Rurouni Kenshin Wallpaper: Printed Atonement

Nobuhiro Watsuki, Studio DEEN, Rurouni Kenshin, Kenshin Himura, Kaoru Kamiya Wallpaper
Nobuhiro Watsuki Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Rurouni Kenshin Series,OVA Kenshin Himura Character Kaoru Kamiya Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

What to say, hmm.

Well firstly this scan is of Kenshin and Kaoru from a Rurouni Kenshin calendar back in 2002. Thanks go to Cynical126 for it, give her a visit at http://random.cynicallyinsane.net and naturally www.abstractanime.com as well. This scan I guess in most respects is old and it was one of those images I wanted to get back to eventually, as such this was my attempt at walling this image.

I bit of CG work involved removing text and cleaning specific areas, but it worked well overall and the crop wasn't overally difficult. I wanted to make this wallpaper feel as though it was a Japanese Print of the sort, so I silhouetted various greenery, flowers and created textures to give the overall desktop depth, or so I hoped ^_^;;. It was definitely a lot of experimenting, I layered in, brushed several floral designs, whether or not they completely show, everything helped to create what I was trying to achieve.

Lastly the indents were to done to give it more of that print or scrolling you might see on an actual wall. Still keeping with the guise of it being a desktop I bordered it on the left and right and threw in the Japanese Kanji and Symbol from the calendar's cover. I have no clue what it means!! Hopefully it says "Rurouni Kenshin," the artist's name or something. Anyway I'm ranting and if you've read this far, thanks! Hopefully you folks like it and find a use for it!

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  1. EevaLeena Jun 24, 2004

    It look nice..... Plus it's Kenshin & Kaoru! I miss these two!!

  2. kino Jun 24, 2004

    ahhh that's so nicee! i love the feel that it gives out. it looks like a promotional poster :) nice work from u again ^^

  3. tele-fragd Jun 24, 2004

    i liked the way they were illustrated in the OVAs :)

  4. Kev Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2004

    damn ur hot work..

    bah, justin did it again..

  5. Kane Jun 24, 2004

    Woah. Clearly the best wallpaper I've seen from this series. It's great, altough I would have preferred the "squares" not to be there.

  6. dahl Jun 24, 2004

    Excellent wallpaper. I love the composition and texture of it. Thank you.

  7. Kasumi Jun 24, 2004

    Woah, I've never seen an idea quite like this be used before. The results are astounding though... it's just too good I say. >_<

    *adds to favorites* >_>


  8. bobby Jun 24, 2004

    so 1337 man , wow u sure put that kenshin feel onto this wall good job!

  9. cheshire Jun 24, 2004

    really good but is it me or does it look like kenshin has no arms

  10. Cloudnine Jun 24, 2004

    beautiful work ^^~ The printed grunge look really gives it a unique and stylish touch. The text is a bit sharp when placed against the BG, other than that it looks awesome =3

  11. sammo Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2004

    this is one of the most swank wallpaper ever! many props to you!

  12. shhho Jun 27, 2004

    i liek the background a lotttttttt.. its so cool..looks so "vintage"

  13. Albatross1 Jun 27, 2004

    Superb concept and perfectly executed! :)

  14. tefka Jul 09, 2004

    very good, clean job. 2 thumbs up! *favs*
    looks like the art is from seisihouhen..

  15. nadesico2 Jul 25, 2004

    good job

  16. MuZ0NaZ Jul 26, 2004


  17. Bamb0o-Stick Aug 04, 2004

    OMG Its Kenshin... automatic +fav. Kenshin rocks...

  18. EvaJunky Aug 04, 2004

    This is beyond sweet. If I was on my own computer right now I'd be saving it.

  19. onnanoko Nov 11, 2004

    Wow, another cool Kenshin wall! You've done good with matching the background to the picture. The colors are great. I like it a whole lot! ^_~

  20. sUmm3r Nov 17, 2004

    omg!! i've got that image on my bedr0om wall, it's huge!! I luv that picture!!u did a great job!!(^.~)

  21. descrode Dec 21, 2004

    From the ancient japanese scrolls come the greatest kenshin wallpaper to ever exist.

  22. crusaderindeath Banned Member Dec 25, 2004

    sweet nice pic of kensin it looks real nice.really good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. pikamix Dec 30, 2004

    Super con ese fondo de madera o papel viejo esta muy bien y la imagen destaca en el centro me parece que esta complementado

  24. Sayuri-chan Dec 31, 2004

    Well, its kenshin and kaoru what else can we say about it? A beautiful pic ^^x

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