Chobits Wallpaper: Atashi Dake No Hito

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Artist Comment

CGing rocked my [insert adjective of your choice] walling world. (I prefer noobie... it keeps me humble >_>) At least, until I started shading in Chii's ruffles. Then I kinda wanted to kill. Although, she's graced my MT userpage for so long that it really was about time I did a Chobits wall xD

Invariably 90% of the people I showed this to asked what the original scan was x3 So to put your minds at ease... Chii's from this scan; the TV wall frames I used this scan to "re-sketch" the outlines with my trusty mouse, and then CGd the entire thing. Same thing goes for the cityscape and the bunny thingies... outlines sketched from this and this scan, then colored. So yah, the entire thing is pretty much one giant CG practice since I've wanted to try it for the longest time. And the clone tool too... cloning textures was actually kinda fun.

Thanks to Shinn and nuni for "approving" the wall x3, Shinn for making me pay attention to details (*RAWR*), fuku for the check, crap for mentioning the screens lighting, which I would've remained happily oblivious to otherwise... and then for putting up with me throughout the lighting fiasco xD (btw crap... I obviously didn't use the Ringu idea, but you should definitely try it in one of your walls xD) And lastly taters, for always being so helpful and supportive <3, pointing me to the only but best CG tutorials I've ever read xD and also making me aware that deviantART has a tutorials section... ROFL.

Thank goodness this is the last of the winter break WIPs >_> I really got tired of working on two WIPs at one go. I know I said I'll never work on more than one wall at once but I know I'm going to eat my words like... starting now... I need something more cheerful <.< This wall actually kinda makes me miss my boyfriend. Long-distance be damned... T_T

P.S. I know that my ideas for walls are weird u_u I like to make/use walls that I can stare at blankly for minutes while my tired brain flies off to dreamland. So yah... you don't have to tell me that the idea is weird 'cause I know already.

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  1. rene3088 Feb 04, 2006

    yay, first comment here.. cute rabbit.. I think it's good enough..keep doing good job

  2. crapmonster Feb 04, 2006

    ahah ah....you already know what i tihnk of it. solid wall but my only beef is with the screen. still though good job on this, the clean up and coloring work is nicely done.

  3. Sandra Feb 04, 2006


  4. Bla-demer Feb 04, 2006

    Wonderful work you have done.
    The wall looks fantastic. Really nice.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  5. Erdbeermilch Feb 04, 2006

    It's great how you colored the scan, very detailed.

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2006

    I like the sketchy aspect of the wall but the window frames seem a bit too straight and flat sicne they dont go together with the wall, could put some textures or some sketchy lines but Chiii is my favorite girll character and overall beautiful job! :P

  7. fukushuusha Feb 04, 2006

    One of the best things about comments is...you can copy/paste XD

    *paste from AP*

    <3 the concept
    Your ideas are indeed weird...but that's what I like them. xD
    Ahh! still no texture on those tv outlines. Looks sooo clean @_@ It needs details.
    But non the less the idea and cging making up for it I am telling you.
    And now...finish the other 2 walls XD go go go

  8. nolove Feb 04, 2006

    the wonderful deal with all that scan and CG >__<, and the idea is so so great >.<, perfectly wonderful >__<

  9. zaira Feb 04, 2006

    wow! great cg there dreams-sama :D
    i love the cute scan of chii + the scans you use on the tv'ies\
    though as fuku-sama said the tv's need some texture on the sides but overall great job! +fav!

  10. cyd84 Feb 04, 2006

    Well, I've been glimpsing bits and pieces of this for a while now so it's cool to finally get to see the final product :D
    I'm so impressed with the detail and cgwork you managed to achieve in this wall...your skills are growing by leaps and bounds (so jealous :) ...and I need to stop speaking in cliches)
    Love your choice of scans..I agree that the tv screen looks a little flat but everything else is definitely well done

  11. Semuta Feb 04, 2006

    Great idea! I'd like sketch style and sceneri ^^
    Definetly fav.

  12. bromithia Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2006

    I really like it. You did a great job coloring the whole thing. Everything just falls together in this piece! Maybe you could add more wood-like-detail to the window sill though, it just seems so plain with what you have right now.

    Nice work Flyin'! :)

  13. ShiXon Feb 05, 2006

    wow this is just wonderful and this wallie is like not having enough love that it deserve >____< chii looks so cute and expressionless in the same time xDD and atashi completes the whole wall >___< wonderful! ^.~y

  14. phamthuha Feb 05, 2006

    Cute! The way you create the wallie is so cool and full of idea ^_^
    Love it love it >_<

  15. pegassuss Feb 05, 2006

    Great wallie! ^__^ I love the chii scan you chose, it's really pretty! =3 I really like the concept and composition of this wall.
    The image of the screen is really sweet too, I really like it. ilike how you gave light to the screens and the border looks pretty.
    The only thing is that the border of the screens look too clean and smooth.
    Beautiful work dreams-san! ^_^

  16. AlexXan Feb 06, 2006

    Dont worry about weirdness of wallies because that is nice form
    from to be original and it is nice to have here someone with fantasy :)
    Nice work Flyin :D

  17. Yina Feb 06, 2006

    i luv your wallies.. cuz they are original and pretty.. >__< they don't show a girl under many many clouds .. >>

    i like the sketchy outlines.. they fit pretty well to the scan.. XD
    mhmm the colours could be brighter.. but nonetheless great work =3

  18. rumiko23 Dec 17, 2008

    That's pretty nice: veru good job! ^^

  19. talestry Dec 03, 2009

    how simple, love how you were able to put the rabbits in the picture too <3

  20. gladyless Dec 17, 2009

    VERY NICE I LIKE IT!It's good to have the rabbits on the picture too.also,chii looks pretty with that dress!

  21. Ritsuka175 Feb 25, 2010

    i luv this medieval stuff! Clamp rules! XD

  22. thuynu Mar 20, 2010

    my my, so cute:x
    thank you so much

  23. valkyrie13 Jul 21, 2010

    Very nice !

    So cute !

    thank you so much.

  24. Nad-chan Oct 09, 2010


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