Azumanga Daioh Wallpaper: Group Vector

Kiyohiko Azuma, J.C. Staff, Azumanga Daioh, Yukari Tanizaki, Koyomi Mizuhara Wallpaper
Kiyohiko Azuma Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Azumanga Daioh Series Yukari Tanizaki Character Koyomi Mizuhara Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Program Used: The Gimp 2.2.10
Layers: 82 (almost all for the vector - 15 invisible)
RAM used when open: 617mb >.<

Updated: much better background which makes more sense with the characters. Also less pixelated as I used a really cool filter in the Gimp to give it that textured look. Also used some arrow and vector shapes for the background and so on. Hope you like the improvements!

Spent too much time on this one again. Similar style to my To Heart vector, only this time, I used a variety of sized lines. I also found a way to get cleaner looking lines. Before, I was making lines with brushes and not stroking them with the stroke path dialog as I was supposed to.

I tried vectoring the background, but there was a huge amount of detail required and I didn't have time to go through all of the small detail.

Because the scan was such a lively one in my opinion, I emplyoed the motion blur again to give the background a moving sort of feel. Not sure it's to everyone's tastes, but I like it and it draws attention to the scan and away from any quality issues of the background! I need to source a better place for backgrounds instead of constantly dipping into my 640x480 collection of scenes.

Anyway, enjoy/endure. Any comments or suggestions, please feel to make them. I want this wallpaper to be my best yet - it was certainly the longest time spent on a wallpaper so far...

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  1. Faikenshin Feb 01, 2006

    yay Azumanga Daioh!^-^!
    i love the colors on this!

  2. Asahi Feb 01, 2006

    the background image dont looks good with this effect and the typo (font) dont look suitable too =( and btw the charas are to big for the background perspective ..

  3. elessar007 Feb 02, 2006

    The characters look great. The vector work is very clean and crisp. I never would have guessed the characters were not from an official CG. In my opinion, the great job you did with the vector drawing is diminished by the background. The motion blur would give me a headache. I understand the reasons for using the motion blur effect, but I honestly think it negates a lot of the hard work you put into the vectors. I'm familiar with photoshop, paintshop pro and illustrator and corel painter but I don't know anything about GIMP so I can't really give any specific advice regarding an alternative to motion blur that will help you to achieve the same desired effects. If you really want to use a background that isn't some abstract space theme, you could try and do an indoor scene. Its easier to make an indoor background from scratch that doesn't feel empty since there just simply isn't as much to draw. When you are in a room, all you can see is what is in that room. But outdoors, there is so much more to draw because your eye can see so much more. The depth of field is much greater outdoors. If you want, use some of those 640x480 pics to give you a starting point for drawing your own indoor background. Once you do draw your own background, be sure to save a copy before you flatten the layers. That way you can use some of the elements you drew, for instance a table, in future wallpapers. Who knows, maybe someday you will have your own little library of stock home furnishing pics.

    The girls really should have a drop shadow to help make them look as if they are actually in the place portrayed in the background. Without a drop shadow, characters tend to look as if they are standing in front of a background.

    The text at the bottom should not cover any part of your main characters. If you are going to put your name on the bottom, raise the rest of the scan above the area of text. Keep in mind that the taskbar will cover some of the bottom so dont draw anything you want visible to close to the bottom. In this case, it looks awkward having the girls legs cut off at their feet and knee.
    I hope what I have said is of some use to you. Good luck with your future works and thanks for sharing.

  4. WWLAOS Feb 07, 2006

    I like the background for this version more than the original. The original was still good, though. My only complaint is...there's that "arrow storm" effect again. I don't like it. I mean, what's a flurry of arrows doing coming through the window? Rays of sunlight...sure, why not. Arrows of sunlight? No thanks.

    Still, it is a nice wallpaper. Good job.

  5. eonir Mar 16, 2006

    looks awesome! >.<

  6. CrashAriMP5N2O Sep 11, 2006

    I like how the images reflect to the setting on bg. Well done. :)

  7. rollingmreg Dec 07, 2006

    It is interesting comics.

  8. xmisaox Jun 04, 2007

    uwaa~ n_n omgoshie<33! i've finally started watching this anime >.< been soo long since ive had them and yet to touch them xD! and =OOO i remembered you did a wallie.. so i came back to check it.. now that i actually have a clue who the characters are =3 hehe!

  9. theremosster Nov 08, 2008

    great work

  10. Starblaze Jan 22, 2010

    Awesome work. Love to see more

  11. atrexcel May 13, 2010

    There's no helping Tomo! Yuakri knows! Great Wall!

  12. medusalover Oct 08, 2010

    Tomo is raping some toy kitties for fun

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