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With my limited ability to read Japanese, I can tell that the first line (inthe top right-hand corner) reads 'kagome kagome'. Sadly, I do not know what this means, but I have a suspicion it has to do with the "Children's Song" that it is named after.

Many thanks to gundamfire for pointing out that the Kanji on the flag reads "Great Nippon Empire".

Beautiful rich colours really work with this image. The open kimono reveals ghostly angel-like wings on the girl who seems to be half-human half-doll. A bit macabre, but 100% gorgeous. I hope you like it too...

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  1. Emma Feb 04, 2006

    I am so happy I put ya on my watchlist ^_^
    I like it, but I admit it does give me a bit of the creeps ^^
    Don't know if it is whether her face expression or the concept of half-human/half-doll.
    I do like the girl's face in the back eating the butterfly's wing. Her eyes seem so...innocent in a way.
    Indeed, a very interesting scan! Thanks!

  2. bromithia Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2006

    This is definitely a very nice and high quality scan. Thanks for submitting!

  3. volrath77 Feb 04, 2006

    An excellent scan and as for the girl in the foreground with the angel wings, there's certainly some Frankenstein-ish elements there. As you mentioned, the artwork certainly has very nice colours.

  4. Kiku8 Feb 05, 2006

    I've read somewhere that "Kagome" is a type of japanese game. It's also can be a girls name (from Inuyasha! XD),

    Nice pic!

  5. CosmoStar Feb 05, 2006

    Another creepy-surreal-pretty thing, ne? Very interesting...
    It maybe go with the scan robotic kimono...

  6. ROSEANA Feb 05, 2006

    it's very nice scAN....
    thank youz^o^

  7. IzumiChan Feb 05, 2006

    Kagome kagome it's a children game in japan :)
    It has something to do with a bird and a cage, and in the game one children is the ''bird'' and the others try to cage it someway...
    If I remembered correctly ^_^'
    I agree, macabre but still stunning ^_^

  8. UrbanSaint Mar 02, 2006

    Okay, the style is amazing. It's so creative. The artist's work is just flowing with imagination. All of the works from the artist are great.

  9. DREAM Mar 05, 2006

    this is great artwork, saikusa!

    but would be a pain in the ass to wall, well- i think. :(

    + favs

  10. Zetman Mar 09, 2006

    Lovely scan . . . i like the art work of this too . . . and i just love that girl with the scars . . . she is soooo cute ^_^'

  11. lthnadml Mar 18, 2006

    This one is very beautiful too . . . i like the style veeery much . . . thanks! XD XD XD

  12. Sunnyd29 Mar 31, 2006

    beautiful! i love the background and the colors of the clothes!

    like the wings on the girl too!

  13. gundamfire Apr 30, 2006

    The kanjis on the flag means "Great Nippon Empire'. So the sun flag and the word may intrigue some thought abou the war between 1937-1945. After all I live in a country which had been at war with japan for 8 years long. Seen the girl in foreground is so repaired, I would like to consider that the artist is want to show an anti-war thought.

  14. LadyGoddessCeres Nov 22, 2007

    The people look sad and artificial here, even though they also look beautiful.

  15. arose Feb 24, 2009

    It is strangely beautiful

  16. EKYU Aug 20, 2009

    thank you for sharing!

  17. nounou999 Apr 19, 2010

    awesome scan thanks 4 sharing it

  18. Qiu1987 Oct 01, 2010

    so beautiful..thx for sharing...

  19. TanyaaLee Jan 12, 2011

    thanks for the scan its awesome!

  20. zzz8978436 Jan 15, 2011

    all of them are beautiful,thanks for sharing

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