Black/Matrix Wallpaper: Angel of Death

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I'm back, I'm back! After some vacations of mt I come back with a new wallie. *throws packs off* Hehe xD
It's my first wallie of the angel series I'm plaining to make and hoping to finish, I made two wallies already, hope I can finish the third and maybe the fourth one.

Well, about the wallie...
The scan was found here on mt, it's very nice and I didn't saw so many wallies with this one, the background was made with some parts of the testament's stage on guilty gear x and dizzy's stage. Some flame added with brushes to create a hellish feeling. Added a sunset sky remembering the original scan and some trees.

I hope you like this one and sorry to my friends for didn't comment in your works for a while, I was very busy, but I'll back soon I hope.

Special thanks to Lunaregina and Phamthuha for the help in this wallie, thank you hons ^^

Comments, favs and constructive criticism are very welcome, enjoy! And see you in the next wallie xP

Edit: plugging Devildude's awesome work and making an advertisement of my little group ^^v

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Devildude
Wall: Neu-Series 1: Burning Thoughts 18+
Reason: Hot girls on nice colors, wants more? ;)
Group advertisement: Brasiltugado

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  1. agneslee Feb 02, 2006

    Nice bg! It's so match. *_*

  2. AngelKate Feb 02, 2006

    That's wicked awesome. I love the background. The trees, and the sky...everything looks great! Wonderful job! ^_^

  3. TakamuraReiji Feb 02, 2006

    *Gasp* This is...this is...this is so cool! Okay, to the comment.
    Nice blending with the buildings. But I was wondering...why's the buildings sticking with some desert mountains or something...That's just me. Love the effects you added. Really cool. Also love the wings. And also nice blending with the guy having a pair of wings, with a...dunno what he's grabbing it, which makes him like a stocking fellow. Great bg too. Adding the trees makes nice effect of some desert-like view. Ah! Yes, almost forgot. There's a skeleton riding a horse! Yeah, okay, I should think he's some kind of a guard, or a soldier.But anyway, nice.
    Great work.

  4. DefBySnuSnu Feb 02, 2006

    I think AngelKate said it perfectly with "That's wicked awsome" :) It's a stunning wallpaper, keep up the good work ... please XD

  5. phamthuha Feb 02, 2006

    So finally ^_^ You really did submit it >_< It is really COOL and yeah, i just wish it can be better if you remake the thing i said ^_^
    No matter what, this aweasome work deserves a fav and a big kisses >_< You are really top of talent, Akira-san ^_^

  6. hyuuganeji88 Feb 02, 2006

    Pretty cool wallie, nice effects on the brushing below the render and ok bg. If i were to improve this i would add more color, and i would try to make the lighting more dramatic to fit the mood of the sigg.

  7. dianas Feb 02, 2006

    oOo the concept is great..aand i like the shade of color that you have used
    ;) great work Akira-san and + fav from me for your work :D

  8. Walina Feb 02, 2006

    Gotta be my wally of the day !

  9. zaira Feb 02, 2006

    wow! cool bg! XD
    i like the color + the merging bg in the game guilty gear :D
    the scan really fits with the bg!
    great job on this wall! +fav!

  10. pana Feb 02, 2006

    very nice concept here
    love the color s u chose for this wallie
    main scan extracted well and the bg scans suit this piece
    everything fits together nicely

    well done :)

  11. revontulet Feb 02, 2006

    Wow its awesome :)
    I feel like dying right now if that angel aint busy -_-
    I really love the colours and composition!
    Mmm...adds to desktop and favs :D

  12. Milkiyo Feb 02, 2006

    I'm a glutton for your walls :P
    but why a lil blur even when full viewed? :0

    merged: 02-02-2006 ~ 05:14pm

  13. keevang Feb 02, 2006

    so nice T_T
    *hugz wall* XD XD

  14. Sumomo- Feb 02, 2006

    Well then, what a wallpaper! You did a great job on the background and the composistion really works great!
    I'm not really very fond of wallpapers of angels and stuff related to it, but very good job on this one!

  15. sharley Feb 02, 2006

    Great job ! I love the concept and the colours. +fav

  16. Arashi-san Feb 02, 2006

    a realy nice wallpaper =)
    i just like everything

  17. Bla-demer Feb 02, 2006

    Woow this is magnificent wall incredible. Master piece of art it's perfect. The character is perfect to this amazing background. The colour of the sky and the clouds are just magnificent with the buidings in the back the yellow colour in everywhere is fantastic and goes great with everything else. The earth and the flames an it are awsome looking also. The angel statues on top of the building and those back treas next to them are creating magnificent addition to that backgound. That skeleton rider on the right is also great addition in the this magnificent background. the gross that the character is standing is great looking and the Angel of Death is writed really cooly in it. The character is magnificent looking. The name really suit to him. And the back wing are perfect to him. So this wall really is perfect. I will defenetly fav. and download this wall. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  18. Rikkablurhound Feb 02, 2006

    oh, WOw!
    It is really lovely!
    The scan merges with the BG really well!
    Lovely BG! How did u do it!? O_O
    Really lovely, for the first time, im speechless... >_<
    Really nice... I really like how u did the BG in the back!
    I seriously dunno wat else to comment... (for once... ^_^' )
    +fav & feature

  19. MoonlightEternity Feb 02, 2006

    wow O_O its so beautiful! I love teh colours, and the ruins are amazing XD you did a great job! *adds to favs* thanks for sharing! :D

  20. Yina Feb 02, 2006

    wow.. sugee.. ne *__*
    the atmosphere is amazing.. >__<
    i really love the composition and the idea.. >__<

  21. trinigirl524 Feb 02, 2006

    absolutely stunning. the atmosphere of this wall definitly gives a sense of death, and i like the color composition done here. overall amazing job ^^
    its a fave+

  22. Emma Feb 02, 2006

    I feel the turmoil from this wall. Great job on conveying the mood so right!
    So creepy. So sad. Great effects with the fire. The sky looks gloomy and the forest so dead. Love how you blended everything so well with the buildings and skulls. The scan is amazing!
    I really can't say anything that wondrous since I don't think words can describe how a wonderful job you did ^_^
    My only concern is the text. It's font is so sublime, but a little too sharp in contrast to the rest of the wall. Other than that....WOW! *definite fav*

  23. Kusanago Feb 03, 2006

    nice one keep going

  24. lthnadml Feb 03, 2006

    Cool! Cool! Cool! ^_^' I love it! :D The scan is very nice and the background is just perfect . . . thanks a lot for sharing it. XD XD XD

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