Shaiya - Light and Darkness Wallpaper: Captivation

Eun Hee Choi, Shaiya - Light and Darkness, Raina Wallpaper
Eun Hee Choi Mangaka Shaiya - Light and Darkness Game Raina Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

**Please read my description with the NOTE at the bottom Thankies!
Please download since it looks pixelated and blurred in thumbnail and details are lost Really appreciate it!

~Is she captivated by something or are you captivated by her?~
LOL I knew it would sound corny if I wrote that, but I just had to ^^

Hello everyone--all my friends and anyone else! *big hugs* ^+^
I really love the style of this artist, but sadly I don't know what category it belongs to. If anyone knows, I appreciate it.

Basically, the concept of the wall is about a maiden/nymph who resides in her celestial realm above the unsuspecting folk of the planet below and it is her baths that bring the rains.
Again, corny, right =D *blames the too much coffee* ^_~

About the Wall:

Hard part:
--The water sprays. I wasn't sure of how to go about making it look like some of the water was spraying up and giving that illusion, but I feel that it came out alright.
Fun part:
There were actually quite a few fun parts. I must admit I had fun making this wall =D
--The planet.
--The rock.
--The clouds, foam, and mist.
--The waterfall--which I honestly thought was going to be hard, but turned out to be fun.

--I know the left hand-side of wall looks empty. I purposely did this for two reasons:
1.) A good place for icons
2.) I didn't want the wall to be congested, crowded, too much going on. I want you to be at ease when you glance at it. I want it to be pleasing on your eyes. Besides, the black backdrop really enhances the white forefront. So please don't mention that the wall looks empty because of the left-hand side because I wanted that illusion. Thank you ^^
--I want to extend my fullest and most appreciative thanks to Mizu-megami for her attentive eye and passionate care as helping me with giving me her opinions =^_^=

Please ENJOY!
And as always--Thank you for your generous comments and suggestions and opinions *huggies*
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: DeeDee
Wall: I Won't Burn in Hell
Reason: A fiery, hot wall with cool effects and in-your-face attitude.

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Browse Shaiya - Light and Darkness Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. DeeDee Feb 02, 2006

    Hey Emma!
    Great wall! Amazing compsition and great feeling in this wall! I really like it.
    Bu the way.. thank you sooooooooo soo so much for plugging me, it really made my day! You are the best Hun!
    Fav for the wallie ^^

  2. chau-chan Feb 02, 2006

    Great job on the wallpaper. I really love how you made the quality of the waterfall compare to the image. And I like the misty fog at the bottom, the wallpaper looks very nice. Great work!

  3. AngelKate Feb 02, 2006

    Whoooaaa...that's so cool! That girl is really pretty! She looks so real. The waterfall looks awesome, and so does the rock behind it. That looks real too! Awesome wall! Your works always impress me. ^_^

  4. Etfuentes Feb 02, 2006

    Wow Emma beatiful pic nice work, Like always Thanks 4 sharing

  5. Sumomo- Feb 02, 2006

    Well my friend, what can I say? A very nice wallpaper from you, and I love uncluttered more than I love cluttered, so this is just a beautiful wallpaper Emma :)
    Just love the fantasy of it, especially how you executed the waterfall - very nice touch :)
    As I collect images, I naturally have this one aswell.
    Artist is KJUN and here is the link http://www.kjun.org/

    Keep up the excellent work :)

  6. MagicianFairy Feb 02, 2006

    Oh holy crap, that's unbelivable!
    is a gorgeous wall, love everything, I don't know what to say T_T

  7. Rikimaru-jp Feb 03, 2006

    This is a 100% hand made wallie XP "if it's correct to say" you are really improving so much Emma and what I like in you is you never stick with the same style and repeat yourself over and over and this wallie is another prove cause you never actually made a wallie like this one and it's rare to see these kind of wallie here on MT :)
    I read your description and I must say you really replied to everything I might wanna ask and I support you on the left part of the wallie that it should be simple and kinda empty!
    the nymph really looks adorable :) and so gorgeous and the magical looking background is really matching so much with the scan.
    everything seem great, the waterfall, moon, stars, dust, the rock, the textures and the effects they are fitting nicely and adding everything that's required for this wallie!
    I must congratulate you Emma Sensei for this wonderful concept you created!
    you're indeed one of the best wallers here ;)
    *adds her masterpiece to his favorites*

  8. Leaf Feb 03, 2006

    It's really nice but I think you could of done something more with the sky behind her.. it seems empty and it doesn't look like it fits.. other than that good job

  9. polarie Feb 03, 2006

    gorgeous! it's so magical! yeah i think i'm captivated by her... not jus her but her surroundings as well.. the waterfall, the foams.. the mist... all create that magical feel of a celestial home... it's gorgeous! emma san u've done it again!

