Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Riverside Lovers

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Stellar Loussier, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

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New wallpaper! XD

I know this looks really similar to the other wall I just made and I'm sorry about that. I didn't do it on purpose. >.< I actually started making the background before I found a scan I liked. XD I'm strange that way. But I needed to find a good couple scan. I decided on this one. ^_^

I don't really like water. >.< I still can't make water well so I hope it doesn't look too bad. I also tried a new grass brush. I like it. ^_^

This wallie is my contest entry for two groups!
- The couples contest for Divine Awards
- The Valentine Contest for Colorfull Wallies

This wallpaper is also dedicated to my friends SilentMasamune and toxictea23. I wish you both the best in your future! ^_^ *hugs*

Comments and faves are appreciated of course! Mate ne! ;)

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  1. Spystreak Retired Moderator Feb 08, 2006

    Nice wall. Nice anc clear the scans were placed just right makes it look like they are sitting on the grass. The trees could have been just a little bigger they seem a bit too small. Otherwise I like it

  2. ventures Feb 09, 2006

    angel-san , u should try to make blue skies for sceneric sometimes. maybe thats why both of ur wallpapers look alike . the orange of the sky does not go too well with the green green trees nor the green green grass. the trees look like they were planted rather than naturally have grown there because they all seem to be in the same row . maybe try making thicker trunks for some trees and differrent sizes . and try to make the trees more leafy than branchy . the branches r sticking out too much for it to look natural . (yes yes .. I sound so mean ..sorry)

    the river is good but still has many rooms for improvement . there seems to be a round-moon-like reflection on top of the water . the perspective is a lil weird and makes it look like there's something in the water rather than a reflection .

    the scan is nice and nicely extracted . I think the grass is much better than last time but still too little in depth .

    hope I've not said anything hurtful . ganbate angel-san .

  3. Rhonda21 Feb 09, 2006

    Well it looks lovely. The grass looks nice. And of course the scan is cute! Nice Job!

  4. Limefreak Feb 09, 2006

    AWWW this is a cute wallpaper Kate-chan :D
    really nice one :)
    Thanks for sharing it with us. Fav for sure ;)

  5. fawna-chan Feb 09, 2006

    aw...that's so cute! I like the background but maybe you should change the trees a little, make them thicker like ventures said. But overall, it's a really sweet wallpaper! :)

  6. phamthuha Feb 09, 2006

    Very sweet work, Kate-chan ^_^ I do love it >_< So of course a fav!
    Oh, wait, it is for CW contest? You are so sweet, sweetie ^_^ Of course i will go put it to the main board now >_< Good luck to you *kisses*

  7. Amru-chan Feb 09, 2006

    Wow, nice wallie ^____^. I like the sky very very much XD. Fav from me^^

  8. Syao-chan Feb 09, 2006

    That wallpaper gives me the fuzzy feeling down my spine lol xD I never saw that anime but they look so happy and content at the river side lol. I love the grass. What brush was that? I dont think I have that one ^^. The water looks so magical! :D lol. I hope you win Kate-nee~! =]

  9. KisaraGirl Feb 09, 2006

    Nice job on this.

  10. nolove Feb 09, 2006

    how lovely Kate-san, very very sweet wallie :D, though i actually dont like Shinn&Stellar but ur wall bring out a very nice scenery ^o^. surely one fav from me Kate-san ^^, good luck to you in the 2contest ;)

  11. Sumomo- Feb 09, 2006

    Very lovely wallpaper Angelkate - love the grass and the water looks fine to me :D
    Also the trees are awesome!
    Not really liking the stars too much, dont look natural with all the stars in the water.
    But all in all a great wallpaper.
    Faving of course.

  12. royaldarkness Feb 09, 2006

    that's very sweet :) a very good wall for valentines. love the lovely water effects ^.^

  13. kuchikidesert Feb 09, 2006

    sweet & clean :D

  14. moonelf313 Feb 10, 2006

    Cute wallie....I agree about the trees though...even though I don't know how to do that yet! :D

  15. ShiXon Feb 10, 2006

    the leaves on the tree looks a bit strange to me and things just doesn't really click (?) in this wallie, but you can do much better i know it so keep on working kate-chan! >D

  16. Rikimaru-jp Feb 11, 2006

    Oh the famous couple scan XP I've seen lots of wallies with this scan but this one is the best and that's because the baclground you made is really suiting so perfectly with the scan "the environment is meant for this couple scan"
    you deserve a favorite!

  17. enchantressinthedark Feb 11, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper of Shinn and Stellar! ^^ The river water looks a lil weird to me o_0

  18. Emma Feb 12, 2006

    That is sooooooooo cute that you dedicated this to those two love-birds *giggles*
    The new grass brush is different. And your trees look nice. I like how you did the water, but I think I see a possible problem as to why it looks wierd. You used the chrome technique, no? Nothing wrong with that at all. And you even perspective it. Maybe some shadowing at the back to distinguish the border more of the land and water...like the grass/land is casting its shadow on the water. It will also add some more depth perspective. But the real problem I think is that the water looks like it is flowing fast. Nice! But you have tons of sparkles around. Sparkles usually represent smooth, calm waters. So it is clashing with the technique you did. Your water looks a bit rough and so sparkles wouldn't look right except at the peaks of waves to show reflection of those high points. I hope I am making sense because I honestly can't tell anymore *laughs* Overall, I like how you are improving! And this wall is showing that style.

  19. Shura131 Sep 30, 2009

    Wow, nice wallie^^

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