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Tadaaa XD I know I haven't submitted anything for a while because I've been busy and stuff but I've been trying to learn how to use photoshop for a while and finally I decided to finish something.
As this was my first time using Photoshop I wanted to keep it simple. For that, I made a simple sketch and then I went on coloring. I know it's not perfect or anything, it's quite simple, but it's my first try. I know I've yet so much to learn, but I'm quite pleased with the result :)
I know I know, the hair looks horrible >.< but it's just so difficult to make straight lines with a mouse x_x so don't look at it ^_^' and the lines are quite messy because I didn't ink the lineart (I should have, but I hadn't ink on my ink pen OX )
Time spent: ...... hours and hours and hours and hours of frustration and a bit of fun XD
Anyway, I really hope you like it and if anyone has some tips or advice I really could use some ^__^
oh! this is dedicated to my sweet friend studio-chan! ^_^ (she deserves it) and also to papy-san ;) I'm glad you are around again ^-^

Hope you like it! Comments and tips much appreciated! ^^

EDIT: NO, I didn't use a tablet, I don't have any of those tablets >_< I coloured it with the mouse and it was a pain :/

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  1. papyworld Feb 04, 2006

    O_o so so, here is the result of your hard work on learning how to color. I just saw the full view and it's really great... so you did this only with your mouse ? and the lines are ok though ^_^ That must have been hard to do.
    Your coloring is really good ^^ the clothes are looking so real. The textures of the shirt and of the dress are really good. The color of the skin (highlights, ...) is really well done too ^_^ You choosed the different color tones really well :) and the hair are good too ^_^ I don't think they are horrible as you said ... It's true it could be a little improved but it's not bad at all.

    I'm really proud of you to have worked so hard to learn to color with photoshop ^_^ You got a great result :) and thanks a lot for the dedication ... i really don't diserve it ^_^'

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2006

    Wow! Very very pretty! The colors are awesome and the shirt is great! Excellent job!

  3. zerocool1122 Feb 04, 2006

    hey pegassuss!, this is Croix. im using this account because i cant login to my orginal account. anyway you finally used photoshop. you did great job! i really like what you done to her cloth. you should use tablet pen if you have hard time with mouse. i'm lefthanded so i normaly dont have good control of my mouse so i use tablet pen a lot. well anyway you did great job on it. i really like it, once my account gets fix i'll submit new artwork, which i only used photoshop to draw.
    i'll see you around ^^

  4. shadowcat23 Feb 04, 2006

    it looks really good great job

  5. Frosty Feb 04, 2006

    I'm getting a feeling everyone is moving on into photoshop.. lol... *and getting really good at it too* XD
    grr.. I'm feeling left out.. lol..
    well although the drawing is simple, I do like how you color the pic.. ^^
    hehe, well its not the best as you say so I won't pick on you and just say it looks really nice for a first photoshop finish.. :) good work. ^^
    Gives you a Grade AA for the awesome effort. ^^

  6. julian1 Feb 04, 2006

    for a moment i thought her shirt was cut and pasted from a real photo, until i see it closer. the whole figure looks realistic. good work!

  7. Anjhurin Feb 04, 2006

    Whoa that is pretty good (and unusual from you too ^_^)

    I think she looks very natural, her stance is really realistic and her smile is... *melts* ^_^'
    the face is well done, though maybe a bit 'smooth'. her shoulders might be a bit off, but otherwise the proportions are right. the neck shading is good as well.
    okay now the only bad point here is (ahah you know what's coming right) the hair : around the forehead it's pretty realistic, but then you outlined it too much, which results in "oh that's a wig?" ;). also, at the parting line in her hair, you shouldn't have made it blonde, but more "skin color" :)

    but all in all, for a first work, i'd say it's pretty cool ne? *thumbs up*, good luck, i'm sure you'll improve fast XP

  8. Nona Feb 04, 2006

    Really good, wooow!
    Wonderful coloring, one of your best work!
    :) :) :)

  9. RainWater Feb 04, 2006

    Hehehe! I agree with julian1. :p I thought it was some kind of real photo (or vector art).

    You're so good! And you're just beginning? Punta ka nga dito sa bahay, at maturuan nga ako! Hahaha!

  10. Sumomo- Feb 04, 2006

    Awesome work pegasuss! I love it :)
    faving it .D

  11. Rikimaru-jp Feb 04, 2006

    What a magnificent doujin :) the girl is so beautiful and cute!
    your drawing skills are pretty good ;) cause the lines are smoothly done plus the colors are fitting perfectly and matching so well with the sketch!
    I love how you've drown the textures on her T-shirt :) and the expression on her face looks so natural :) you drew a great smile on her face XP
    you did an outstanding job my friend ;) so I hope you'll keep it up!
    *adds it to his favorite*

  12. Rhonda21 Feb 04, 2006

    This is so pretty! The colors looks great! I'm very proud of you! I'm happy to see this and I hope to see more! Well wonderful job!

