Rumble Roses Wallpaper: Blue Rose

Konami, Rumble Roses, Reiko Hinomoto, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Konami Studio Rumble Roses Game Reiko Hinomoto Character Doujinshi Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"OK, I wasn't too sure how to approach this so this is what I came up with. Since i'm from AOI (the blue team) i already know we are better fighters, lovers and DANCERS! Like a scene right out of Michael Jacksons "Beat It" video, the AOI dance off against the AKA straight into the night. One by one, members fall on both teams. The music quickening and the pace increasing. That is until one remains standing. With here UBER cool flash dance moves she spills AKA blood against the alley brick wall and leaves her mark so that others may remember who stands triumphant!"

That was my description for my first submission into the T.R.E.C. contest. I was creatively at a loss when I found this scan. I just happened to be listening to "Beat It"...don't ask....anyway, i recolored her, and increased her saturation abit to deepen some details. I put her in front of a brick wall to show that she was cornered then added some bullet holes. I wanted a little dripping blood to show a fight and her making her mark showing who won. Not the best i know but it was the first work i'd done in a loooong while.

Thanks for RiddickRuleZ for the scan

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  1. nikraf Jan 31, 2006

    Nice by colouring Reiko outfit back from the original that's coloured red , loving it and the BG too :D

  2. walkure245 Jan 31, 2006

    Nice work on the recoloring and the extraction was done well. The brick well looks good but they must've been really strong bullets to penetrate a brick wall. XD I like the grafitti even though at some points, it doesn't look like its part of the wall. This is really awesome work. Totally love the look.

  3. elessar007 Feb 01, 2006

    First thing is that I really like this type of design. The cute/tough girl is always a fun project. I could simply say something like "Wow! So cute. Good job." but then what would be the point?
    Here are a few suggestions, if you don't mind.
    The hair on her right side looks a little strange where it starts fading into the blue color. There seem to be a lot of compression artifacts that give it a blurry look on the edges of her hair.
    The scale of the brick wall is too big. A single brick is no bigger than 10 inches across. The bricks in your wall are too big compared to Reiko.
    The graphics on the brick wall don't really seem as if they are on the wall. Brick wall is not smooth. It has a lot of texture due to the mortar lines and the bricks themselves tend to show their texture. The blood and graffiti are very flat and smooth and it is quite apparent that they are overlays with the opacity reduced. For the blood, make it more opaque and try using multiple layers of red where you alter the red very slightly from layer to layer. This will help give the blood a more realistic feel and will also add depth.
    For the graffitti to look like it was actually sprayed on the wall, the white lines along the edges should dip in and out of the mortar lines between bricks. If you use photoshop, one way is to use a small warp brush. In paint shop pro, the push tool will work very well for this. Both methods will keep the image from blurring but still enable you to move the white lines into the recessed mortar lines.
    One last thing is Reiko's dropshadow. Her shadow is as tall as she is which would mean that the light source is just about her height and the light is shining parallel to the ground. If indeed she is in an alley fighting, the more likely position for the light would be at a higher height with the light shining down. This would then generate a shadow that is shorter than her.
    I hope the things I have said are seen only as constructive criticism. I certainly mean no offense.
    Thanks for sharing your work.

  4. baraka8000 Nov 22, 2009

    she's nice, thanks for posting!

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