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Hello. This walli I provided particularly for my friend rikimaru-jp. He is very persistent in comments writes and makes very many favorites.

With these walli I wanted to thank you for it. The scan is from rikimaru-jp. I like it very much.

I hope you like it. :)

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  1. WWLAOS Feb 12, 2006

    Well...this is a pretty nice little wall you've got here. I personally love the blue haze effect you have over everything on the bottom half of the wallpaper. I think it adds a nice air to the whole thing. The scan is good, and those moons are pretty nice too...but they, especially the big (full) one, seem a bit fuzzy/blurry. No big deal. I alternatingly love and hate your starfield/sparklies. There are obviously two different things going on there...some of those are part of a starfield and others are part of some different construct much closer. What they are, I can't really say, but they look neat. My problem is that, while both fields look cool, together they overwhelm the rest of the wallpaper. There are just too many of them. I do love the birds silhouetted against the moon, though, that's a nifty effect. My last comment is on the city. The city itself looks really nice. The blur effect on it, though, is a bit much. So...the rest of the city is moving quite fast relative to her position? I just...I just don't get it. Why is the city blurred? Is it really moving away from her? If the city is moving that fast, why are the starfield and the birds etc. not effected? I don't know...it's a neat effect, but it doesn't add anything to the wallpaper.

    With all that said, however, I do like this wallpaper a lot. It's got a nice feel to it and it looks pretty cool. Thanks for making it and uploading it for us to enjoy.

  2. Steffimon Feb 12, 2006

    Hy, thanks for the coment. To the question: Is it really moving away from her?
    I thought no over it. That is actually a good question, why the city does move and the remainder not. I cannot say it to you. I think that it well fit. ^_^

  3. Rikimaru-jp Feb 14, 2006

    OMG! I never could imagine that someone will make such a superb background for this scan! a background that suits and firts so perfectly with the character!
    the city scene is outstanding! I always thought that this scan needs a night invironment and you really managed to read my mind XP cause honestly I wouldn't think of a batter background for this scan!
    I'm putting this beautiful wallie as a desktop background!
    keep up the marvelous work steff ;) and thank you very much for dedicating this masterpiece to me :) it means so much!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  4. ejwcobra Feb 25, 2006

    very nice, the blur effect gives it a sense of... timelessness, like the girl is just taking her time while the world rushes on, trying to get the most out of their short, pathetic lives. i like it a lot, its very detailed and has depth.

  5. PrairieDogGuy2006 May 02, 2006

    Hmmm.... I am fascinated w/ this wallie. The city/ world is adrift and the lovely girl is standing still w/ her light saber. Ummm..... A Sith apprentice ? Looking for any Jedi warriors by herself ? Whoa ! This little one has the Dark Force w/ her ! I'm sure she is skilled w/ her light saber, can she outduel a Jedi or a Sith master ? This I love soo much !

    Love the blurred effect of the city in motion. The lights blurred at the speed of motion, too damn sweet !
    The moons in the background, nice. Seeing the stars thru the moon (s) makes the moons almost translucent. Seeing the "stars" on the lower left part of the moon (Left) makes me think of a space battle going on between the Emperor's forces and the Jedi forces.

    The dark specks on the right moon, perhaps more of the Emperor's dark forces coming to add in the annihilanation of the Jedi forces ?

    The lights coming from the city, just simply "kwel" ! Kudos 2 U !

  6. email938 Jan 30, 2009

    really cool paper

  7. zinviolet2106 Banned Member Nov 02, 2010

    thanks for sharing..... so perfect ^.^

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