  13. TenX Feb 04, 2006

    well i like very much ur paint style!.. ^^
    and the texture in her clothes are great!....
    u did an great job there! \o/

  14. levezzali Feb 04, 2006


    is that you peg-chan? hehe, never mind this last words, hehe....

    anyway, a great one for a first try wth PS, actually.
    I liked the hair, but I guess there is a trick to use PS to make hair using default brushes and the smudge tool. Also her eyes are great, and the BG is so sweet! Also her blouse is awesome, that patern is very beautiful an the shadngs are way cool. Sme more shadows could wrk better and a second light falling in her side o up from down effects would be ok too...

    I have been working , in the other hand, with more line work and pencil jobs mainly for the store's publicity and marketing campaings, so, as they are my artworks, I dunno why I wouldn't post them sometime, hehe...

    Anyway, a great one here, and if you like some tips on painting skin (which usually is terrible) you ask something, but I basicly know how to paint clothes and metal better XD

    See ya and have a great weekend!

  15. Akane-baka Feb 05, 2006

    This is..nice. Great job! *gives thumbs up*

  16. SaKuRa149 Feb 05, 2006

    No...I don't think the hair looks horrible..it looks wonderful..^^
    Well Done..:) I don't believe all these r done by using ur mouse...hihihi...^^

  17. Ephemeral-Garden Feb 05, 2006

    I think this is very nicely done! ^^ I mean, it looks like you did it by hands, really preofessional looking. Those shades, hair, shirts... excellent job. ^^

    By the way, this woman looks like Mariah Carey or Paula from Channel V... hehehhe.. nicely done, t's like you've been using tablet for this. ^^

  18. nostyle118 Feb 05, 2006

    wow. i was expecting you're photoshop debut to be good... but not this good Peg-chan. ^^ she looks so beautiful. also... very nice work on her clothes. no no her hair is just fine... should've added a few lone strands for more realism. here's waiting for the next one.

  19. chisana Feb 05, 2006

    Aww, a new drawing from Peg-chan! :D And I almost missed it T_T and... it's a... cg O_O it always makes me so happy to see a new artwork from you, and this is a colored one >.<
    Great job as always, is this your first cg? It's really awesome! The coloring, shading, everything! :D The girl ish pretty too.. but something is wrong with her face...? Maybe her eyes. But it just looks so realistic, so it's no prob, it really looks nice ^^ You're so awesome, your drawing looks so real and professional ^__^
    Great job, hope you'll make more cgs soon :)

  20. walkure245 Feb 05, 2006

    Actually, this is really pretty. XD And it looks so realistic. I really liked the shape of her body. It lax and looks natural. Her clothes and the folds are really well done and I love the design. The hair looks nice as well. Awesome work.

  21. arkata Feb 05, 2006

    Hi there! lots of time since I last saw a picture drawn by you pegassus! :)
    So you're learning to use Photoshop? That's good, it seems it's possible to get wonderful images with it. I do need some lessons too... *sigh*
    Anyway, for a first picture, and using the mouse, I think you did a great job
    I agree with you that the outlines needed some improvement, that makes a picture lively, sorry about your inkpen... anyway, as the sketch is quite good, the final product is good, too ^^ Specially the girl's shirt o_O b(^_^)d
    I totally agree with you that painting with the mouse it's a TERRIBLE pain in the neck >.<, those who've got a tablet pen are very lucky: when you're used to drawing and you've got the abbility to draw what you're seeing in front of you or in your mind, trying to work with a mouse becomes a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE >.<
    Pegassus, you deserve a medal for doing such a great job! m(_ _)m You're gifted with Job's patience! XD
    See ya!

  22. ShiXon Feb 05, 2006

    wow, that is beautiful! it really really is! the coloring is just wonderful~ so you gotta teach me >3< nyuuu~ good job pegassus-chan! ^______^

  23. venicequeen Feb 06, 2006

    Wow.....she has beautiful skin and a gorgeous top^^
    This really is a neat piece of cg-ing and I'm amazed this is you first time!
    You really must teach me how to colour on photoshop XD

  24. umidori Feb 06, 2006

    I love the colours you used for her skin! ^^ I'd never guess this is your first time CGing, it looks really nice. ^^ I only think you should have added a shadow under her nose too, it looks weirdly flat this way. ^^;;
    Did you use a reference for the pose?

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