Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Coffee Time

As' Maria, Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Natarle Badgiruel, Dearka Elthman Wallpaper
As' Maria Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Natarle Badgiruel Character Dearka Elthman Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hiya everyone. I finally took the time to remake my most favoured wallpaper, Coffee On Hill. I did this long ago but was too lazy to submit it >.< The psd of the old wallpaper was corrupt so I redo the whole thing from scratch but still make it similar to the old version.

I still think the grass is dull but at least is better then the one before ^^;;
The clouds are brushed using a cloud brush. Together with the lines , I think the sky is great. The sun shine is too make things for bright and cheery. of coz, i made it by painting white and change the opacity.

The extraction is still not very good but I extracted off the shados that were pretty annoying in the last wallpaper. I know, the perspective of the grass and the characters is not that good but that is the level they can be placed coz if i put them lower, they are like playing hide and seek in the grass and if higher they will be floating.

Since the whole thing is quite cramp. I dun think adding the title is a good idea. Actually I dun know where to put it ^^;;

Thats actually all, took about 5 hrs and 22 layers.

Picture - I forgot where but I think it is in MT. pls tell me if u know.
Cloud brush: Somewhere, I forgot.
Misc - My Photoshop CS

made the grass look brighter and sunlight too.

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  1. roly-poly Feb 15, 2006

    ha. i usually bitch and moan about people not putting enough in the submitter's comment yet you've done the exact oppositve. its nice to know you wrote so much but pointing out all the things you think are wrong don't really help me a lot. because it tells me you are either too lazy to fix it up and make it the best you can or that you can't, in which case you should learn how to.

    its a really good wall. everything is so clean and sharp. very cheery as well. i like the big resolution BUT i think anything over 400kb for a wall is too much. I know, you don't really want to cut down on quality and i dont want you to cut down on resolution. its a tricky one.

  2. Odeena Feb 15, 2006

    It looks really cute... I like it! ^_^ I think Gundam SEED chibis are simply adorable, and I can see you've put some work into your wallpaper. Congrats!

  3. kiukirilya Feb 15, 2006

    Nice wallie!
    The chibi characters are so cute! ^^
    Good work!

  4. agneslee Feb 15, 2006

    The title is very match the wallpaper.
    Very cute.....
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tonyx35 Feb 15, 2006

    I have to smile everytime I see this image. Just too funny. Nice Job:)

  6. uchiha-vegeta Feb 15, 2006

    wow , soo cute , i like those guys , a fav for sure

  7. Farewell Feb 15, 2006

    wow, that just to cute man.. haha nice wall.

  8. Raidon Feb 16, 2006

    Oh! how cuutee! I like the chibi.. ^^
    What a nice wall! Good job!..^^

  9. Floatyman Feb 16, 2006

    HAHA go the chibis! Excellent wall!

  10. Emma Feb 17, 2006

    Ohhh Leena! I missed ya! *hugs* Do you remember me? LOL I miss your walls and so glad you submitted this...so very cute! And indeed cheerful. I like the grass and the characters and how they look like they are going off into the distance. Great job! And keep in touch, girl!

  11. enchantressinthedark Feb 18, 2006

    Such a cute wallpaper! Must have took you quite sometime to extract everyone out! ^^ Very bright and cheery! I wubb it!

  12. Evanrued Feb 21, 2006

    :P He I think I remember this wall lol. I really like the new version. Its very crisp and clean. Excellent work Leena XD

  13. haro-haro Feb 23, 2006

    Love the Chibis! I think the grass and sky background is better suited for this than the space version. Good job! :)

  14. tsukimaru Feb 23, 2006

    LoL !
    It's sooooo hawaii ! xD

  15. ROSEANA Feb 24, 2006

    it's very beatiful....i like this ...
    thank you^o^

  16. suejean Feb 26, 2006

    tee hee<3 kawaii! +FAV ! the chibi are just adorable! o>-<o

  17. Liz Feb 27, 2006

    wow its pretty cute i love it! Thanks so much

  18. athrundaisuki Mar 03, 2006

    so kawaii... all chibis pic.... thx for sharing! ^^

  19. shikigami Mar 04, 2006

    they look so cute good job
    add to fav

  20. KiraLacusTF Mar 14, 2006

    nice pic!

  21. saffiremoon21 Mar 25, 2006

    omg chibis! adorable! i think i'm gonna put this up lol

  22. 1219 Oct 27, 2006

    soO cute! very nicely made~ great job ^_^ keep up the great work n thanks for sharing ;)

  23. kazahana Nov 22, 2006

    GS characters' chibis are hard to get. Nice job!

  24. Saulofein Apr 22, 2007

    Nice pics, all the characters and a good font! ^^
    thx fo this wall

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