Crossovers: the demon and I

Takehiko Inoue, Vagabond, Dragon Ball, Inshun, Piccolo
Takehiko Inoue Mangaka Vagabond Series Dragon Ball Series Inshun Character Piccolo Character


Artist Comment

Hey. I just finished drawing this an hour ago and I really want to show it to you guys. Easily one of the best drawings I ever made... probably because I took a little more time with it... and now it's 2 am and I got an exam tomorrow... oh well... *sigh*

The smiling guy is patterned after Inshun of the manga Vagabond... in fact the only thing that differentiates this guy from Inshun is the fact that he has hair. ^__^' The demon kinda looks like Piccolo... ^^ Well, hope you guys like it. Again, this is for MJ-chan.

PS Oh yeah, belated happy Valentine's Day... hope you had a good time with someone special... and tell me all about it... kidding kidding... ^__~

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  1. TekkZero Feb 14, 2006

    haha, funny you said the demon looks like Piccolo, because I tought this was some DBZ fanart when I saw the small pic XD

    black and wite, simple buc effective! both of the characters seem to get their expressions right and I don't see any flaws with the whole pic... it's a cool scene, that guy really laughts in the face of danger hehe

  2. Kukuru Feb 15, 2006

    Looks great! You really put a lot of thought into this :)

    Ahah I thought it was DBZ fanart at first glance as well XP

    Anyways well done! Keep it up :D

  3. Anjhurin Feb 15, 2006

    That looks completely unreal ! :)
    Anyway, what's written on the wood sword ? looks like "D natural 500 $" to me, but that doesn't make any sense (or maybe it's something hidden lol)

    Apart from that, i really like the feel of that one, especially the bg which looks like those old japanese drawings (also reminds me of DBZ and St Seya bgs). the character looks really cool, he's got that "don't mess with me" attitude, i think you did a really good job with him (nice clothes).... it'd be cool if he actually got his ass kicked by the monster though (you know for the funny part) ^_^'

    Yeah really a thumbs up XD

  4. rafaellaGP Feb 15, 2006

    hehe really cool!
    i like it!
    the demon is sooo cool! XD
    and beautiful paisage!
    great work!^^

  5. chisaikame Feb 16, 2006

    everytime i look at one of your new doujins.. your skill seems to be improving..! XD ...tech pen ba gamit mo o sign pen... ^_^'

  6. pegassuss Feb 16, 2006

    You have a new sub! Lucky I saw this in the DSC >_< You didn't tell me ;_;
    Well, on to the drawing, I must say this really shows a lot of effort. You added a background and everything is so well inked. You did a very good work with the faces in my opinion. And yes, that demon looks like Piccolo XD at first I thought this was a Dragon Ball douijin =P You did a nice work drawing his expression of ferocity and I really like the expression on the face of the 'good guy' (inshun you say? ) it shows contrast with the other one. ANd you did a nice job on his clothes and foldings too.
    The shading is a bit rough, of course do to the fact you did them with an ink pen :P But they look good
    Anyway, you did a good work and it really sows your effort ;)
    *pokes and runz*

  7. lonewolf89 Feb 20, 2006

    wow just before your exam..the drawing of yours its really shows that you took improve of it*clap clap* the background looks very good, the demon indeed almost looks like Piccolo from DBZ(pretty cool) Vagabond, I started to read that manga ^_^' oh I 4got to thank you the comment on "bird to the Sky" Pg.2 earlier.. gomen~I try to put the other original pg. of manga as well laterz~

  8. MPX88 Feb 20, 2006

    Yeah you're right, the demon looks like Piccolo :D
    I like the character near him who isn't affraid at all XD

    It's pretty good ;)

  9. masterjesse89 Feb 24, 2006

    Bad boy! You should always study before exams.... *rolls on the floor laughing* Did I sound serious? Drawing late always seems to make the best artwork. Strange. I wonder if that is with everything. THIS IS REALLY NICE! I LOVE! So Inshun is bald. *adds to fact book* That is a REALLY big demon. Is the dude insane or just really tough? Or both? Well this is great! *dont be dead*

  10. Wapy Feb 28, 2006

    gosh! This is such a big img! I took ages just to open it.
    It's great, dude! I love the way you made this one, now I know why you wanted to show it to everybody! This is such a great made!
    I think that the guy there is or very brave or very "stupid"(don't get me wrong)
    The demon is just so huge! And I agree that it look kind alike Piccolo! (HEHE)
    Keep doing the good work!
    Great onE!

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