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Please make the full view .. it looks better in a big version
yes yes yes it is time for a new wall
and u see semanga is back i know it is not my best work but i was in this feeling to make this wall ... it is a wall from my fav couple in the anime and manga world Sorata and Arashi ... i love this both so much to bad that sorata die in this story but the real live is also like this ... never a happy end -_-
and yes befor i forget it i want tell u that this wall is the basic for my new skin on my userpage but not yet maybe in few days

i will dedicate this wall to my little love u know where u are
and to all the other i hope u like it a bit i know it is not so special .... but ( criticism, comments and fav are welcome ;) )

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  1. 13md Feb 02, 2006

    Wow, another great wall mylady. It`s very dynamic and I love, as always, the colors you use . Nice couple;-)

  2. kk-chan Feb 02, 2006

    Wow Semanga! It's been a while since your last wall and this one is awesome again! ^-^ I love it! It's very very beautiful. The scan is very pretty and the effects are great! I use it as my wallpaper right away and of course +fav. ^-^
    Keep up the great work! Remember I'm always your fan.

  3. aishiteraburu Feb 02, 2006

    woah sema-chan
    this wall is just
    i really love what u've done with the background
    the effects are awesome
    a positive fave

  4. Kentaro Restricted Member Feb 02, 2006

    endlich mal ein neues wall von dir wurde auch zeit ;)
    und wie immer wieder mal ein superschoenes.
    sorata ist mein lieblings-chara bei x *freu*

    beautiful wall !

  5. THE-DARK-PRINCE Feb 02, 2006

    Oh! my friend semanga! it's been awhile!
    This wallpaper is totaly different from ur previous works, it has special and new touches...
    I do really like Sorata personality and this wallpaper background is awesome...
    Another great work from my friend ^^
    Welcome back and keep it up ^_^

  6. Susan-chan Feb 02, 2006

    the only one critism is not connected to the wally:D when will u drawww for meee? XD
    by the way: nice wally! :D

  7. fenglinyin Feb 02, 2006

    Nice scan ,charming effects!
    Good job,thank you for the job,keep it up!

  8. nolove Feb 02, 2006

    finally, you did a new job here, so great, as always ^___^, the wonderful mixed of color, all the light is awesome ^__^, very very nice work >o<

  9. Rikimaru-jp Feb 02, 2006

    It has been a while since I've seen you submitting wallies :) anyway I'm really glad that you're back cause that means we're gong to see lots of wallies soon!
    your new wallpaper is really cool :) I love the colors in it and the light effects are matching well with both scan and the background!
    I'm pretty sure that this is going to make a perfect skin for your userpage can't wait to see it ;)
    keep up the great work Semanga ;)
    *adds it to his favorites*

  10. Fran Retired Moderator Feb 02, 2006

    Another amazing wallie Semanga-san
    i love the lights and colors, so beautiful
    Keep up the great work

  11. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 02, 2006

    Very nice! Love the colors and the scans are nicely extracted! Great job!

  12. dianas Feb 02, 2006

    Very nice semanga sweetie..X is one of the anime that i really loved
    the story is a little strange..but has a unique line :D
    a fav from me for your work cutie #hugles#
    the extraction is well made like always..and the bg maches the characters
    oh i have forget her name..anyway she is lovely

  13. volrath77 Feb 02, 2006

    Awesome wallpaper. Nice blend of colours, excellent effects. I like what I see here. Good stuff.

  14. SENTRIONIC Feb 02, 2006

    juhuuuuuuu, als ob du gewußt hättest, dass das eins meiner leiblingsmotive von X ist! da hast du aber farblich prima gearbeitet, je mehr desto schöner:-)
    p.s.: bin mit 2 walls wieder da, schau mal vorbei & grüß dich, alex

  15. Rella Feb 02, 2006

    That looks very nice! I really like the colors and the effects in the back are awesome. Well done!

  16. Rhonda21 Feb 02, 2006

    Well this looks really cool! Nice with all the different effects!
    oh and yes it was sad that Sorata died.
    Anyways this is really good! Awesome work!

  17. Sumomo- Feb 02, 2006

    A very uniqe wallpaper by you Semanga.
    Great colors and effects and a very interesting composistion you chose to execute :)

    Keep up the wonderful work :D

  18. Emma Feb 02, 2006

    It is good to see a wall from you Semanga *big hugs* Welcome back and I hope things are well.
    What a couple! And great scan. The colors are sharp and beautiful. And there are so many effects and patterns in this wall. I really like how you got those little boxes to blend right in over the scan. At the top the boxes are filled in with color, but as you go down the wall, they become transparent and we can see the scan through them. Amazing how you did that.
    Very nice work! And I do hope things are going well with you and your 'little love'

  19. NachoKun Feb 03, 2006

    Arashi + Sorata... WOOOT! *_*
    Simply Flawless.
    The coloring is soft to the eyes and does greatly enhance the effects and textures. The interwoven images give a wonderful foreground/background effect, and it will take someone very very picky or discerning to see any cuts in the images.
    And the couple as the Preistess-Monk combination :o
    I LOVE IT!...
    so much that it's +fav/+dl/+current wallpaper

    Marvellous Work Sema! d ^_^ b

  20. griffin Feb 03, 2006

    I look forward to you making this image part of your user page as then I will finally get to see your latest work. *hugs*

  21. AyuTateishi Feb 03, 2006

    I like it. I love the picture and the effects you used.

  22. Kiako Feb 03, 2006

    it looks good when one full views it, the background is well done, so your userpage will look very nice.
    keep it up

  23. Daikuro Feb 03, 2006

    WOW! its amazing. I love it.

  24. CopKiller Feb 03, 2006

    :P I love the colors :D

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