Blood+ Wallpaper: Saya : The Moment of Truth

Production I.G, Blood+, Saya Otonashi Wallpaper
Production I.G Studio Blood+ Series Saya Otonashi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Wai~! At last, a Saya wallpaper from me! XD
yeah, I wanted to wall Saya since long ago, but can't find a good scan to start. Heh, lucky me, the new OP rocks my socks! d(^o^)b
I vectored Saya from the OP clip, then partially repainted her (because the original image lacks details and color).

The background is a little.., well, it actually goes a lot with my usual style, but I kinda got stuck in the middle of the making >_<. Then I asked Kalico and Tate for opinions. Tate wubs Roman-styled fonts and a bit of 'texturing' to the whole backdrop, and Kalico digs sharper vector lines. Well, I personally <3 soft-looking vectors, but then I tune the sharpness a bit, add overlaying layers and re-adjust the lighting and coloring. It looks nicer! XD
Big thanks to both of you... *hugs*

This a Valentine's gift to all my beloved friends XD I hope you like...
You know what? Because Saya is the LOVE <3<3<3 !

Crits, comments, and suggestions are always welcome!
More resolutions in [FRAGMENTS] - www.crash.inweb.dk on the next update. Pls visit!

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  1. Maji Feb 14, 2006

    I like it, good work! :)

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2006

    Wow! Very very nice!
    I love the vector, it looks so soft and the colors fit sooo perfectly! Love the bg ;)
    Excellent job!

  3. darkievo Feb 14, 2006

    Hye Korganos-sama....
    finally u r back...^^ Since I'm back online, I keep waiting for ur next great wall...and finally, WOW! There u r with ur new work....I really like this one....the character is the most....^^
    ~>nya ha...its a valentine gift? Te he...thx....
    Err...check out my new walls too...got three of them this week...XD

  4. belen82 Feb 14, 2006

    I love it so much and I will addd it to my favourites!^^ thx

  5. Sayonara Feb 14, 2006

    Great job, i love the leaves and she looks so calm and relax. Amazing wallpaper. good job ^__________^

  6. Evanrued Feb 14, 2006

    I will say that this does look really nice Korg. I love the background, and though your style, it still fits the wall very well. The vector work is amazing, and done perfectly. I've never seen Blood+, but your wall makes me want to. XD

  7. bromithia Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2006

    I like it, very high quality and nicely done. :D Glad to see you're posting another wallpaper too, lol, I thought you were just going to die again after your last one of something.

  8. irix Feb 14, 2006

    another great work that you did in this moment! that's so great! :D

  9. cyd84 Feb 15, 2006

    Clean and simple vector work...love the outlines
    Nice layering of the different transparency petals...adds a sense of depth
    although the petals on the bow look a little strange because of the transparency
    I'm not a huge fan of text usually, but I love the text here, especially the rounded font of the japanese words
    Not sure about the background color choice but a well-done wall overall

  10. chibi-lizard Feb 15, 2006

    aaahhh ! *strangles korgie* now i reallie wanna keeeel mahself T_T .. oops ! strangle the wrong person ^_^'

    i lurve this scene the OP very very much .. so i decided to wall it .. and WAS vectoring it till i saw your name popping up in mah notifs. and when i look at it .. ! ... i'm gonna throw mah vector away this very moment x_x you beat me in walling this scene ... and i'm glad :D

    the vector ish very neat. and i wub the additional colors to it. makes her look more vibrant. :) the scene in the bg ish nicely done too. wubb the sakura petals and lightings.

  11. ventures Feb 15, 2006

    the bg is very beautiful with the light coloured sakura-petls and lovely blending of colours for the bg . but I don't think there is need for any clouds at the top part of the wall ... its a bit annoying to look at ... *_* (just a bit )
    the vector could be better. but I'm not in a place to judge korgy's vector cos my vector sucks. all I'm saying is that the lines could be thinner and edges sharper , thats all .

  12. chingetscook Feb 15, 2006

    Ahh, the Blood+ walls are finally starting to pick up and get some attention. Nice work on the vector, I really like the way you did the shading, very smooth and easy to look at. I like the warm colors in the background a lot. Keep up the good work. +fav

  13. Phill Feb 15, 2006

    although the vector is not my favourite, the line is uniform ^^' (sorry) but i just love the BG XD so awsome

  14. acid-awakening Feb 15, 2006

    That's really creative
    Thats a good sky
    Nice work
    Thanx for Sharing

  15. euna Retired Moderator Feb 15, 2006

    ooh... vector <333 (vector crazy euna xD)
    i've never seen a fuzzy vector like this. i like the slight outline's fuzziness. ^^
    it's so pretty ^___^
    you did a very good job on the bg. the clouds look fuzzy and edible! *eats them* >_<
    luv the wall <3 *fav*

  16. Seisupi Feb 15, 2006

    So beautiful sky ^^. I love it so much XD.
    Nice work. Fav+

  17. AkaiTsubaki Feb 15, 2006

    waaaa you really did a great job! the reasult looks soo nice! i love your wall! ^^
    thanks a lot and ganbatte~

  18. phamthuha Feb 15, 2006

    Very nice work, Korgano-san ^_^ Love the idea, the feeling is good too ^_^
    Wonderful wallie deserves faves >_< So of course you got my fav ^_^

  19. Zoamel Feb 15, 2006

    I wish the vector would be a bit more detailed but overall the wall is nice. I especially like the colours. So warm :D

  20. Frosty Feb 16, 2006

    very nice.
    i see you are slowly creeping back with your walls... lol.. XD
    anyways, another really really job on the wall.
    the vectoring looks very clean, and the backdrop colors looks fairly good.
    great work! ^^
    gives u a score of *9.5* and Grade AA+ for a nice looking wall.

  21. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2006

    At last, your finally getting back to your usual kind of stuff now Korgie, nice use of the flowing petals and the bg is gorgeous, nice vectored image of Saya because usually i see her drenched in blood but nonetheless great stuff! :P

  22. Zefie Feb 16, 2006

    it looks nice, korganos-san ! you vectored the scan very well, lines are smooth and colouring is quite soft. hih, i thought first she was boy before reading your description XP orangish colour of the sky fits nicely with vector and like the way colour comes from bright orange to brown. sakura petals are nice details but little odd since some of them are transparent ^_^' but they are cool though. overall good work and thank you for sharing !

  23. Susan Feb 17, 2006

    Sweet! I love it. The new OP for Blood+ definetly has some nice animation, and this is a beautiful vector! The entire wallpaper has a lovely, light feeling. Thanks for sharing it!

  24. walkure245 Feb 17, 2006

    The thumb really does i justice. This really has a nice peaceful feel to it. Awesome job on the vectoring and it blends well into your bg. The bg is really pretty and the sakura petals are a really nice touch. Really good stuff~

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