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I originally wanted to bring a "Popart" medium to this wall using the japanese block prints by use of vectors and lines but sadly failed on this attempt thus making this my average but crappy load of walls. The pure edge on this wall is completely experimantal so i ended up making a sort of heroic poster built wall for the masses. Nothing too shabby for the most part, the characters are from the SNK illustrations (the ones who drew and made the game King of Fighters) I got from Kei Koruso's site and eventually gave them an atmosphere they could work on, added some bushy mountains the ones you see in the country side of Japan, moonlit night and some red eyed creatures to give the sense of death and fear.

The story starts out in Feudal Japan when the world these people lived in was covered in fear, superstition and demons from the dark underworld. Slayers of these demons are handed down a sword from each generation to protect the innocent and annihalate the heathens. thus the edge of the blades get louder with power when one of these infidels are close.

I will NOT show this in Imanimetions since its doesnt look that great for the sites standards. But I hope you like it instead since i like all my works... even the crappy ones.


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  1. littlejonny100 Retired Moderator Feb 01, 2006

    I think this wall almost looks like one from samurai champloo, the part where jin and the blind swordwoman start to fight, reminds me very much of that.
    It's well made i think....and i probably wouldn't have even noticed those as demons in the background if i didn't read your little background info. The kinda water faded effect makes this seem really detailed, like it's a faded piece that's been in a shrine somewhere for a long time. Well crappy or not i like it so keep up the greta work

  2. Milkiyo Feb 01, 2006

    hey..it's ok..only a lil blur on the background :0
    very matching story with the scan..the blades look rusted :0

  3. chibicow Feb 01, 2006

    holy crap! another person thinks the way i think! XD
    its another great work of yours, i dont know what it is that makes you think its crapy?
    i reckon its just because you know the parts that you may have made a mistake on or took a short cut when you know you should have done the whole thing properly?
    i dunno, maybe im wrong but its still a good work, and i'll i fav this one too because i like samurai's!

    by the by, the thumb looks darker than the image itself? an idea though, what about a a darker colour, perhaps a dark gray or somethin?
    just a suggestion?
    and remember.... keep at it!

  4. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 01, 2006

    but i like it. i know I'm a feudal fan (bishie + blades :3 ) but this isnt bad at all. Allthough you really did fail at trying the ukiyo-e look XD
    The mountains are maybe a bit too blurry/abstract, and the overall wall may need a bit more of contrast but this aint a bad wallpaper.

  5. private-meta Feb 01, 2006

    It's one of the best Wallpapers about general Animes about Swordfighting i've seen in a long time. Very interesting, though i would have liked to know where the Image in the wallpaper was taken from. Good choice on the colours and the pick of the girl in the picture ;) keep it on :)

  6. ayaki Feb 01, 2006

    although the scan looks a bit blurry...but i think it kinda gives me a feeling of chaos ... and in a instant we are looking at them being ambushed by the red-eyed demons O__o
    crappy wall?....no X_x ..it's NOT crappy =)

  7. WWLAOS Feb 02, 2006

    Ooo...I love the blotchy texture. It's real nice...sort of a "night fog" effect. The red-eyed figures are a very nice touch. They're creepy, and the lack of a distinctly-outlined shape only adds to the effect. The characters look great, and meld into the background perfectly...though that's no surprise coming from you. The title looks terrific, I love the way you applied the effect to it. The tree-line/mountains look good too, but the lighter cloud-like structures in the deep background up near the top? I don't know what it is, but for some reason they seem a bit out of place. I guess they seem a little too light. Probably just me, though.

    Anyway, as far as I'm concerned this is one excellent wallpaper. Thanks for putting all that time and work into it and then uploading it for us to enjoy. I look forward to your next venture...

  8. fukushuusha Feb 02, 2006

    Excellent texture work...although the blur is a little too much on some areas thx to the texture it's not disturbing me at all. Gotta love your text work and choice of colors; as always

    And no...it's not crappy

  9. Yina Feb 02, 2006

    *whistles* fufu.. *__*
    interesting scan and idea.. o__o
    mhmm the clouds bother me a bit.. but overall nice work.. =D

  10. ShueiTenshi Feb 03, 2006

    this is kewl. you sir are a winrar

  11. flyindreams Feb 03, 2006

    Very interesting textures, and I love the blurred look xD The only thing on this wall that I'm not a fan of is the text... :3 Everything else is... cool :D Repeating what dozens have said before me... this doesn't suck xD

  12. euna Retired Moderator Feb 05, 2006

    whoa. it's a really nice textury wallpaper.
    all that grunge @_@
    i like the heaviness in the wall. it really brings out the tension of the characters.
    the colour also fits the wall perfectly and those red eyes... ooh. scary. *shivers*
    great wallpaper as usual OA!

  13. Liz Feb 05, 2006

    love the ancient samurai idea its really cool i like the colors and the mood of the wallie great job.

  14. sukie Feb 05, 2006

    the texture is nice...i just don't like the words. T.T

  15. Amru-chan Feb 07, 2006

    Wow, very very nice wallpaperXD. I like the color very much XD.

  16. toffle Apr 07, 2006

    It's really great. I love the texture. thanks!

  17. sanatos Apr 29, 2006

    Great wallpaper i think it's perfect everything looks to have an harmony in the whole wallpaper.The background simple rule and the scan looks great.Nothing else simply favorite ^_^

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