  10. nolove Feb 03, 2006

    urg, how wonderful Emma-san >_<. yeh i've never like such 3D art since it's too hard for me too make wall with it's too realistic >__<, but in ur skill and ur imagination, it becomes a wonderful wallie. i also think the sky is a bit empty >o<, but if that's ur choice :D. Good work, Emma-san ^^, fav for sure

  11. Rhonda21 Feb 03, 2006

    Very Beautiful! All of it captivates me and I love it! Its just !WOW!
    Wonderful Work Emma!

  12. enchantressinthedark Feb 03, 2006

    Oh my...this ish just plain beautiful! ^^ I'd love to make a wall out of her and that dark girl but their hairs.....so difficult to extract XD You've done a good job Emma-chan! ^^ I love it!

  13. J1337 Feb 03, 2006

    ooooh! I really like this one, very beautiful. The girl is gorgeous and the waterfall looks great. I like how you've left the left-hand side the way it is because like you said, it does enhance the white. very nice work Emma :)

  14. AlterGhost Feb 03, 2006

    i dont know much about everyone else, but in my opinion i seriously like this wall, its so good, it could be hung in a frame, a true masterpiece. Well done!

  15. redangel6112 Feb 03, 2006

    WATERFALLLLLLLLL.......... I like waterfalls. Very sweet picture. She looks like a fairy waterfall...^-^... haha guess I see to much fantasy stories...but the picture is really eye attractive. Great work...^-^...

  16. revontulet Feb 03, 2006

    Ooh! So pretty!
    I love the contrast between the sky and the waterfall..
    Lovely scan too :) The waterfall spray looks amazing!
    Well done again Emma-san!

  17. mizu-megami Feb 03, 2006

    ohh it turned out great^_^ it looks much better now^-^ i like what you did to the planet, the hair of the girl look much better now too^_~
    but there is a part off the wall behind the waterfall missing i think..*points to the area above the girl* there is a black space, and the wall look sorta cut off ..... ano.. the stone... it's still a bit flat^_^;
    you know what i just realised... because you first didn't had that light out in the space it looked kinda weird because the girl and stuff around where light.. but there wasn't a sun or a star.. now the weird empty look is gone^__^
    great job*adds to favs*

    Gommen for adding- removing- and adding again^_^;
    i thought i didn't added it to my favs and before i saw i did, i clicked on''remove from favs'' i'm really sorry-____________-;

  18. ShiXon Feb 03, 2006

    wowwiee! a shaiya wallie! haven't seen something like this in quite a while! i think the whole thing is a bit umm simplistic and kind of plain >___< maybe you could put more chaotic effects but just not too much ^____^ well it's still a lovely wallie emma >_<

  19. julian1 Feb 03, 2006

    in it goes to my favs...

  20. iarly Feb 03, 2006

    Really beautiful, Emma. Even though I didn't like how those little white dots looked when I downloaded the full version. Also, the stonewall behind the waterfall is kinda weird. But I have to say the extraction is excelent. And the entire scene transpires such a gentle, dazzed feeling... just for that feeling, you deserve yet another fave!

  21. THE-DARK-PRINCE Feb 03, 2006

    CooooOoooooL ^_^

    As i expected from u my friend..... ur wallpapers are always awesome and nice....
    Really Really Really outstanding effects u did for the background, i think it would be more beautiful if there were waterfalls on the bg, but what u did is neat too....
    The scan is sooooooooo cute and attractive....

    Thanks alot for sharing this wallpaper with us...
    Hopefully, we will see more of ur great work in the near future ^^

  22. Amythyst Feb 03, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper Emma. I really like it :D. I just love how you made the waterfall. It's great.
    maybe will this be my next desktop wallpaper :D. And ofcource I will add this to my Favorites.

  23. kate2001 Feb 03, 2006

    i love it she so beutiful

  24. IzumiChan Feb 03, 2006

    Oh, Emma, you made another amazing wallie! :D
    I didn't think those phrases were corny! XD
    They were beautiful ^.^
    So, that's why the wallie is called ''captivation'' :D
    The girl looks so real... I almost though it was a real photo (again... ^_^' )
    The fog is very well-made, I kept thinking of how it mimics a real one :)
    Anyway, great wallie! Congrats!
    I'll be surely adding this to my favs ^_^

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