Chiho Saito Wallpaper: February Warmth

Chiho Saito Wallpaper
Chiho Saito Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Hello everyone! *candy hugs*

~The final days of winter leave their mark with frosty air and falling snow. Yet through the flurries and coldness, one can still remain warm. Though February is the month when Winter says goodbye to us, it is also the month when Love warms us~

In continuation with my monthly themes, I realize that many of you don't experience similar weather or even similar time of season that is portrayed in my walls. I must say that the monthly themes cover weather patterns for northeastern USA and a bit midwestern USA and parts of Europe. I apologize for this, but I am sure that many of you still enjoy and have fun with the walls :)

~About the Wall~
I admit this wall was the hardest wall that I have done thus far. I am still not happy with how it turned out :sweat: Has taken a week to do and about over 140 layers. Yes, my laptop is running really slow. Yes, I do all of my walls on my laptop ^_^'

Hardest Parts
----The rocks. They came from another scan here at MT and each rock was individually placed and altered and modified to give depth perception.
----The river. Making it look like it is meandering into the distance and actually being frozen. That is ice that you see :) Everything around it had to get a reflection onto the ice though it is hard to see some of the reflections because of the snow drifts that are piled on the ice.
----Snow. Having snow on everything >_< Snow on rocks, snow fluffed up on sides of rocks, snow on ice, snow on trees, snow on scan, snow here, snow there to even the cute, little snow clumps at the heels of the footprints.

Hard Parts
----The bridge. Though the original bridge was a stock photo, adding the snow onto it was annoying.
----Shadows. More annoying :D

Fun Parts
----Those cute caribou. Coloring them and placing them ^^
----The sky.

----Of course, much gratitude to Mizu-megami for her gracious thoughts and opinions
----Thanks to Tantaga for the idea of being focused on details and that cute detail of adding footprints in the snow
----And much thanks and appreciation for all your comments, suggestions, and enjoying my wall

So as I always say--Please enjoy my wall ^_^
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: bluSake
Wall: Heaven where?
Reason: An Intriguing and pretty wall with an interesting perspective.

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  1. dianas Feb 16, 2006

    oh this is awesome.. >.<
    i love it so much..another great wall on my colection..the whole concept is lovely
    thanks cutie for makeing so lovely wallpapers..and that you are shareing them with us
    uh i`m in love with this one ..#smiles#
    + fav from me for your work

  2. Sumomo- Feb 16, 2006

    *Swoons* this is THE BEST wall I've seen from you Emma... its just jawdroppingly gorgeous! Guess whats going on my desktop right now! XD
    I really love it!
    The details are perfect, looooove the trees, the reindeer you put in, the stones, the little tistles of grass - and oh my the footsteps!
    It all fits so perfectly and the composistion is just extremely good with the scan.

    Your BEST work Emma! BEST!
    You are so good at walling, its unbelivable how you progress so fast! XD
    *im jealous*

    Of course faving it and I look so forward to your next wall Emma :D

  3. AngelKate Feb 17, 2006

    *waits for full view*

    O_O Holy cow...Wooow...this is amazing! I agree with Sumomo-chan...this is definitely your best wallie so far! 140 layers...wow! Hehe, I do my walls on a laptop too, so I know how slow it must have been going. -_- Mine starts slowing down after about 25 layers haha.

    But anyway, this is just amazing. The rocks are really well done, and I love the bridge. The trees are perfect, and the sky is sooo beautiful..and all the snowy details and everything is just...wow!

    AMAZING wall!

  4. rknight1 Feb 17, 2006

    How terribly romantic. :) It reminds me of the final scene from 'House of Flying Daggers'. :)

  5. lunaregina Feb 17, 2006

    Emma this wallpaper is absolutely stunning! The details on this wallpaper are what first captured my attention.
    The rocks, bridge, brook, grass blades, and caribou are PERFECT! Love the colors of the sky as well. It really brings out the warmth and balances well with the characters' outfits.

    The trees on the right side look fine to me, though the ones on the left seem a bit too dark for the tone of the wallpaper. They give great perspective though. The snow beneath them also needs more shading since it is a hillside and the sun is setting on the opposite side. I'd also love to see some caribou hoofprints as well, but then again I love details to death. XD I'd have to agree with Sumomo that this is definitely your best work. Your patience with it really shows!

