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It's me. Misa. Don't you remember? The pink squishy? The crazy one with the insanely long descriptions? OK, how about my gallery items? Remember those? Ahhh well... they must have not been so special, after all.

*haha*~ just wanted to have some fun :P but really, it has been a while. That's maybe 6 weeks or more? ^^

NB: All vectored. High quality etc. Download for details (yes there are details)

Basically in short:

Misa is now a manga translator, editor, and propaganda master. No inspiration and no time for walling. Once upon a day, she got sick of the editing work, and decided to flee from the nasty claws of the manga. She reminisces back to another day- downloading a scan, and falling in love with the chair. Good friend Tevi gives her an artbook, and she fell in love with a character. But, (A) The chair scan had a gutter beyond repair unless it was through vectoring. But all the detail will make her go insane. (B) The girl scan was poor quality, and hard to wall. It never *sparked* in Misa's brain, until (C) she needed a new desktop wallpaper. And now you are here, reading this description: a leecher, studying this block of text and the provided thumbnail, weighing up the odds of "a good catch"- a good download; A quality wallpaper.

*cough* Obviously with this wall, I went on a luxury overload. If only I did this for TREC :P

The quality of my wallpapers fluctuate REALLY badly. I'm not surprised if you went "wth" at this, because my TREC entries were *really* bad. I had no time. I edited 4 chapters of manga within 2 weeks because of their Anniversary >_> I looked at my newest project and went PFFFT because I HATE sound effects that stretch across the freaking page u_u so here I am procrastinating. And manga
editing is an art I tell ya. It's like I visited another freaking world: it's harder than walling.

Category: Crossovers: Okama x Tsukiji Nao
The chair came from Okama (SCAN) by DREAM and the girl was by Tukiji Nao (LINK).

I decided I'll only submit when I need to make a new wall :P Expect quality over quantity. Ah yes, so I shall begone from Minitokyo. Sorry if I haven't replied your notifs ^_^'

Arete wallpaper will be submitted if it doesn't look like a rat's nest infested with termites.

To my TREC judges, the participants and those who showed their interest in the contest! You all made it happen, so thank you very much. Hope you'll enjoy the hard work I put into this wallpaper.
To my manga scanlation group- you all are slave drivers. Releasing over 40 chapters in a week; you are all insane- but you are all so funny and bubbly- you all made my day :) And screw it if you complain about my lack of editing. XD
To my friends- sorry for my long absence, and I will be even more dead when Uni comes round. But I will abuse the internet connection at the FBE to come on Mt ;)
To a very late Valentines: a market for card companies and florists.

Need I even MENTION this is the third wallpaper in the Shibuya Hybrid, Shinjuku Baby, Tripod Baby series?
Tripod baby- song by m-flo.

Final words from the lyrics of the song: Let Lisa... no.. Misa show you

PS: if you actually read these descriptions, or care in general, please write at the end of your comment "Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby", thanks :)


Chosen by Tama-Neko and OracleAngel

Gosh girl and i thought i was the crazy artist in real life but hey you broke the limit of great effort and perfection in this wall, nice use of the textures and movement in the wall to portray the details in the chair and her dress. At first i thought it was some Ipod wall but i must be either sleepy or dead stoned out of my mind... I like the simplicity and innocence brought to this atmosphere which shows a lighter side of your personality i guess.
Beautiful work Kuro! ^__^

Last night I slipped a banana peel before the sidewalk and fell into laughter when a hobo slipped on it" XD HAH!

Proposed by Tama-Neko and highlighted by OracleAngel.

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  1. KisekiAeon Feb 16, 2006

    hmm..MT timed out while I was downloading the wall...and then again while I was submitting this...:sweat:

    Anyways, this is a very nice wall. I love how you were able to add a layer of texture/blend that really tied the whole image together. Even the subtleties of the glow on the bead curtains add to the mood. The title in the corner helps too, although I think it could be a bit lower.

    Your description is most amusing. =)

    "Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby."

