Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: -Peaceful Memory-

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala Wallpaper

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My small gift for Amanda-chan, who is known as the name of Enchantressinthedark ^o^, everyone know her ? a very lovely friend and a talent waller( she never admit it XD but yeah, her wall is awesome ^^). i promised her to make a wallie for her for such such long time ago, but she didnt know that after i finished my comp was broken down T__T, and no way to turn everything back, all my hard disk goes, tons of things god >_<, and later then i had no idea to redo it T__T, im sori Enchantress-chan, im really so so later for you :D. But now, yeah i hope you will like this small gift for you ^__^. also Enchantress-chan gave me this wonderful scan XD, thank you for everything, Enchantress ;) ^o^. im sori since i have spent a lots time for the wall so i cant finish my siggy and avvy yet T__T, but sure you'll be the 1st see that ;) *hugs*

This wall is also my entry for the DivineAwards. sori maybe i have no quote T__T, i remember nothing XD.
EDIT: my entry for Colorfull-Wallies Valentine Contest too ^^.

.My Wallie.
You can see, this wall feature Athrun and Cagalli, very very lovely couple in gundam SEED/destiny XP, i love 'em. The first time i saw the scan, i immediately had an idea of making it, a gorgeous palace and peaceful background, as it turn out 90% of i want it to be ^^. And the color i put in, one of my fav color, soooo lovely ^__^. it's not perfect i know, but i love this wall so much :D.

.Something of My Wallie.
Things of the Wall:
-Time:uhm 4 days, and 5-10hours a days *__*, ack i think i have to find glasses hux, my eye got blear T___T
-Layers:actually, i didnt count, but why i make, i guess....about 150 urg, i dont know how to merge it, i dont know it's too much >__<, i cant control >.<
-The scan: yeah it's really sooooooo wonderful, how beautiful it is ^o^, but those, i still have to clean something :D, the original scan has some point doesnt really fit with my BG, so i took me quite time, but there i still so love though i cant make it out perfectly :D.
you all can find the original scan here:
-The BG: i have to think of it for several hour, i dont know what i should do to make it a peaceful bg, a place i can feel of free, peace, the most important thing through the series not only for this couple ^__^, and then i made it out like that, i really dont know what to do and also really dont satisfy the result much >_<, but i think it still bring out the feeling of peace :D.
-The palace: haha, again i make balcony and curtain XD, but this time i try really hard and i think it's better than my precious one Free Wind XD though in my view, it's still a bit weird >_<, i cant make a real wall that i love it at all, damn me.
-The name: one of my most satisfied XD, i have to think 2days for this name, i want it to bring the feeling of love and the feeling of peace, memory here contain their love memory and the memory where there's a peaceful place ^__^, about this i really confident of ;).

Hard_funny things while i making this:
-Hard thing: the shadow effect: you can see i put in lots shadow effect, my friend Osirisa told me that the effects i put on the balcony looks really weird but i dont think so >__<, the light is from the right and the shadow paste in the inside of the balcony ^__^, i think it's okay, and the vase shadow is from the light inside >_<, so.....:(
-Hardest thing: the flower vase: i'm no wait to say this, i have to stare at the comp for 6hours or more to make just the vase and all the flower, the flower is stolen from Carnelian art in MT, i cut and have to put each flower *__*, really much time for it.
-Weird thing: i dont want to say that, but again, i still think it's the balcony, hux, it's better than the previous but still weird XO,i promise i'll try next time T___T.
-Bad thing: yah again, the sky, i hate the sky since i've just started making wall, and this one isnt excepted T___T, it's so so simple and not really much effect and .......:sweat:
another thing, the pool, i think it's really useless put outside the palace, but i think every palace has pool outside so....:sweat:, sori for its ugly >__<.
-Funny thing: there's no funny on this wall, maybe the scan coz i love it soooo much :D.

I'm so sori for the so long description, but this wall's really hard for me took a lots of time so i wanna share some with you >__<, hope everyone wont be bother.

Enchantress-chan, i hope you'll like this one, i know you've made wall with this before but still hope you'll like mine ;). *Huggies & Kisses*

See you all in the next wall

EDIT: -i try to del all the snowflake i can ^__^, dunt know why in thumb it's still has snowflake >__<, but fullview is okay, i may update it later :D
-turn up a lil bit opacity of the curtain ^o^, i think it looks more real now :D

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  1. k1ru Feb 07, 2006

    nice wallie!
    enchantress will like this~ XD XD
    this is a glamour wallie~ luv d concept u used there~

  2. Osirisa Feb 07, 2006

    O_o o_O @_@
    Such a long description >__< hehehehe I just joked when I told u to upload it ^^ But u did :D
    I had said a lot about this wall, u know :D So don't have to say much now ^__^ I told u that the sky can't be seen clearly, so u don't have to work hard and worry for it like that :D hehehehehe :D The shadow on the balcony *__* I still keep my opinion about it >_< and I dont like the scan >_<
    But it's so great of u to think out the BG like that ^__^ very suitable for the scan ^^ good work ^^

  3. Amru-chan Feb 07, 2006

    Wow, so nice wallpaper ^O^. So great ^O^. Fav from me ^^.

