Devil May Cry Wallpaper: .: Vergil's Despair:.

Capcom, Devil May Cry, Vergil, Vector Art Wallpaper
Capcom Studio Devil May Cry Series,Game Vergil Character Vector Art Source

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Music: Give it All- Rise Againest.

Well, i've been a Devil May Cry fan for years! Ever sense the very first launch title, DMC came out!
It truly kicked my ass! I remeber the old time swhere i was using LDK custom... in DMD..
Truly amazing i must say...i still got my ass kicked though. And theres Devil May Cry 2, i never tried it my self. But i heard it was terrible, A pistol does more damage compared to a sword?! WHAT?! And than theres Devil May Cry 3. When the game came out, i took a quick shower. Puts some clothes on, grabbed my wallet! and Ran to my local ebgames! Gave the money , and got the game... it was like a dream come true.. The Style system is great, loved RG and Trickster @_@

Anyways, once i finished DMC3 by beating all the diffcultys and kicking vergil's ass over and over.
I had enough. Took the cd out of the tray, put it back into the case. Than left it there to collect dust for 5 months.
BUT! Capcom announced a DMC3: Special Edition!
Added Contents

-Turbo Charge; Gameplay increases by 20%
-Full Playble Vergil; Dark Style for him,
-Weapons; Beowolf, Yamato, and Duel Wielding Force Edge and Yamato
-New Diffcultly, VERY HARD.
-Theater Mode
-6 customs for Vergil, +1 new custom for Dante
- Phantam Swords are vergils long range weapons.
-Vergil gets a 2nd dt form, NELO Angelo! With all his pride and joy. All his movelist from DMC1, including teleportations, Fist combos, and not to mention his super blue ball of death ( I dunno if Nelo Angelo is an actually DT, or more like a shell that was given by Mundus)
-Newly Added Gold Orbs ( You'll get ressurcted right on the spot that you died)
- Instead of fightning dante as vergil. Vergil fights a Red verison of him self. CALLED: VANTE.
-Price Tag: $19.99 US/ $24.99 CA, OWNED!

I vectord a manga image, from " Devil may Cry: Vergil Code 2"
Hope you guys enjoy!
Orignal Scan: http://img462.imageshack.us/img462/9930/untitled11ec.th.jpg

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  1. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 29, 2006

    You should really download Illustrator and start doing vectors in that. Because while your vectors are well done, you're obviously lacking the right materials that Illustrator provides, and you aren't using the right techniques to do your vectors. I'll send it to you if you beg. :D

    Anyway, you did do a nice job on it, I like how you chose red, white, black and grey as your only colors throughout the entire wallpaper. The wallpaper seems too one-sided still because everything is on the right side, you should move it over to the left more to center it all out and then everything will be balanced. You kow what I'm going to say about that moon too, haha, SOME textures would've been nice, but its your choice.

    The wallpaper is overall a nice piece of work, good job.

  2. cyd84 Jan 29, 2006

    Did you vector the image or color it?

    Sorry if anyone took the question in the wrong way
    ...the reason I asked was because the shading of the wall did not seem "vectorlike" when I was looking at the original scan...
    not questioning artistic merit of the wall itself

  3. vodkamint Jan 29, 2006

    I'm not much of a horror fan, but really, you did a great job! I really like the way you express the wallpaper in red. It makes me think that the whole thing is bloody and that it should be tragic and cruel. I've never played the game myself. Maybe I should try some other time. A unique wallpaper indeed. A fav for sure. Keep it up!

  4. x-gear Banned Member Jan 29, 2006

    o man i lov this game too...vergil is sweet character to play...im on my way beating it now...nice vector man

  5. rocknroll-isgo Jan 30, 2006

    Ahaha, what happened to the craters 'break? XD Personally, I like the moon without them so I'm glad you didn't add them. It seems to have more of a presence. Anyway, I told you, I love the vector. Though I'm not so sure about the curtains just being cut off on the sides. Kinda odd. Still love it though. And still want to play this game like mad. Dante and his random wannabe-Kiss-jam-sessions is ghey. Virgil = coolness. T_T

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2006

    As Brom has said, the lines look sketchy instead of straight and you should use Illustrator... but noentheless the bg and pop art sense gives a unique style to it... Great job as always mate! :P

  7. frozenwilderness Jan 31, 2006

    You're using a heise draqwing for you avatar :D Yeah count on me to notice the non-important stuff. Anyway, the lines do look a bit sketchy but I still think it fits in with the style of the wall so for this it's fine. Though the curtains being cut off at the sides do look a bit strange. Nevertheless, good work overall.

  8. Evanrued Feb 02, 2006

    I've never used Illustrator, but from what OA and Brom said, I can believe. though in my personal opinion, the sketchy lines give it a sort of motion and style that help the intent of the wall stay true. All out it looks awesome. Reminds me of hellsing. Great job.

  9. animefairy Feb 03, 2006

    Amazing gothic and dark look to it!

  10. DrakenImmortal May 24, 2006

    a sweet piece of work...dark, gothic and filled with anguish...
    Just like Vergil himself

  11. offcolor Jan 24, 2010

    Wow, I love the impact on this. Only wish you had a 1920x1200 version.

  12. younsung Feb 15, 2010

    Devil may cry is the best

  13. Vergil666 Jul 24, 2010

    I need more power.....

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