Hikari no Machi Wallpaper: Of Night and Fog

Inio Asano, Hikari no Machi, Tasuku (Hikari no Machi) Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

random title \o/
yeah I wanted to make a quickie really fast when I saw the scan and, hehe I like it when I throw all of my current projects aside to hurry and make a wall XD thanks to Tama for the hot scan. I like scans like these.
nanyways, this is fun. and dark. Dark looks nice on the eye. and desktop
And that character looks like Kino, and the artist is Nino XD small world.
Lots of reCG again, I was being nitpicky about the quality. Painted over scan, painted bg, added light effects, stuff. Simple and clean as usual <3


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  1. Amru-chan Feb 08, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper XD. Fav from me

  2. w00tazn Feb 08, 2006

    Awesome wall, it'd be great with text in it. Maybe some more surreal stuff. like stars or crazy night clouds. :D

  3. frozenwilderness Feb 08, 2006

    I agree, it is a hot scan. And don't listen to w00t. It's perfect as it is.

  4. melymay Feb 08, 2006

    I agree too XD very HOT :D :D :D wonder what anime it's from...well, great job with the wall. like you said, 'simple and clean'. keep it up! +fave

  5. Elves Feb 08, 2006

    Very sweet. I really like the character (and cried when realized it wasn't Kino! XO ) Eh, the whole composition and wonderful layout worked as a tissue. :) The middle lamp post might be set just a tad out of line from the perspective when compared to the first one. I feel like I should be able to see more of the bottom leaning towards the character. It's only a slight disagreement. I didn't even notice till I really looked. The lamposts themselves look really neat as well. Did you make them from scratch? Great coloring job on the character, so smooth. It reminds me of an acutal painting. So pretty, and just because it's a wallpaper it feels like the text is missing required component. Probably because everybody puts text in their wallpapers, so there's nothing wrong with it as is. I like it very much. Kudos for dropping everything else and making a "quick" wall for the rest of us to enjoy. It still is impressive, and would take me hours! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Machika Feb 08, 2006

    Nice wallpaper! :) The scan is cool and the bg is very interesting! :D

  7. Kira11186 Feb 08, 2006

    Whoa.....nice wall....that character look cool. What serie is he from?

  8. Kiako Feb 08, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the chara looks good and the light from the lamps suit him.
    keep it up

  9. kuchikidesert Feb 08, 2006

    simple.. but.. really cool!

  10. Totorito Feb 08, 2006

    The chara maybe are Shin from Gundam Seed Destiny.

    He has red eyes and the hair looks similary.

    Good wall, must have XD

  11. Raidon Feb 08, 2006

    Nice wall! The painting was really good! It perfectly matches the effects..

    Good job!

  12. bromithia Retired Moderator Feb 08, 2006

    I'm going to agree with w00t about the text. It just feels like something is missing, and that would be filled up with some nice text just anywhere. Overall you didn't really do much besides paint the clouds and fix the scan XD But I still love it.

  13. phamthuha Feb 09, 2006

    Nice idea ^_^ I love the way you make the light pole >_< So realistic!
    Fav from me, Candy-chan ^_^

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 09, 2006

    Wow i used this image before to recg and make it to a wall but i gave up because i was lazy to fix it up in time but you did a better job than me, lovely painterly effect to the image and bg.
    Beautifully done and my new Desktop! :P

  15. Zoamel Feb 09, 2006

    I'm happy that there is no text. Text, when it is not well placed, often ruins the whole atmosphere. This wall also doesn't need text to be filled.
    I like the soft lines and the atmosphere a lot. :D

  16. Xueli Feb 09, 2006

    the lanturns are nice, he kinda looks like shinn

  17. kiukirilya Feb 10, 2006

    Awesome! I love the atmosphere and the painting effect ^^
    *add to fav'*

  18. fatelyrist Feb 11, 2006

    i likethe boy and the environment,really

  19. Odeena Feb 12, 2006

    I like the background, it looks interesting and the scan blends in nice enough. Good work!

  20. LeeAnn Feb 19, 2006

    hehe! he looks like shinn asuka from gundam seed destiny(^__^)
    its nice and dark!

  21. piglet316 Feb 22, 2006

    great Job!
    besides i wonder what thing is it in the boy's hand^_^

  22. tareren Feb 23, 2006

    Great job, I love the scan too and was going to clean it myself, but you beat me to it XD oh, well, I suppose your work did turn better than mine anyway, so thanks a lot ;d as you said, simple and clean, nice too ;D

  23. Juclesia Mar 05, 2006

    wow....this wall is so great...great job....
    I've added it to my favourites.....
    so cu hopefully soon with such a new great wall ;-)

  24. ceasarr Apr 11, 2006

    yaw, the coloring of the scan is wonderful, how long did that take you to finish btw?
    +fav for me, oh yeah

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