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So a wallpaper from me.
I came over this scan and so much wanted to make a wall of it :)
Quite the cute couple.
Very simplistic wall, much beacuse I'm not in the mood for complicated walls right now.

* Tried some new grass brushes and think it looks nice, not always having to use the default grass brushes :) Gives off another type of feeling to the wallpaper.
* Some new types of clouds, and I hope they look better than my previous clouds.
* Not really fond of the tree, feel I couldn't find the right texture to it.
* Sky color I'm pretty pleased with, some slight color changes in it.
* Like me, the wall is a bit minimalistic. I'm not really fond of very cluttered wallpapers so forgive me if its not overflowing with different effects ;)

So thats it... not really in any walling mood these days, like I havent been for a while so dont expect any greatness from me for the time being :(

So I hope the wall is to enjoyment for some and comments are as always very appreciated :D

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  1. DarthAya Jan 30, 2006

    Its simple the bg, but very nice! I like it! the scan is very cute! good work!

  2. mizu-megami Jan 30, 2006

    overall it looks nice, but i think it's kinda empty... the tree looks flat, maybe you should add some shadows to give it a 3d effect
    this is a really good tutorial for making tree: http://www.imanimetions.net/tutorial/tutorial.php?view=tree, about the grass, maybe you could make some grass behind the boy so it would look more like he is sitting on the hill and not haning behind it^_^'' and some little hills far away would give it a better look too i think^_^''
    though you did a great job^_~

  3. Rhonda21 Jan 30, 2006

    nice with the simplicity. cute scan!
    nice job with this!

  4. vodkamint Jan 31, 2006

    Very nice. Very simple and beautiful. Just a few comments though... I think the scan looks a little blur. The tree is nicely done, the clouds too no doubt. I think this wallpaper will look good on any desktops because of its simplicity. Well done, keep it up, I'll fav this for sure. (:

  5. Emma Jan 31, 2006

    OMG what happened to your panda bear in your sig?! O_O
    I love the kitty though =D Reminds me of that other wall with the cat girl and that dead mouse and I couldn't see the mouse and figure out why some found the wall eww and you had to explain it to me, but I still didn't find it eww....and yeah, I am rambling....sorry! *sweatdrop*
    Anyway, interesting grass brush there! Smart move in trying out something different. Good point!
    And the tree reminds me of those cherry blossom trees with the way you did it so I wouldn't be that upset with it ^_~
    I am not fond of cluttered walls too *laughs* Seems like the trend though if some of us wallers have to write in their descriptions explaining that we wanted the wall to be simple and that we know it is simple *laughs as thinks of Asahi and her rant*
    *hugs* I hope you feel better with your walling mood though.

  6. phamthuha Jan 31, 2006

    Though it looks abit blurry, and the whole wall design is abit off, but the color and idea are nice, Sumomo-san ^_^
    Fav from me and add to CW gallery ! Keep it up!

  7. Kiako Jan 31, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the two girls look cute though they are too blury and the tree there could need some more work.

  8. nolove Jan 31, 2006

    it's really lovely sumono-san though i still think it's a bit simple :D, it's .....i guess that it has much blank >___<, if only you make it bigger :(. but overall, it is still so lovely ^^, you deserve fav from me :D

  9. dianas Jan 31, 2006

    i like this..nice work Sumomo-sweetie..so peaceful XP
    + fav from me for your work :D

  10. Rikimaru-jp Jan 31, 2006

    Diana is right about your wallie it's really so peaceful and very adorable, the sight is gorgeous :) you did a great job as always ;)
    the tree is done well I really love the pink roses :)
    the grass looks fresh and cool and perfcetly displayed!
    *adds it to his favorites*

  11. chibichibikaukau Jan 31, 2006

    its so cute! and the background very nice!

  12. walkure245 Jan 31, 2006

    It's simple but has a sweet, romantic air to it. All the basics are there but I think you need a lil more shading here and there. The tree looks fine, it just needs a lil more dark colors to create a lil more contrast. The same with the grass. Grass has dark darks and light lights. Also, trees give a shade which make the grass underneath it really dark. Your extraction was done well. It's really nice work.

  13. fawna-chan Jan 31, 2006

    yup! it's so cute and peaceful! :) I love the tree!

  14. pegassuss Feb 01, 2006

    Nice wallie! ^^ The can is very pretty and nice and the whole scene is very sweet. The tree looks really nice and I really like the colors. The grass looks alright but more colors would be nicer ^^ oh!I love the sky. You did a really nice job!

  15. Rikkablurhound Feb 01, 2006

    I like the sky, Its really nice...^^
    Anyways, the tree looks a lil flat... >_<
    erm... a lil extraction problem round the hair... >_<
    The tree is the main problem...
    The grass is actually ok^^
    But I suggest U to tone down the flowers... It looks a lil weird there... >_<
    Maybe different shadings round the grass^^
    erm... I think thats all... >_<
    Thanks for posting in FW

  16. haruka2007 Mute Member Nov 06, 2010

    thanks for the share~~
    it's greats~~

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