  2. Tama-Neko Feb 16, 2006

    If this is what we can expect from your quality over quantity mantra then I am all for it. The level of detail is quite amazing, especially the beaded curtain and the flowers behind the chair. I love how the entire wall is a trace so that the entire thing feels like an illustration, and not like a forced attempt to blend realistic stock with a flat cel-style character.
    Some little nitpickiness :D
    - The texture is a bit too grainy and fine, like noise. I would suggest trying out some somewhat smoother textures; if you want that hand-drawn illustration look, searching around for some hand-made paper textures might be ideal.
    - Have you tried using the smudge tool when you shade? It can really help you pull out details in the gradients - a darker line from the base of the leaf extending along the main vein (center line) for example, or to add more depth to the feathers in the fan.
    - For some of the interior strokes, try using a darker shade of the base color instead of black (so for the Kimono sleeves, a darker slate blue, or deep mauve in the train.
    Stellar work.
    Oh, and that banana peel? I picked it up and put it in the trash can, where it belonged... :D

  3. Walina Feb 16, 2006

    Gotta be my wally of the day ^^

  4. acid-awakening Feb 16, 2006

    Kool yet another one
    It's well set out, Well done
    Lolz... you really must love writting all that
    Anywayz... Thanx for Sharing
    Not Forgetting
    "Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby"

  5. rene3088 Feb 16, 2006

    wow, cool XDDDD

  6. zakaro Feb 16, 2006

    i don't know what to say... it's an amazing wall, and... no more words...

    "Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby"

  7. Sandra Feb 16, 2006

    Finally ! Wallie from Ya ! YEY :D !

    And what i think about it ? I think it's BRILLIANT ! So clean , teh vector is perfect , and the textures fits very well to the wallpaper...I love the colours.....and all this details....i love this wallie <3 !

    +fav !

    "Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby", thanks

  8. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 16, 2006

    Owh yes! It's Misa's work! And it just got highlighted, hahhha. ^^ I really love all those details, they're so little, and yet they're vectored so well. I really envy those amazing-good-for-vector-use-hands of yours.

    I really like all the effects, and I love how you always add texture after vectoring. Maybe I'll steal your skills if I have the chance soon. XP

    Last night I slipped on a banana peel and feel on top of my tripod baby.

    (I'm still wondering what are you up to.. hehhe)

  9. Regenbogen Feb 16, 2006

    O_o... I am not dreaming... you really did this! Wow.... it is so beautiful! I am just using it as a wallpaper... and I love it! All the details and textures... when I look at it I lose all my motivation to ever open Photoshop again... cause this is so amazing! You can really be proud of yourself. I love all these sparkling stones on the left... wow... you know I always want to have something like that in my room. And the flowers... and her dress... all these details... I am so impressed! I wish you were at my uni then I'd ask you for lessons in making wallpapers... *lol* And yes, I'd pay! ^-^ Well unfortunately you're living at the other side of the planet but why am I writing all this, cause I don't really know what to say. This work is so beautiful and definitely has to be highlighted and it is highlighted so I am happy about that. I cannot find anything, not the smalles detail that doesn't look good. I really admire your skills... I wish I could do something close to what you do... but no way... *sigh* Well that is why I must really thank you for submitting your works here.
    I am looking forward to your next submission... no matter how long it takes. Seeing your newest wallpaper it is definitely worth the wait. And you have a special Misa style... so even without reading the name I would have know it is made by you.

    About TREC.... I really had fun in my first competition even though I had serious problems finishing my entries in time. Not cause I didn't like the different tasks in the rounds... but since my uni life is keeping me busy and has not much to do with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. So thanks again for organising it.

    I like the way you write... it's so funny... this became visible in the stimulus texts for TREC as well as your description for this beautiful wallpaper.
    So to end this: "Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby" *lol*... Does this mean I passed the test? ;)

  10. lunaregina Feb 16, 2006

    Amazing detail! The hard work you put into the vectors really pays off. I simply love the pink flowers on her kimono. The beaded curtain is an especially nice touch as well as her eyeshadow and lipstick.

    Now for the crit: I do agree with KisekiAeon that the title is a bit distracting. Also, the right heel of her shoe is missing its 3rd dimension. It looks a bit flat right now and I did check to make sure it was on the original scan. This is a fantastic high quality wallpaper and definitely deserves to be highlighted. And yes, of course the banana: Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby.

  11. kuchikidesert Feb 16, 2006

    whoaaaaaaa.. I love tukiji nao >< Love this wall so much ><

  12. Taurec Feb 16, 2006

    ZomG thats a heck of a vector ... you win an intarnet for this..
    Use of shadows could be better (as you obviously have the artistic bhp to fix it)

    I don't care about that banana nor do I poses a tri-pod :)

  13. cyd84 Feb 16, 2006

    The detail and color in this vector wall completely blow me away...the dress, fan, and hanging beads (the sparkles are perfect) are simply amazing...the outlines are delicate enough to be a real scan...nice use of a very subtle texturing as well
    I can understand Taurec's comment about shadows to make it less flat, but the wall as a whole is beautifully done.

