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Bleach, Rukia Kuchiki Wallpaper
Bleach Series Rukia Kuchiki Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Im back with a new BLEACH wall!^^
thank you very much to toxictea23...
and her rukia vector ^^
well now about the wallpaper =P
i made a very cool one this time...
many things in the wall i made by myself and not with brushes ^^
the idea that its a wall with nature but its hard to know whats part of the wall and what not LOL
i did rukias dress a bit more green to let it be more with the grass :P
hope toxictea23 dont mind XD
umm there are like 50+ layers here and some good hours in this wallpaper XD
hope you all like it~
ja na..

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  1. Rhonda21 Feb 03, 2006

    This looks really nice! The background is interesting and cool!
    Good work with this!

  2. kas-chan Feb 03, 2006

    i like the effect u use~!
    how u made it...the effect in the sky....!? +_+
    very nice~! +_+b

  3. toxictea23 Feb 03, 2006

    Wallpaper looks splendid, anime^.^ tehehe
    Do you mind if i add it to my website? I'll provide a link to your MT profile page^.^

  4. walkure245 Feb 03, 2006

    This looks rather nice. One thing, the water's edge near the mountain. It's usually more bumpy with rocks and trees. A straight water edge is mostly for the ocean. Other than that, the bg is really nice. The colors and the textures are really warm and matches the overall scheme. The vector looks good but it doesn't blend in too well with the bg since it has a more textured look. I think the effects that you used on the bg should be used on her as well but not as much. You did a really lovely job. Good stuff~

  5. sangel99 Feb 04, 2006

    Oh, Sora it's so lovely! I love it, I love the unique-ness of it! The background looks so cool....and very textured compared to the character, which makes it look awesome! ^-^ Great work, Sora! :D

  6. WWLAOS Feb 04, 2006

    Oh...beautiful. The scan looks great. The grass is nice too, and the mountains are nifty. That sky, though...that sky is awesome! The color is neat, but the "cracked" look is terrific.

    Very nice wallpaper. Thanks for posting your hard work for us to enjoy.

  7. Dufoe88 Feb 04, 2006

    have you ever see a flat sea in the end of it like this ? blur it a little..

  8. Cielo-Plus Feb 04, 2006

    did i ever say its a sea?-.-"
    its a lake...in israel the lake looks just like that.
    and i told you all..its on a wall so it doesnt real one~
    and ty for all the comments ^^

  9. Zoamel Feb 04, 2006

    Great colours in the background and a fantastic extraction :D

  10. paintmearainbow Feb 05, 2006

    Wow! This wallie of Rukia is beautiful >< I love the colour combination! Great job! Keep up the good work :D

  11. Strawberry011 Feb 08, 2006


  12. asianspirit Feb 10, 2006

    cute wall! :D

    the background of the wall was well done. but Rukia seems a bit out of place because the rest of the wall was textured except for her. ^_^' but cute nonetheless.

  13. upheaval325 Feb 24, 2006

    yea rukia..great..nice background.love the colours and the texture..nice job

  14. Milkiyo Feb 25, 2006

    can't believe I missed this O.O
    there's still some white jagged lines on the scan but other than that..it looks nice :) the grass'll look better with a darker colour though..thumbs up for the style :P

  15. quills Apr 19, 2006

    You know... i always thought about Kibo (artist of bleach) would actually be a really good fashion designer... he's brilliant at all the character's clothes! i guess that's why he's famous for giving details to his characters as well.
    Well... why i'm saying that here is because i think Rukia looks very pretty and stylish here!
    Well done on the background, it's so refreshing and makes Rukia's whole presence stands out as well! i love it!
    Keep the good work up~ thanks for all your hard work!

  16. Xymor Jul 27, 2006

    Awesome wall, Rukia looks so cute. ^^

  17. devastatorprime Feb 14, 2007

    beautiful, rukia looks really cute

  18. h2co3 Nov 19, 2009

    Rukia rocks! doesn't matter the pic, she's always the best. thanks !

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