 2006

    Really nice wall, i love the scan and the colors, also the textures are great... most of the time, the simple is the best.

    Great, congrats.

  6. DREAM Feb 18, 2006

    beautiful brush work, rebel!

    great to see you back amigo. ;)

  7. cyd84 Feb 18, 2006

    Simple but welldone...great brushwork- a different take on Eureka 5
    Eye catching angle of the character
    Nice soothing background and text
    Lovely wall

  8. squink Feb 19, 2006

    kawaii ... is all i can say... i started to watch this series not that long ago.. but this wallpaper just makes my day... def fav

  9. Electrastar Feb 19, 2006

    Kaze :D
    Welcome back. Simple and sweet, I love how it just focuses on the artwork, sometimes, wallpapers can get overcrowed, but this is nice :D

  10. Midori-chan Feb 19, 2006

    XD Rebel-kun is back!
    the wallie is so nice! XD XD
    i like the green colour a lot!
    it looks good on my desktop XD XD

  11. Sayonara Feb 19, 2006

    Pretty wall rebel! so cute i love her eyes and the mood is so calm. I like it. Amazing job with the colors. ^_^

  12. euna Retired Moderator Feb 20, 2006

    it's a very refreshing green wallpaper =D
    i luv the texture/grungeness of the wall.
    calm and peaceful mood suits it well.
    also, the bg and scan flow together perfectly.
    very nice work. keep it up!

  13. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 20, 2006

    Thought you died or something without saying goodbye but nonetheless the greenish bg is beautiful, nice use of the focus point which is her face! :P
    Anyway great to see you back with a new work! ^^

  14. Revan Retired Moderator Feb 20, 2006

    So this is how you wall with rusty skills? the I'll look forward for your next works! :nya:
    The texturing and brush work is amazing, really gives this a nostalgic vibe that I really enjoy.

    Quote by DayBreakMeh; your resolution sucks ASS!
    Who made you use 1024 x 768?!

    Kinda agree that the dissapointing part is the resolution... this would have been really great to use in my desktop ^_^' because of the softness and stylish gentle brush work.
    *sigh* I really envy your brushwork.

  15. WWLAOS Feb 20, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper. I love the soft tones...and the green. Green is good. Great scan, you maintained the focus ecellently. The textures you used look terrific. I have nothing but praise for this piece...and I, for one, like the resolution. It's only been two years since I stopped using 800x600, and 1024x768 is just perfect. Anything bigger looks wonky. Awesome wallpaper, thanks for uploading it for us to enjoy.

  16. sukie Feb 21, 2006

    pretty! so soft and nice! the green hue looks great with it! =D beautiful wall! =D the simple bg really does the trick toO!

  17. chibi-lizard Feb 23, 2006

    O.O rebeee ish still here afterall :D

    great one for a comeback :) i wub the simplicity for the bg.

    and as usual .. you're always good with textures ^^

    oohh .. there's not many nice green-ish wallie around .. and this looks great.

    good work on this one ! *yosh* XD

  18. pegassuss Feb 28, 2006

    Lovely wallpaper! I just love those soft green colors, it gives a very peaceful sensation. Yes, the background looks simple but it just seems to fit so well! I love it :) Keep it up!

  19. MMdreamer12 Mar 05, 2006

    Cool wallpaper. Just read about this ANime and I want to totally buy it on my birthday spree!

  20. upheaval325 Mar 06, 2006

    great wallie! the background is very nice...love the soft green colours and textures..lovely effects, incredible work!

  21. tian82 Mar 09, 2006

    I like this wallpaper. Eureka look so nice and cute. Suit well with the background. Like the colour too. Good work on this.

  22. shiningdays Mar 12, 2006

    whooooot Eureka 7! :D

    i love it, very cute and simple ^_^

  23. sgmi Apr 01, 2006

    same with Flyindreams, i love the greeeeen @_@
    very refreshing. love it.

  24. Evelyn87 Apr 01, 2006

    uwahh..its really nice..the green is really beautiful. i'm actually quite a fan of green colour. love this.

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