    Now why would I want to slip on a banana peel and fall on top of my tripod (which I don't have with me), baby? :D

  14. cardmage Feb 16, 2006


    Misa, I miss you and your walls so much... Haha... Don't really feel in the mood for a lengthy comment so I'll just say I like it. Coupled with that fact I don't really know enough about walling to say anything really... But I do realize something I really do like about all your walls. They mostly look like pictures instead of just having haphazard splashings all over the place. Hmmm... I think what I mean to say is that your work is usually rahter well conceptualized. Or at least everything that I like about your work. And yes, the details on this one is simply amazing. I wonder how soon you'll come on again...

    And finally... Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby. Wait. Actually that sounds rather wrong. Oh well, whatever. XP

    And again... Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby.

  15. Asahi Feb 16, 2006

    havent much time for writing.. its fantastic work ! i am impressed :D

  16. phamthuha Feb 16, 2006

    OMG OMG ! OoO I have to say that it is the first time i see such a wonderful vector wall that can make me sound out " WOW " >__<!
    You really did such wonderful work with the scan ^_^ i love Kimono but sure that kind of dress is too hard to wall so there is just few wallers try to do it ^_^ You just make such a wonderful piece of art so sure you got my fav ^_^
    Keep up your impressive work, sweetie *kisses*

  17. Xueli Feb 16, 2006

    very interesting wall. I like your style

  18. Tias Feb 16, 2006

    -_- i deleted my post, while i wanted to edit it <_<

    well anyway, it looks really nice, and in 3D'ish >.< i cant do anything like that, only 2D/3D'ish -_-
    it's really nice and i like it, so i'm going to fave it, which i did :P

    yeah, i DID read all of it......and YES, you DO explain VERY detailed, somthing i'm 100% not good in -_-

    so i would like to say, last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby. There.

  19. WWLAOS Feb 16, 2006

    Wow, this is...this is just gorgoeous. So much detail, so much color...I'm downright impressed. The dangling beads look great and the peacock feather-thing is insane...insanely beautiful, that is. The colors and variation in the flowers looks terrific, and her dress/kimono is amazing. Your color work is beautiful, and I love all the darker tones to this, it really brings out the feeling of the wallpaper. The texture looks very nice, especially on the panelling, I think it was the perfect choice. It...wow. Just wow. I am in awe. I thought your past work was great, but this is on another level. I hope you need another wallpaper again soon, 'cause I can't wait to see more. Well...I suppose if your putting out this quality of work I could wait six months or so...but I'd rather not have to. :) Thank you so much for letting us gaze at your beautiful work.

    Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby...it hurt. Who left that thing on the floor in th first place? Maybe I should just pay more attention to where I'm going.

  20. dianas Feb 16, 2006

    i just have to agree with everyone..the wall looks great
    and it can be seen that you workd a lot on it..
    people are apreciateing your work..me too ;) ..
    a fav from me for your lovely creation...arigato for shareing it with us..
    and hope to see more great walls from you #smiles#

  21. Alexmata Feb 16, 2006

    good wall misa looooong time no see your work

  22. umidori Feb 16, 2006

    Ah, this wall is so awesome!<3I set it as my new wallpaper immediately. I love this scan of Tukiji Nao too - and you vectored it just perfectly! I also love the beautiful muted violet tones and all the elaborate detail, on the flowers, on the beads, on the girl, on the fan and on the chair. All in all, you did a great job on this wall! Thank you ofr sharing it with us! ^^

    "Last night I slipped on a banana peel and fell on top of my tripod baby"? It's a really neat idea, asking people to add this to their comments, by the way. Mind if I use this too? I'm always very curious about who reads my descriptions and who doesn't. ^^

  23. flyindreams Feb 16, 2006

    Awesome job, misa-chan :) All the good things that ppl said before, I think the only things that I'd suggest is a slightly different color for the floor to make the chair stand out, and I think that I'd request a textless version of this wall, actually.

    It's nice to see that you're still around and will be posting occasionally :3 *throws banana peels around happily* x3

  24. Kiako Feb 16, 2006

    wow it looks very original, i like the details and the composition is goo too.
    keep it up

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