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Many people forget that nursery rhymes & fairy stories were often very dark and gruesome. These days we think of Little Red Riding Hood as a sweet little girl skipping through the woods to visit her frail granma... Not here! A taste of Tukiji Nao's style has "Red" packing a Chain Saw! And the wolf looks like he's already had a run in with the psycho grannie!

There's an image on the reverse side of the paper, which you can view. Bad Ass Granny and a mean looking Red Riding Hood make a beautiful image, with a distinctly different twist on a classic tale.

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  1. bromithia Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2006

    Ahh, I love this art, it really has a soft feel to it... definitely a new artist to keep my eyes on! Thanks for submitting!

  2. Emma Feb 04, 2006

    I must admit this style of art is very pretty! *checks out Tukiji Nao gallery here*
    Oh yes! I know these scans. I always wanted to make a wall out of them ^^
    Thanks for sharing this and bringing me back to this artist ^_^

  3. CosmoStar Feb 05, 2006

    I loved the excentric taste of this image and it's reverse side... Ooohhh just scary but very creative and interesting! Thanks for sharing such a gruesome side of Green Glass :D...

  4. IzumiChan Feb 05, 2006

    *checks on the link*
    Omg, that's a wicked gradma! O_o
    Actually, I think the original fairy-tale is already creepy. I mean, the wolf eats the old lady alive, and then the hunter kills the animal and open his dead body to take off the grandma, who had no harm! O.o
    I never liked this story as a child ^_^'
    This manga seems interesting, but a little too ''darkie'' for me ^.^''

  5. Zetman Mar 09, 2006

    Its like the tale with the red hood girl (i don't know how to write this on Englis :sweat: ) isn't it? . . . and on that reverse image is the grandma? *lol* . . . i think she is more dangrerous than the wolf XP . . .ok, indeed this is an excellent picture. Thanks! :D

  6. lthnadml Apr 13, 2006

    wow! I really like those victorian clothes . . . they are very interesting! ^_^'
    Thank a lot for the share! XD XD XD

  7. Kukuru May 25, 2006

    You know until you mentioned that about scary fairytales, I myself had forgotten that! Now that I think back on it, it does make sense, I mean seriously, getting eaten by a wolf would be rather frightening, and like IzumiChan mentioned, hacking the wolf and pulling out the grandma a-okay. I mean it's just not plausible, but prehaps the creators thought that it would be too scary for the kids to handle so they made it a nice happy ending.

    The one fairy tale that sticks to my mind is Hansel and Gretel - I mean talk about a story to tell your children to deter them from eating sweets all day! Back in those days, they wouldn't know any better, so for all they could tell there really was some horrid women out there in her cool gingerbread house just waiting to fatten you up and make a feast out you!

    What charming minds us humans have.

    Anyways, another fantastic rendition by Green Glass... or Tukiji Nao or well you know who I mean ;) They are just so unique and creative - I would love to meet them! I feel tempted to start investing in their arts, oh but where to go...

    Thanks again Saikusa, for the image and listening to my rants X-P Haha you'll probably get this for a while, as I browse through your gallery and feel compelled to comment :)

  8. tintalle Dec 23, 2008

    Heh, this image really brings to mind the Brothers Grimm's tales as they were originally written, some of them quite dark and gruesome.

  9. icetee Feb 25, 2009

    Der Junge hat ja ganz sch

  10. EKYU Aug 20, 2009

    sialaaannn, detailnya keren bangeth!
    thank you for sharing!

  11. nounou999 Apr 19, 2010

    awesome scan thanks 4 sharing it

  12. cookie-cookie Apr 30, 2010

    Green Glass has to be one of my fave manga-ka's around

  13. lsdgirl Jun 23, 2010

    eyepatch guy is cute, but definitely needs a manicure XD

  14. Miyon Sep 24, 2010

    really really nice pic. thx for sharing

  15. Qiu1987 Oct 01, 2010

    so beautiful..thx for sharing...

  16. lupinchan Oct 09, 2010

    wow shes wearing a pretty heavy piece of clothing

  17. TanyaaLee Jan 12, 2011

    thanks for the scan its awesome!

  18. zzz8978436 Jan 15, 2011

    ike the left one ,thanks for sharing

  19. Deepmoon2011 Sep 30, 2011

    It is a wonderfull colones thank for uploading

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