Bleach Wallpaper: Smile For Me [W]

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Gin Ichimaru Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Gin Ichimaru Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full-view if you're going to comment, please! Lot's of details ^^

S'me again!
I've wanted to make a wall of this scan for sooooo long, but I couldn't think of anything! I was sitting in front of my computer yesterday, not really paying any attention to what I was doing, and this is the result >_< I love it when that happens.

Anyhow, I had to re-do some parts of his pants 'cause it had "BLEACH" printed across them in big, bright letters, so I hope it looks alright.
Sorry of the right handed side seems a little empty. I really had no idea what else to put. Also, I know it looks like he's sitting on nothing, but that black shadow under and next to him is a hill (?).
I think I got the scan from Bleach Exile. But just in case, you can view it here.

Time: 6-7 hours
Layers: 67

The title... well, anyone who has watched Bleach would probably understand what I'm trying to say XP Ichimaru: "Smile for me before I kill you and eat your face" XD

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  1. squink Feb 09, 2006

    very nce job ... i love the wallie. the background is awesome. if u sorta stare at the rigth top corner you can some what make out a face ... like one eye a nose and a smile. maybe its just me... awesome job none the less

  2. Amru-chan Feb 09, 2006

    Wow, awesome wallpaper XD. I still like the backgruond very very much XD. It's all of dark and of couse I luv it XD. Fav from me XD.
    You are so great Chloe-chan ^____^

  3. eclair-chan Feb 09, 2006

    coolness!I love the colors and the scan is great! nice job!+favs

  4. kyubinaruto Feb 09, 2006

    Cool. The grunge works well with Gin ><
    Just one thing to say. Change the title or something because it doesn't fit the whole atmosphere X3

  5. prrgcg Feb 09, 2006

    wooo i really like gin he's so stylish

  6. uchiha-vegeta Feb 09, 2006

    smile ! :)

    anywayz XP , the wallpaper is awesome , the bg fits so good with gin , keep it up ^^

  7. npoe Feb 09, 2006

    I think that you caught the real Ichimaru in your wall, it have been a long time since I saw a wallpaper with this characteristic feel of the character, it is very dark just like Ichimaru.

    It would be a good idea to remove the text or make it darker.

  8. Miyu-DX Feb 09, 2006

    thanks for this great scan

  9. rizaroy Feb 09, 2006

    cooollll ! gin is so mysterious guy ! i like this wall ! good job !

  10. nekogirl333 Feb 09, 2006

    Another great wall from chloe chan! I was finking, u wasn't gonna do anymore bleach walls, been so long! Nez, love this one especially that scan of gin. Hmm i guess ur in a 'gin' phase atm, from the look of ur page and avatar lol.

  11. Limefreak Feb 09, 2006

    wow one of the best walls I have ever seen 0-0 really you did great on this one :D

  12. Milkiyo Feb 10, 2006

    hahah...funny wall...eat you XD
    say...the bg looks familiar...oh well, nice one!
    nice style :P

  13. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 10, 2006

    Nicely done. Though Ichimaru might have been overly grained... >.< But the emptiness and the grunginess in the wall really turns out good. Very nicely done. ^^

  14. phamthuha Feb 10, 2006

    La la la ~ One more wonderful walls for my Bleach collection ^_^ Love it so much, Chloe-san *dance*
    Fav from me and thank you so much for your hard work *dance again*

  15. trinigirl524 Feb 10, 2006

    wow love the grunge in this. the text is quite small but its fitting.
    and the chara blends nicely with the background. great job overall ^^

  16. mongooses Feb 10, 2006

    Love the text...so funny! Nice colouring!. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Rikimaru-jp Feb 11, 2006

    Oh it's Ichimaru XP with his fake smile! great work Chloe-Chan!
    the wallie really looks good! nice touch with the textures too ;)
    *adds it to his favorites*

  18. Liz Feb 11, 2006

    Beautiful! I can't type on your keyboard dude! Anyway i love the background texture and the color and the scan is awsome i love the way you made him so dark adn evil and wow its just plain hot! Amazing, beautiful, great work!

  19. Alfonse Feb 12, 2006

    Waaah, another Bleach wall Chloe?
    Awsome work.
    The effects and shtuff are cool. It looks so dark and so great. And yet there's that empty space.
    But it's really no big deal. Ichimaru is cool as is.
    And I see no traces of that printed "BLEACH" thingy you were talking about. You fixed it up real well.
    Great job overall.

  20. semanga Feb 12, 2006

    that is true he should really smile for u XD and of course for me XD nice wall :)

  21. pegassuss Feb 12, 2006

    Nice wall ^^ I love the grungy effect you made, I love the dark atmosphere and the craks and how the character blends so well with the background. You did a great job ;)

  22. demoneyes1234 Feb 13, 2006

    excellent wallpaper

  23. paintmearainbow Feb 13, 2006

    Gin! Haha XD
    I love this wallie of gin with the effects and everything(: Excellent job as usual!
    Wanna see more works of yours -grins-

  24. phlip Feb 13, 2006

    nice wallpaper.... and the background

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