Zankuro Wallpaper: Mantaray-cuteness-attack !!

Zankuro Wallpaper
Zankuro Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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wanted to vector sumthing cute ~ OwO original scan is from MT ~ <3
vector took one day , the bg .. :( I was playing with random brushes .. (mainly brushes from DA)

the mantaray is cute, no ? XD LOL or sting ray , whatever >_>

something simple from me who should be studying X)
till then ~ :D

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  1. ShiXon Jan 29, 2006

    yay i'm so first! heehee, so proud lol xP well this is certainly super cute and what a cute girl and mataray thingy ^3^ heehee you make such cute and pretty works ryhtem chan and i'll be adding this to my faves!

  2. ROSEANA Jan 29, 2006

    it'svery lovely wall...
    thank you^o^

  3. eclair-chan Jan 29, 2006

    that's so cute XD very nicely done
    I'm a birthday girl ,I'm a birthday girl sorry I cant stop singing that I'm just happy it's my birthday XD ,I'm a-neeways very kawwai I'ma fav it! ja!

  4. kas-chan Jan 29, 2006

    this is so cutie~~
    like the soft color choosing...

  5. zaira Jan 29, 2006

    wow! very cute!
    love the colorful vector! XD
    the bg is simple yet soft color combos! :D
    love the scan too! XD

  6. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jan 29, 2006

    Kawaii job as always, the bg and colors make it beautifully done cos te vectors are done great. Nice job rhythem! ^__^

  7. Osirisa Jan 29, 2006

    omg :D cute cute cute ^^ the BG is nice too :)

  8. Amru-chan Jan 29, 2006

    Very cute XD. fav from me XD

  9. Criox Jan 29, 2006

    Hiya Rythem. Aw....such a kawaii wallie. XD Awsome job. Hahaha! Studying. Naughty! You should be studying instead. X3 jkjk! Anyway fav*

  10. Yina Jan 29, 2006

    yeah.. the cuteness is terrible.. x___x
    you did a wonderful job on this one.. =D
    the bg is so lovely and the wallie makes me really happy.. XD
    so many lovely colours>__< +fav

  11. shinorei Jan 29, 2006

    rythem always make kawaii stuff.. haha <3!
    I wouldn't say the stingray's cute, instead, I'll categorize it as freaky. o_o
    I mean, what kind of stingray would be living and breathing on land?
    Anyway, I like the vector and kawaii background.. but the stroke doesn't look too well in certain place. But then, it's still pretty so don't bother. =3
    Keep up the good work!

  12. FlowerDog Jan 30, 2006

    Oh my! Such adorableness! You have done an awesome job with your vector and combinding it with a clear and cute backgroup to match with it. You always create very high quality works. Love this one and waiting for more from ya. Keep it up Rythem. :D

  13. windyroller Jan 30, 2006

    Interesting. You've opted to outlined her in a light blue as opposed to black or no outlining at all. Adds an interesting touch. I like it. Now, go study!

  14. phamthuha Jan 30, 2006

    Nice ^_^ I am thinking that why don't you make the border around the girl black instead of blue?
    That is just a small part, sweetie ^_^ Other than that, you have done a wonderful work >_< Of course fav+ >_<

  15. Yureika Jan 30, 2006

    kyaaahhh ! so kawaiii !
    i didnt know theres brushes like that at da ?
    anyway great vector and lovely cherful colours !
    definitely going to my favs !

  16. Zefie Jan 30, 2006

    hihii so cute XD and manta's expression sure is funny ! you have vectored so well again, white lines look very interesting :) and how much bright pastel colours you used :3 patterns on the bg are nice and simple bg goes nicely with vector. good job again rythem-chan and thankies for sharing !

  17. ventures Jan 30, 2006

    uwAAAaaaAaA~ @=@ kawaii deshou? lol XD the vecty ish so clean,ne ? *XP nudgenudge* this time u didn't take so long to vector it comparing to ur last wall ~ congrats on the improvement :P
    playing wif random brushes suuure works ne? at last the bg u made ish apealing to the eyes @=@
    since I was the one who coughpickedthecoughbrushescoughcough XD all day long ~~

    monta I mean 'manta' ish so kawaii deshou? he reminds me distictly of our cat , deshou?
    I think pham-chan ish quite right about making the blue lines black ,ne?

    I love the part where u used 'bigfish' to write "monta ~~ I mean manta and me was here" very striking and adds a comical value that adds to the essencity of the wall .

    I 'm glad u decided to post this kawaii-deshou ? masterpiece cos I think its one of the best wall u've made so far ^_^
    favs ........

  18. acid-awakening Jan 31, 2006

    Lolz.... cute as ussual
    ANd i say you did a good background to go with it
    Nice work

  19. Ephemeral-Garden Jan 31, 2006

    Ooohh.. cute. I like those odd looking patterns behind manta.. those are brushes? Look spiffy, hehehhe.

    Anyways, the vectors looks smooth and clean, and very colourful too. ^^ Your style I guess...

  20. pegassuss Feb 01, 2006

    kawaii! >_< this is so cute! =3 Vectors are lovely, clean and nice. The coloring is great as well as the background. It looks so coruful and cute!. Great job rythem! ^^

  21. kai81220 Feb 02, 2006

    >____< ithe cuteness is overpowering XD

    the colours are making me feel high XP

    nice stuff

  22. flyindreams Feb 03, 2006

    Sweet xD It's really interesting how you made the outlines blue :3 The swirl that she's holding needs a bit of fixing up so that it's a little more curved, less jagged (especially near the bottom) :3

    rythem-chan you're a master of the cuteness-thing! xD

  23. Frosty Feb 04, 2006

    lol.. aww.. lookie .. Its a little chibi-chan..
    so cute *eats u* lol... XD
    yup, and this reminds me.. I need to learn how to do vector like u guys do.. ;__;
    but hmm.. I think the blue line isnt working.. XP hehe...
    somehow that doeant make it look right.. ^^;;
    anyways, great job as always rythem-chan. ^^
    gives u a Grade AA+ for a job well done.. ^^

  24. euna Retired Moderator Feb 05, 2006

    kyaa~ kawaii~~~ *eats mantaray* yum. xD
    really cute work. luv the colours. it's just perfect for this art.
    the light blue outline is a very interesting idea.
    it looks kinda odd in some way, but in another way, it just looks cute and well fitting to the style of wall.
    looks great. very cute!

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