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this wallpaper is a collab work between zefie-chan , me , and rythem
I was supposed to vector it myself , but since rythem is pro at vectoring , I let her do it .
gomen, zefie ,if the vector looks differrent from ur original pic , I just wanted it to look anime-ish so I could make a bg out of it .

hmmm , I did many trials for the bg and ended up with this one . it does look simple and all , but I wanted it to fit with the pic thats why it turned up like this ~

well ,hope zefie-chan likes it

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  1. zaira Feb 12, 2006

    wow! very nice color! love the vector there!
    the scan is soo cute! love the angel + the cat! love those textures + the simplistic of the wall! very clean and nice composition soo! +fav! XD

  2. Osirisa Feb 12, 2006

    well, the collaboration between zefie, rythem and u ^__^ so interesting :D
    The girl with her cat r cute ^^ well drawn :D vector..... hahahaha rythem vector it? it's great sure ^^ the BG fit very well ^^ n good color too ^^

  3. Zefie Feb 12, 2006

    waaaih *dance dance* omi god *jump* it's so...so...*can't find the words* it's sooo super uber wonderful :D i love it ~~<3<3
    rythem-chan made so pretty vector from my drawing and you made so beautiful wallie of it *hugs you very tight*
    don't worry *hugs* i like it very much how the pic turned out ^__^ it looks so much better than my drawing ! hihii, the cat looks so cute without nose XD
    colouring and shading is so well done ! i love the sweet pinkish and purplish colours you choosed ! they give so dreamy and warm atmosphere :) and the flower patterns fit so well :D also very light squares on the bg are nice. i never could have imagined it would look this awesome ! nyaaa T___T i'm so happy ! you did magnificent work ~ <3<3<3 ~

    can i add it to my favs ? *adds* arigato gozaimasu ventures-san and rythem-chan ! ^__^

  4. Kiako Feb 12, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the chara looks cute and i like the bg design.

  5. semanga Feb 12, 2006

    you all did a wonderful work and i must say that i love your collab work
    u all should make more works together
    i can not wait to see more walls from u keep it up cuz i want more
    for now this fly to my fav :)

  6. EternalBlue Feb 12, 2006

    Aww that's amazing, I love the CGing you did on Zefie-chan's pic, great job ^_^ *favs*

  7. aiguan Feb 13, 2006

    wow it is very KAWAYI
    nice wallpaper!

  8. Amru-chan Feb 13, 2006

    Wonderful work XD. The girl is so pretty and the cat is so cute XD. Very very kawaii XD. Fav from me ^^

  9. phamthuha Feb 13, 2006

    So lovely ^_^ The idea is not bad, and the way you create the bg brings me the feel of a little cutie kid ^_^ I love it so of course a fav, Ventures-san ^_^

  10. asan Feb 14, 2006

    it is very kawawaii...she is cute...i love it

  11. FlowerDog Feb 15, 2006

    Such a cute collaboration that the three of you have done. :) Really love the vector done by Rythem-sama and the background really does match well with the vector. The quality is excellent and l really enjoy the light cool colors of pink, purple, and the entire colors surrounding them. :) You all have done a great job and hope you have a fun time creating as much as I have looking and analyzing your teams wallpaper. Keep it up! :D I am looking forward to more from you guys. :)

  12. polarie Feb 15, 2006

    my gosh! this is so sweet! so pretty! nice work u 3!

  13. AlexXan Feb 15, 2006

    Pink one :3 hi hi
    now cute wallie here u have Lol vector is well done and bg design and
    color fit nice together. wow for teamwork +~~
    Keep it up :nya:

  14. Frosty Feb 16, 2006

    ah, a team effort there ic.. LOL...
    very nice work.
    like the bg pattern to it. looks cute. ^^
    gives u guys a Grade AA+ for the nice team work.

  15. enchantressinthedark Feb 18, 2006

    Awesome wall...But its too pinkish @.@ The scan of the girl ish totally cute! And she really fits the background you made! keep it up!

  16. ayane-heine Feb 19, 2006

    *_* wha... a collab of you 3.. :D
    firstly i wanna say that the drawing from Zefie ish sho pwetti... so much details were drawn on her hair and face.. wha.. it ish shoo nice.. A very smooth drawing indeed.. Great drawing, Zefie.. the cat.. ish.. ish so kawaii! XD it looks shoo sweet and peaceful.. and it's nose... >_< a cat with no nose ish shoo kawaii too.. XD XP but there's one part at her left wrist.. >.< that part doesn't look that smooth.. and i can see some white white patches between her hair and skirt.. and some pink patches on the wing... ^_^' for the vectoring part.. most of the parts are very smooth.. goodie job done, rythem... ^^
    and for ventures part.. the bg blended sho well with the colours used... >.< although it ish a plain and simple wallie.. but with the little flowers on the left and on the bg.. it brings out a very sweet and elegant feeling from the scan.. ^^ different types of flowers and colours blended very well.. but.. some of the flowers seem to be out of their box... >.< but overall... nice.. nice... the words(title) on the left... hmmm... it looks a bit weird there.. ^_^' i didnt really realise it.. haha.. i thought it ish such kinda of deco.. >_< haha.. baka eyes.. lolz.. XD

    GREAT EFFORT! WELL DONE! definitely to ayane's fav.. ^^

  17. pink9461 Mar 04, 2006

    wha~~~~ nice wallie there...... I like it......... =D

  18. heavens-Dragon Mar 10, 2006

    Wowies, a cute collab between you guys!

    The drawing by Zefie-san is amazing! She's so cute! The cat is really cute too! He looks almost mischievous having a really pretty angel holdng him LOL. Beautiful wings. Great drawing Zefie-san!

    Awesome vectoring skills as always rythem-chan! Very smooth lines and great colours! The shadows and highlights arereally nicely done! Her eyes are so mesmerizing! Great work, rythem-chan!

    Wowies, the background is really nicely done, ventures! The colours and the pattern matches really well together! The flowers adds to a really cute atmosphere. Awesome work, ventures!

    There's still some clean-up with the extracting around her back but otherwise, beautiful wallpaper!

  19. w1k87 Sep 30, 2009

    Very cute walley ^_^) So soft... I like that

  20. marifernr Aug 11, 2011

    is very nice she look very kaway ñ_ñ

  21. angelxxuan Banned Member Aug 08, 2012

    the pinks and the purples ! an angel holding a cute little kitty cat is cute too +fav

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