    And I know exactly what you mean about the weather... I'm so ready to move out of New England.

  6. sakuya-sama Feb 17, 2006

    A very beauty, lovely, romantic, well done wallpaper ;]

  7. thedoublefinger Feb 17, 2006

    AAAAHHHHH gooooood! I was waiting for it! It's so romantic, a kiss in the snow, in the middle of the cold. Gaaaa I wanna experience it XP
    And LOL about the snow here there and everywere. :D
    Well, please give this girl the same as usual. Yes that's it, congratulations for the work, a *big thankful hug* and, of course, don't forget the fav'.

  8. Ayasal Feb 17, 2006

    OMG OMG OMG! omg! I love it! I was waiting so long, for someone to wall a something from Chiho Saito! I just love her artwork and mangas.
    and the wall is just amazing! all that hard work was not wasted! its just lovely and romantic! good job and *adds to favs*

  9. Leaf Feb 17, 2006

    awww! It looks really good! ^^ You did a great job on the rocks and everything XD loverly! +fav

  10. rubenz Feb 17, 2006

    oww this is good i saw the original scan and hope someone will make the walli ^^ but u made that wonderfull ^^

  11. Farewell Feb 17, 2006

    wow, that's really romantic.. ... i like it.

  12. MasterFoot Feb 17, 2006

    YEAAAA, Emmas monthly month theme wallie of monthlyness :is that a word?: oh well definately fits the month of Febuary well, make a sad though becuase there is no snow here once again, oh well great job :)

    + Fav

  13. knightstar3 Feb 17, 2006

    wahhh, unbelievably beautiful! >_<
    everything was soo well done, the river ice, snow and trees. ^^
    aww, they look so good together. XD what a breath-taking atmoshpere. >.<
    you've really outdone yourself this time Emma. can't wait for the next. ;)

  14. animefairy Feb 17, 2006

    Ooo...very romantic and sweet! Great bg for the couples!

  15. k1ru Feb 17, 2006

    oh... em-san! ^^
    what a beautiful wallie~ XD
    realyl love it! ^^
    nicely done! XD XD love the snows there~ the tree are nice, the rock are great! XD
    i love that river!

    and the chara fits really well~

    well done, em-san! ^^
    it was really great!

  16. sylvacoer Feb 17, 2006

    Hmmm, i'm surprised the snow isn't melting... (*^.^*) And I'm not surprised it took you so many layers, adding snow to anything(and making it look good) is a pain in the arse. (>.<) the snow and frost patterns on the river rock!

  17. julian1 Feb 17, 2006

    hm... nice.

  18. zaira Feb 17, 2006

    wow! very awesome! the wallies is totally nice!
    the scan looks really part of the whole wall!
    the snowy effects is really cool! + the river bank! cool rocks too!
    great job emma-sama! love it! +fav! XD

  19. ShiXon Feb 17, 2006

    AWESOME wall, with such detail and stunning perspective :D this is soo gorgeous and you should be really proud to build such a masterpiece! >D emma-sann wa sugooi desu! >.<

  20. revontulet Feb 17, 2006

    Wow! tHis wallpaper is amazing :)
    Looove the sky so much! U know bout the different clouds in different season eh? The atmosphere is amazing...in awe right now...
    Omg its so magical..i am so going somewhere where it snows ey..
    Congrats, fav offcoarse..hehe cant wait till september :D unless u made one already haha

  21. Amythyst Feb 17, 2006

    Why aren't you happy with how it turned out? I think it's a very nice Wallie :D the River is beautiful, I also like the sky and ofcource the snow is really great. I just like everything about this wallpaper LOL and I will add this to my favs.

  22. Amru-chan Feb 17, 2006

    Very very wonderful wallpaper XD. You are awesome XD. Very very romantic >_<. Fav from me ^^

  23. Regnak Feb 17, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper ^^

    I love it, this is so romantic.

    Great job. Adding to my fav.

  24. Rhonda21 Feb 17, 2006

    Woah. The background looks really great! I think it turned out wonderfully! The sky is so pretty and the trees and all that snow! I really like it. I know I don't experience this kind of weather where I live but it is really nice to see! Awesome Work!

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