Chobits Wallpaper: Chobits Plugged & Teched Up

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CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio Chobits Series Chii Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First and foremost, an enormous thanks goes to crapmonster for the vector of Elda from chobits! he's truly an amazing artist - which, shamefully, i cant find the words to describe at the moment ... ^^'

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL LINK! by crapmonster!

Secondly, i realise the original wall is quite popular however, i truly do love that wall but i felt i just wanted to do something with the character...
also, i know too that this isnt Oblivion Vers.2, because i usually have two or more in the makin at a time to save me getting bored of the same image/techniquies/ etc...

the title is obviously not all that great, however in keeping with the original its only fitting. again i spent a while on this... i became so consumed by it that i spent nearly 6 hours last night and most of today doing it! ^^'

Countless layers, a rather large .psd file and enough bloody tech work than you could poke a forky stick at! (the thumbnail obviously doesnt do it justice... SO DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY!)) XD

thanks and most importantly,

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  1. Vyron Feb 01, 2006

    Wow, great wallpaper!
    (I don't know the original so I cannot compare but anyway:)
    The background looks amazing! I kinda like those circle things you made.
    I also like the color of the scan: blue really makes her look different!
    But I love it! XD

    Excellent job and thanks for sharing! :D

  2. Xerdo Feb 01, 2006

    If I could favourite something thirty times, this would be the wallpaper. Insanely awesome.

  3. keevang Feb 01, 2006

    yep awesome vector with awesome BG ^^

  4. GoNik Feb 01, 2006

    Great wall!
    Certain fav^^

  5. simbiote Feb 01, 2006

    incredible i got the picture of the serie is amazing

  6. Zoamel Feb 01, 2006

    Great wall although the background perhaps is a bit full.

  7. WWLAOS Feb 01, 2006

    Wow. Amazing little wallpaper you've got here. I really love the background. Superb color and...wow...awesome detail. For some reason the background makes me think of Serial Experiments Lain. That's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

    The vector is...well it's pretty, I suppose. Don't hate me for saying so, but Chobits...isn't my favorite anime. It's closer to the other end of the spectrum. That image has always made me laugh, though. Since her arm covers up the "C" in Chobit, it says "hobit"...never fails to get a chuckle out of me.

    Only thing I could point out...and this is being really nitpicky, so don't give it too much thought...the purple cable that runs horizontally on the left side of the Wallpaper is a bit fuzzy. I get the whole "light and shadow" thing, that's not the problem, it just looks a tad out of focus. It's probably supposed to, though...so what do I know? Still, the wallpaper is beautiful.

    Terrific submission, as usual, from a terrific artist. Thanks for going to all the trouble of making it and then uploading it for us to look at.

  8. Devildude Feb 02, 2006

    you make Crap-sama proud with this great work of yours, very detailed tech design, very good, kinda too dark however, would have been better if it was brighter

  9. crapmonster Feb 02, 2006

    very nice work here. my original vector standalone i always felt was very incomplete. seeing what you did with it def completes the picture imo. completely loving it btw and definitely a fav

  10. hidekeitaro Feb 03, 2006

    Beautiful :nya:
    I loved this wallpaper. Great idea in this wallpaper. I love Chobits. Thank you for sharing XD

  11. karuu Mute Member Feb 07, 2006

    great wallpaper ! tchii is so nice !

  12. Craelon Feb 09, 2006

    Black hair? Well, if she was really modeled after a japanese person I guess she would have black hair. Yes, and AMAZIN PIC! At first I thought this was just a modified pic of some original artwork.

    Oh, and this is Freya, not Chii everyone! Freya was 01, Chii was 02!

  13. upheaval325 Feb 26, 2006

    lovely wall...the background great..looks really funky with all the neat tech effects..great job

  14. mewmeow Mar 29, 2006

    VERY beautiful chobits wall and at a nice resolution too (high resolution = good, pretty graphics = even better). keep up the good work :)

  15. holyllama Apr 03, 2006

    i like it that it's so mysterious and dark loooking... i've been lookin for this for a long time.. gj :)

  16. bobbycat13 Nov 09, 2006

    Nice 1

  17. A-Dragonflys-Sin Nov 20, 2008

    I love the color! So lovely! Nicely done!

  18. AriaHime Feb 24, 2009

    I like the background.....the scan....vector......really fits in well.

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