Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution Wallpaper: Zodiacal Sign

Broccoli, Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution, Magic Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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^^" heya here i am with a new wallpaper xD and its not so creepey like the last time

scan: Aquarian Age
prog: Photoshop CS 2

well about the titel ^^ its the name of the song when a fight is to begin ^^ and i think in my wallpaper she looks like she is fightig =3
the little sister of yokko is so kawaiiii ^.^

greets to phamthuha, melonburst and Angel on dragon =)


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  1. T-kun Feb 01, 2006

    Looks good! Gotta download and add to favourites!...Keep it up! So happy today and I dunno why!^^

  2. Lumenesca Feb 01, 2006

    Wow, everything is so nicely laid out! The whisps going around her legs look great, and that water and sky background is simply beautiful!

  3. Steffimon Feb 01, 2006

    Hello. Walli looks really good. I wanted to ask where you the rings in the background am ago have? I search such a thing already for a long time.

  4. private-meta Feb 01, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper, keep it up!

  5. Sumomo- Feb 01, 2006

    Very nice - really like how you made the swirls around her :)
    Great colors as well, but is the scan a bit blurry?
    Otherwise great job on the wallpaper!

  6. xianghua Feb 01, 2006

    Cute and pretty wallie! I love the colours! the scan seems to fit in as well!
    Nice work Arashi-san!


  7. strawberrt Feb 02, 2006

    you are definally right about the creepy part XD
    this wall looks really pretty, with all the effects and everything. she looks so angelic too! awesome job on it :)

  8. mint-oneesama Feb 02, 2006

    thats from aquarian age right? >.<

  9. SilentMasamune Feb 02, 2006

    Nice effects around the scan (I believe you used to do this a lot in the past). The wallpaper is simple, but its simplicity makes it all the more worthwhile. The only thing that bothers me is the magic circle on the bottom because the horizon that the circle points to seems different from the horizon of the water, as if the circle points skyward towards the background. It should be a little bit flattened out, then you may notice a change with respect to its position over the water. Keep up the good work!

  10. phamthuha Feb 02, 2006

    Nice work, Arashi-san ^_^ I love the color in your wall, just the sea, i think it is too dim and not really impressive enough...
    Oh, anyway, good work and you got a fav + adding to CW gallery ^_^

  11. nolove Feb 02, 2006

    omg, so sweet it is, nice color >__<, lovely water, hugs hugs arashi-san work XD, sooo lovely, oh i love everything lovely
    +fav ^o^

  12. Milkiyo Feb 02, 2006

    nice theme of effects, the concept is all good but why this scan? :0

  13. Eimin Feb 02, 2006

    The colors fit nicely together and the effects you made around her are great :) I think it looks really beautiful^^

  14. zaira Feb 02, 2006

    wow! getting good i see :D
    nice scan + the simple bg! :D
    i like the soft colors + the cool effects!
    nice moons + those swirly stuffs
    great improvement! XD +fav!

  15. nikorai Feb 02, 2006

    Arashi-san, long time no see. congrats with a new wall., it looks marvelous.

  16. Yina Feb 02, 2006

    mhmm interesting bg..
    it looks kinda cliched.. but when you look at it again, you'll see pretty new ideas.. XD
    nice work, ne =D
    but the quality of the scan is really bad.. u__u

  17. aoitenshi18 Feb 02, 2006

    wow arashi-san! this wallpaper is beyond amazing!
    as always, great job! =D hope to see more soon

  18. Emma Feb 02, 2006

    Very soft colors and tranquil waters. Great adding those astronomical symbols and planets. Very whimisical, magical, and alluring.
    Very pretty effects ^^

  19. soujiokita Feb 03, 2006

    Nice wall you made there. I like all the effects and the background. Great job! ^_^ +fav

  20. Kiako Feb 03, 2006

    it looks nice, the effects and the colors, but it has that feeling like something would be missing, it's a bit empty.

  21. pompoko Feb 04, 2006

    Hi hi, Rumiko is already kawaii... But in your this wallie she is more kawaiiiii

    Well, light effect and the background you have chosen highlight perfectly Rumiko chan.
    I love it and it's already my new wallpaper.

    Thank you.

  22. ROSEANA Feb 04, 2006

    it's very beatiful...i like this color...
    thank you^o^

  23. Sakura100 Feb 05, 2006

    It's so beautiful.TQ 4 sharing.

  24. sukie Feb 05, 2006

    very nice the magic effect and light swerls are super pretty!

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