Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Wallpaper: FFAC: Destiny Intertwined

Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Cloud Strife Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

since today is my last day of official break, im gona make one last submit before school starts on monday T_____T

i guess its pretty weird im doing a grunge wall but i needed a break from the vectoring >_>
the overall concept is simple, extracting a cloud scan and extracting the city towers from a screen, i put them together.

colour scheme i thought i would go with yellows and extremely desat blues.

fonts were really simple to do and i wanted to create the idea of all the characters having intertwined destinies.
the fontage works in away that the last line can be read either "destiny intertwined" or "intertwined destiny". its so clever XD

wish me luck for this semester. half a year left till grad!
enjoy ^^

more resos coming hopefully: http://freewebs.com/kaiproductions

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  1. a5h Feb 03, 2006

    looks nice.gj

  2. cyd84 Feb 03, 2006

    Nice design with the background color collage and text but Cloud really is overblurred...the fact that his eye only looks like a black spot rather disturbs me

  3. Kiako Feb 03, 2006

    you did a good job on the wallpaper
    it looks good, the way the left side of the chara is bright and the right one dark, i like the way his eyes look too.
    keep it up

  4. flyindreams Feb 03, 2006

    I think you should grunge/speck up the text too kai... :) They look really pristine and clean to me in comparison to the rest of the wall...

  5. NegativeBahamut Feb 03, 2006

    An excelent FF wall Kai, nice job! Although I do agree with flyindreams, or is it that clasic camera perspective? Cloud RULES!

  6. pegassuss Feb 04, 2006

    Lovely FFAC wallie! =3 I really love the colors. The font is okay and the composition is really nice.
    The only problem I see is that the scan is blurry and the text too clean in comparison.
    I really like it anyway. You did a great job! ^^

  7. Leaf Feb 04, 2006

    Weet woo! Another beautiful waller! XD Good luck for your new semester! I just started my new semester.. @_@; ish gonna kill me.. XD Anyways the waller looks fantastic as always! ^^ +fav

  8. DeathD13 Feb 05, 2006

    This wallpaper is gorgeous! I love the grunge look, and the textures and feeling you've added to this wall... plus the word plya is cute, I like it! :) And thank you for the huge size, I love it when they're actually made 1600x1200! :)

    Good luck on the new semester, go Kai go! :D

  9. phamthuha Feb 05, 2006

    nice idea ^_^ But i don't think it is your best. The scan is too blurry for us to see .... and that is big trouble
    Oh yes, keep up your work, sweetie ^_^

  10. sukie Feb 05, 2006

    wow this looks soooo nice! i love it! the scan really fit and the bg is so cool!

  11. Yina Feb 06, 2006

    wahh I haven't seen a grunge wallie for a long time.. i think.. o__o
    i really like the text you added.. it looks extremly cool on the wallie.. XD and the grungey bg rocks.. XD
    overall great work, as always =D

  12. asianspirit Feb 10, 2006

    i happen tolike this grungy wall. actually, i haven't see a lot of them. it's funny that everyone is now going to simplistic walls. XD

    anyways, back to the wall, it's really a excellent piece of work. the dirty background looks nice with the blurred Cloud. and the text is a great added touch. :D

  13. RengekiShin Feb 16, 2006

    Nice and dirty, just the way it should be~ Nice job~ Thanks for sharing this~

  14. EinMatsuda Feb 16, 2006

    very nice^^!
    and the wallie is really awesome^^

  15. heavens-Dragon Mar 10, 2006

    Wowies, very nice. I like the way the words flow through the background. hehe, I really like the idea of the "intertwined destiny" or "destiny intertwined". Indeed very clever ^^ Nice colour and grudge. Looks really awesome. The blurry Cloud looks like he's in motion and spinning with time. Awesome work! Keep it up!

  16. slivermoon Mar 20, 2006

    errrrrr... i'm way out of date of my notifs >_>
    well this wall does look nice, interesting textures
    makes it feel like it's cloth @_@
    personally i can't really grasp the concept behind this
    though i think the repeating text adds a good touch to the wall
    nice work anyways ^_^

  17. muramasa007 Jun 05, 2006

    I like it!

  18. obsidianwings Sep 08, 2006

    looks great. i like the colors and the textures you used.

  19. javed13 Oct 07, 2006

    great wallpaper! its soo awesome..

  20. ninjaaal2on Jan 12, 2010

    wow lovely effects! like the way how you blurred up cloud's figure in this one... looks really good with the background, awesome work!

  21. Spikeycloud Mar 07, 2010

    very interesting look, did a nice job incorporating the font as well. Keep up the good work!

  22. Oblivion01 Jul 01, 2010

    I like it! Nice Bg wit chara..

  23. dokdin Dec 07, 2010

    Nice, great wallpaper!
    thank you

  24. Xackflash Mar 02, 2011

    Cooooooooooooooooooooooool Fading

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