Twelve Kingdoms Wallpaper: Legend

Studio Pierrot, Twelve Kingdoms, Youko Nakajima, Keiki Wallpaper
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1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Re-CGd/painted background mountain + cloud lines, painted in the shading (note: not smudged. I wanted to learn how to paint properly.) Also did some improvisation here and there... mostly the rock that Keiki's standing on. I'm a bigger fan of the anime's art style but I fell in love with this scan, and I re-fell in love with Juuni Kokki after I finished watching it a couple days back with cyd84, so I kinda felt compelled to make this wall, since there's a sad dearth of good Juuni Kokki walls...

Thanks bunches to Gid for being patient to color-impaired flyin and imparting many helpful painting tips (Gid, you totally rock xD) and then to crap for putting up with whiny text-impaired flyin and... yah, I'm glad that you liked it crap 'cause otherwise I would've buried this away...

kelaxin you suck T_T I hate this wall now...

Textures from Stock.XCHNG and http://www.mayang.com/textures/.

5/2/06: I never liked how those clouds in the background turned out, so I decided to kill them today.

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  1. Meth-anE Feb 10, 2006

    That wall is confusing me. :S My brain can't take it. D:

    I'll have to work on a better comment before commenting on AP xD

  2. ShiXon Feb 10, 2006

    i absolutely love this kind of wallies, that has a rather traditional japanese theme going on >D well it's gorgeous sweetie n___n deserves a fave of course! i just don't get your style of walling.. it's.. innovative :D tee-hee~

  3. cyd84 Feb 10, 2006

    Oh flyin you are too easily traumatized... :)
    (I also see you were not doing work!)
    I see you softened the mountain lines to better match the scan...might be a little too soft now what with all the monotoneness of the brown...a little sad you didn't go with the additional color tinting
    Still...I love your paintwork on this wall...big fan of the asian nature painting style which you captured very well...really like the trees especially as a crowning touch
    Glad you kept that texture...it works

    (Hehe...now for an anime JK wall....I shouldn't feed the obsession I know...but...)

  4. phamthuha Feb 10, 2006

    OM...G.... You know that Flying-san? You bring me to another world... just to look from the thumb to the full view, i am totally going deep into another heaven.... that is the first time i can feel is that way.... really your BEST work, sweetie ^_^
    Fav from me for sure (or else i will regret ALL my life >_<)

  5. Erdbeermilch Feb 10, 2006

    Well I like that the wall isn't as dark as the scan, looks better like this I think. I would appreciate more color on the background, but who cares still great work. Nice how the girl and her Kirin(?) are in the center of the wall.

  6. kiukirilya Feb 10, 2006

    Amazing! This wall is awesome! I love the style and the scan is beautiful!
    Definitly a fav'!

  7. Yina Feb 10, 2006

    did a tell you that i love your works? *__*
    every wallie looks different and has a new atmosphere.. XD
    your works are amazing.. and i love their original way.. =D

    (wahh.. my english sucks.. >>)

  8. kelaxin Feb 10, 2006

    I'm reallllllllllllllly realllllllllllllllllly realllllllllllly sorry. :( I'll keep such comments to myself next time if you ever let me see a wall in progress again. I really like the asian painting style though! really pretty......... I should watch the series myself one of these days....

  9. bluSake Retired Moderator Feb 10, 2006

    So this is love XD I've always loved this image, and you've done a beautiful job with it. It's simply magical; I can't stop staring. Hm...the cloud isn't quite smooth, but it is very very impressive. & is it just me or is that space under the cloud screaming for a cinematic-style title? Though I can see why you would opt out of that. The wall doesn't really need anything else; it's just beautiful. :)

  10. rene3088 Feb 11, 2006

    ooow, It really awesome wall flyin dreams, really love it...
    +fav from me

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 11, 2006

    Very pretty in its movement and colors, suttle recging and crispy clear to the eyes...
    Great job as always Fly! :P

  12. Sandra Feb 11, 2006

    I Want To FLYYYY like an eagle , to the skyyy !



    As always :P

  13. Regenbogen Feb 12, 2006

    Hello flyindreams. I like what you did with the background... maybe I would have chosen another color... but your color has something... it makes it look as if it was on an old paper that you find somewhere in a mysterious ancient book... *lol* Well this is what i see in it... I think the scan you used also adds to that. You are painting? Hmm... with the mouse? At the moment I don't like to use scans so much and I have been trying around to paint my own stuff but I must always make a sketch on paper first. I find it extremely difficult with mouse... or even with tablet when I can use my sister's... well I like your new wallpaper even though it might not be my fav of yours. But you always do very unique wallpapers... I like that alot

  14. AlexXan Feb 15, 2006

    I realy like this old japan style paintings and legends.
    Interesanting one :D

  15. markjo Feb 19, 2006

    It really looks like an Asian paiting - awesome job on the texturing! As far as colours are concerned, too brownish for my taste, nevertheless a unique wallpaper. Goes to my collection, for sure.

  16. alecm88 Jun 17, 2006

    Somehow the style of this wall really draws me in, I feel it really portrays the mood of the story.
    Awsome job painting.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. shadowVII Jul 26, 2006

    very cool
    + the name fits it

  18. chrisanimefan Restricted Member Apr 14, 2009

    un wallpaper que j'avais jamais vu

  19. Mirquend Jul 14, 2010

    An amazing wallpaper, thanks for sharing it. :D

  20. Nad-chan Oct 09, 2010


  21. kmpm Feb 12, 2011

    i absolutely love this kind of wallies

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