  4. revontulet Feb 07, 2006

    HEhe asucaga...enchantress-san should like this XD And wow K1ru has said this already!
    What a pretty arrangement once again nolove! So romantic!
    Well done :) Ur works always amazing!

  5. phamthuha Feb 07, 2006

    So WONDERFUL work you got here, Love-chan ^_^ So proud of you, all the natural sense in this wallie is so great *dance* I love the lovely little cutie leaves ^_^ , so realistic and excellent done.
    Yes, the only thing i want to complain it about the fence ^_^ It is a bit too transparent ^_^ But still so wonderful.
    Yup, why not try it for Valentine contest, Love-chan? It is so wonderful ^_^ Feature + fav for sure ^_^

  6. iarly Feb 07, 2006

    It's really pretty, specially the background and the flower vase is great too... but... I can still see snow flakes in the scan! too bad, cause the set up is so lovely. Maybe you could fix those little details? I'm sure it'll be even more lovely if you do so! *kisses*

  7. aneres Feb 07, 2006

    Love the background. XD The scan is one of my faves too <3 Good luck in your contests!~

  8. WWLAOS Feb 07, 2006

    A very nice wallpaper. I love the yellow sky and the brids, and the hanging vines are great. The trees in the background are well done, and the bouquet on the left is pretty...but the vase/flower pot it's in is a bit too long. It just really seems disproportionate to the scale of the rest of the wallpaper. No big deal, though. The scan is beautiful, and I love the little butterflies all over the place. The "shadow vines" on the railing, though, are a bit much. The wallpaper probably could have done without them. Also, the railing itself could have been a different color. The green doesn't look so great, and there is already a preponderance of green in the wallpaper. A nice wood-grain brown or a black might have looked better...maybe even white.

    The wallpaper is gorgeous, though. Thanks for uploading it for us to enjoy.

  9. tamtoom Feb 07, 2006

    gr8 wallpaper, its rly co0o0ol :D

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 07, 2006

    Very nicely done! The colors match perfectly with Cagalli's dress and the scan is wonderfully extracted! Excellent job!

  11. Machika Feb 07, 2006

    This is absolutely gorgeous! It's soooo romantic. The bg is beautiful too. Fav from me, nolove-chan! :)

  12. AngelKate Feb 07, 2006

    Oh wow! This is so beautiful! The background is amazing! You are really improving in your wallpapers, I'm very proud of you! This is I think the best work you have made so far! Wonderful job! ^_^ A fave from me for sure! ^_^

  13. MagicianFairy Feb 07, 2006

    Wow...Love the bg O.O

  14. moonelf313 Feb 07, 2006

    Wow! Beautiful job...adding to my favs...the background is so beautiful, I love the butterfly in Cagalli's hair too....another fav! Looking forward to your next one!

  15. Erdbeermilch Feb 07, 2006

    Good job. I think you're getting better with every new wallpaper you're doing :)
    The scene you've created is really lovely and fits the scan. Your vase and all the flowers give a nice touch.

    P.S.: Can't believe how long you worked on this, I would be dead ^_^'

  16. Rella Feb 07, 2006

    Awww, that looks so cute! The background is simply beautiful. Great work!

  17. KisaraGirl Feb 07, 2006

    Great wallpaper the only thing the text on it .. too bad you did it cause it takes away the beautiful scenery it draws to much attion. But the bg is awesome so much effort put in it and you can really see that.

  18. Rhonda21 Feb 07, 2006

    So pretty and beautiful! Cute too! The background is wonderful! Lovely work!

  19. fawna-chan Feb 07, 2006

    Aw...so romantic! :) I love the background you made with the scan. Great work!

  20. xianghua Feb 07, 2006

    Aw!so cute! The atmoshpere is really well done the colour looks great as well!
    The scan also goes with the wallie!
    Nice work!


  21. tender Feb 07, 2006

    The background fits nicely with the couple, and I think the style looks great too. The font of the words are pretty too.

  22. cloh Feb 07, 2006

    Thats amazing :) Everything is so beautiful^^ It has a sweet and romantic atmosphere! This bg is so wonderful! You really did an awesome job!

  23. Phill Feb 08, 2006

    this is your best wallpaper :x absolutely love it ^0^ good job
    keep it up

  24. polarie Feb 08, 2006

    so sweet & romantic! a very good use of the scan with such a beautiful bg! lovely!

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